[audio] #59 How people use contrast tricks on us, how to change bad habits, & increase confidence

September 1, 2014

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Yo. What’s up man.

Time for another podcast.

The aim of the pod is to be as positive as possible. And to share stories & lessons I’ve been learning along the way. At the least, I hope the pod helps you pass some time.

Topics covered:

1. How realtors & companies use contrast to get us to buy higher priced items

– how our family went to a terrible indian restaurant. the place was packed and they accidentally gave our reserved table to someone else. So we went to another indian place. This normally just ok high end indian restaurant felt like an amazing place this time due to the contrast of experiencing a terrible place first.

– similar to how a lot of companies do pricing. if two products are offered at different prices, people usually pick the lower priced one. If a third higher priced product is introduced, more people will pick the middle priced product.

– how smirnoff vodka sold more bottles by raising prices, rather than lowering (link)

– how realtors will show you a super high expensive place first so that the next regularly high priced place will seem like a bargain. they may also show you a terrible place first, so that the next place seems better.

2. How I’m overcoming self-consciousness during walks

– i was feeling anxious, self-conscious & vulnerable while walking
– how I overcame them after my friend (who is a regular walker) said he experiences the same feelings
– how i method-acted to be less nervous. Pretend to be steve jobs, ari emmanuel (from entourage), michael jordan, or the main dude from Suits
– how paul heyman method acts in wwe (he explains on mma hour)
how daniel day lewis method acts

3. How to break a bad habit & build good ones

– via The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
– how all habits have similar patterns: cue –> routine –> reward
– the 5 most common cues that trigger our habits
Link to free guides, look for the following pdfs
1. “A Guide to Changing Habits” (how he changed cookie eating habit)
2. Flow chart explaining how to break a habit
3. Flow chart explaining how to make a habit

4. Change physiology to have higher confidence

– power posing for 2mins raises testosterone & confidence

– how tony robbins uses incantations (physiology + affirmations = high state)

– the difference between a winner & a loser (or depressed & happy, self conscious vs high confidence) is just a few millimeters


That’s all I got this week.
Have a good one.