Sweaty Experiments & Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

June 17, 2014


I’m sick of sweating all day.
Can’t sleep, can’t think. Soaked pillows.
Constant headaches.

And it’s not even that hot.
84F & 54% humidity.

I have tabletop fan on speed 3.
Still sweating nonstop.

This is my newest failed experiment.

I thought I could get acclimated to the heat. Sweat more to detox. Get back to my roots.

I’m from India, where 100F+ is constant year round. We didn’t have ac. Just one of those slow moving ceiling fans.

And oh yea, no one wore deodorant.
Ah, the good old 1980s!

Chicago winter was so cold & long, I thought I would fully enjoy the summer heat.


After a couple weeks of sweating, I finally tapped out. I turned on the ac a few mins ago. And watered my thirsty houseplants.

To turn a failure into a success, decided to at least write a new blog post. To feel more productive.

This reminded me that most of the things I try are utter failures. Mostly diets. Or make money schemes. Or new jobs. Most books I buy turn out to be bad. Most info products are garbage.

After being disappointed with a failed experiment, I sulk for a few days. After napping a bunch of times, I manage to forget about it. And get excited once again when I discover the new shiny thing.

All of this is an excuse for me to write about the newest diet I’ve discovered. As usual, I like to “Learn Do Teach” so that I can remember it properly.

Learn it.
Do it.
Then teach someone else asap.

Carb Cycling for weight loss.

I first learned of huge cheat days helping weight loss thru Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body. Once a week, you can eat as much candy bars, carbs, junk as you want. This is supposed to help trick your body to release fat loss hormones or something.

Normally when we are on a diet, our body adapts to it. And certain hormones go down (ie: insulin, leptin, etc). So we spike the body with carbs just for one day and those hormones are released. Then the rest of the week we eat clean.

I tried Four Hour Body at least three times, each time didn’t lose weight. Maybe I did it wrong, who knows. That was back in 2010-2011.

Anyways, two months ago, I learned of a book called The Carb Nite Solution by DH Kiefer.

My goal was to figure out why I was gaining weight during maintenance phase of HCG. I’m eating super clean organic food, 100% paleo. No carbs, junk, soda, candy, cakes, bread etc. Yet gaining weight.

The Carb Nite Solution is basically 6 days of ultra low carb eating. 30g or less, paleo style. Then one day, we spike the carbs for an 8hr window in the evening.
From 4pm to 12pm, we can load up on bread, rice, candy, whatever.

The premise is that this boosts our metabolism and we should lose weight for the rest of the week.

Spiking carbs like this is referred to as carb cycling or carb backloading.

Anyways, I was still not convinced to do this. It seemed a little scary. But since I’ve been slowly gaining weight post HCG 3, I read more about carb cycling.

That led me to this article by Jill Coleman.

I was becoming more convinced to try carb cycling. One of the comments below that article mentioned something called Extreme Weight Loss on ABC and how Chris Powell (the trainer) has a book called Choose to Lose: The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution.

His method is slightly different than the other ones I’ve read so far (similar to Jill).
Instead of doing 6 days low carb & 1 day high carb cheat day, his method is varied.

Classic Method: 3 days low carb, 4 days high carb (alternating)
Turbo Method: 4 days low carb, 3 days high carb (alternating)

You can read more about that here: LINK

All days include good healthy food choices. One cheat day per week, if desired. You can up your calories by +1000 using cheat food that day.

For Men
Low carb days: 1500 calories total
Protein + Fat + Veg

High carb days: 2000 calories
Protein + Carb + Veg

One Cheat Carb Day: 3000 calories
Protein, Fat, Veg, Carb, anything

Other rules include:
1. Eat within 30mins of waking, protein + carb (on all days)
2. Drink at least 1 gallon of water
3. Eat every 3 hours
4. Eat total of 5 meals
5. There are simple body weight exercises to do

My point in sharing all this is so that I don’t forget how to do this. Also to point out that it takes me a long time to understand concepts.

When I first heard Tim Ferriss talk about cheat days, it sounded insane. I tried it but still thought it was insane.

Three years later, I heard DH Kiefer talk about cheat days. It sounded a little less insane, but still crazy.

One month later, I read Jill Coleman talk about alternating high carb & low carb days, sounded kinda real.

Finally read Chris Powell talk about same thing + cheat days, now it made sense.

I have to hear the same info from multiple people over a long period of time before I really believe in it.

Also Chris talks about eating within 30mins of waking up. Same thing Tim Ferriss talks about in his book.

I’m a couple of days in with carb cycling.
Excited as with every experiment.
Nervous as with every experiment.
Sharing info with you, maybe it’ll help you out.

Oh yea, also on high carb days, our metabolism rises so much that it’s supposed to make us sweat more. According to Chris Powell. And according to my body.

So here I am, laying in an already sweaty bed. 84F, 54% humidity, no ac.
I still use a heavy blanket, I don’t know why. It’s a freaking sauna.

That combined with high carb day sweat brought back memories of living in India.
And the scents from heavily crowded, humid, sweaty public buses.

And how none of us wore deodorant.

Sweet sweet memories!

To be continued…