[audio] #57 How I got myself to Grocery Shop, Exercise & NoFap

August 8, 2014

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What’s up dude.

I’m back, with a new mic for the podcast.

This should mean easier way for me to record and high energy. I got a lavalier mic that clips onto my shirt and hooks into my iphone. I can walk around and talk, which results in better energy rather than be seated on the couch and record thru my yeti mic + laptop combo.

This topic leads me to sharing how I got myself to grocery shop, cook, wash dishes, exercise & nofap.

All of these do NOT require willpower or negative self talk. They are all automatic, fun and I look forward to doing them. (Well, all except washing dishes.)

I say this not to brag but because it’s a miracle.
Anyone can workout when they yell at themselves and use willpower. But I wanted to become one of those people who wants to exercise naturally.

I explain my method in the podcast.

The summary is this:
Let’s use exercise as an example.

1. Write down all things you don’t like about exercise.

I don’t like: going to the gym, personal trainers, workout dvds that get boring after a couple of views, complex workouts requiring a lot of equipment.

Remove all of these obstacles and find suitable substitutions.

I do like: not thinking while exercising, listening to music, being able to work out at home (or any place, any time).

I like: kettlebells, bodyweight exercises.

I don’t mind walking but sometimes don’t feel like getting dressed and going outside to walk. Solution: listen to a podcast or audiobook, put on my heart rate monitor, then walk in apt for 20mins. Done!

2. Write down all steps required to work out.

The first step is ALWAYS thinking about exercise. At some point in your day, you have to think that you’ll exercise. I do that the night before or the day of. Just a quick mental image of what I’ll do and how I’ll do it. Ie: I picture myself doing kettlebell swings tomorrow.

3. Make it a SMART goal.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this many times before, so I won’t go into detail. Make the exercise Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timing.

ie: I’ll do kettlebell swings, using a weight I can handle, for 20minutes, use a heart rate monitor to make sure I’m in the healthy zone. I’ll do as many reps as I can, then take as long a rest as I need, then do another set (ie: REST based workout).

4. Build a visual winning streak

Use an app where you can put an X on days you’ve done it. Build the visual streak. Or use an actual calendar on your wall. Or X’s on a notecard.

My goal isn’t to work out every day but most days.

The rest of the steps are mentioned in the pod.

I’ve used the same method of figuring out what I don’t like, adding in things I like, and visualizing it to grocery shop, cook healthy tasty food every day, wash dishes, exercise & nofap (give up porn & fapping).

Exercise Streak (goal is 6 out of 7days, on average)


NoFap Streak (current goal is 49 days straight)
nofap win streak

49 days to build a habit reddit post

NoFap Reddit

Tim Ferriss No booze, no masturbation challenge

49day habit app – good for daily streaks. lets you do multiples ones. I use this for the nofap (and a few other habits)

Don’t break the chain app – also useful. but only lets you do one chain at a time. I use this to keep track of exercise

“the smell of peppermint oil enhances your intensity while training.”
Jillian Michaels