I lost -82 lbs, mafaka! 16yrs preparation, 7months execution

June 3, 2014

before and after 6.3.14

I don’t know which was tougher.
Me trying to lose weight or Frodo’s journey to Mordor.

This is the best feeling of all time.

Today, I’m 221 lbs.

Last October, I topped out at 303 lbs.
And I needed to get a haircut.

For the past 7yrs, the same lady has cut my hair. She’s the best. And we’ve gotten to know each other’s personalities & she’s kind of like a mother/aunt figure.

But this time, I was very low energy & embarrassed to go there. Had been gaining weight & failing every diet. Didn’t want her to see me at my all time high weight. Didn’t want to go out in public at all.

But my hair was out of control.

In a panic, decided to shave my head.
This would afford me at least a few more months before I’d need another haircut.

Coincidentally, I started the HCG Diet shortly after that. Thus, the shaved head in the picture.

Also, if you notice the darkness around my neck, that is called Acanthosis Nigricans: sign of prediabetes.

People with a severe form of insulin resistance may have dark patches of skin, usually on the back of the neck. Sometimes people have a dark ring around their neck. Dark patches may also appear on elbows, knees, knuckles, and armpits. This condition is called acanthosis nigricans.


Had no idea this was a thing until I went to a nurse for a random reason. On a comedian’s podcast, he mentioned how he went to cvs minute clinic for ear cleaning. And how awesome that was.

My ears were feeling clogged for a few months, so off to cvs I went. The nurse mentioned my ears were the cleanest she’s ever seen. BUT, it looks like I have severe allergies. My nose was showing post nasal drip = sticky stuff that drips down throat.

I have allergies???!

As I was leaving, she mentioned my neck darkness looked like sign for prediabetes. And that I should go to my doctor to have it checked out. Well, I didn’t have insurance, dont have a doctor nor do I like western medicine.

I started to panic even more. Both my parents have been diabetic ever since coming to America & eating the standard diet.

The last thing I want to be is a lifelong diabetic. Became more determined to lose weight. However, it took one more year of nonstop failure before discovering HCG diet.

Some misc hcg diet tips:

Here are some things I figured out during HCG Round 3.

– 3rd round was my most successful round, in terms of mood & percent bodyweight loss. Possible reasons mentioned below.

Round 1: -38.6lbs lost // -12.94% loss
(easy in beginning, restless towards end)

Round 2: -34.2lbs lost // -12.55% loss
(hardest round mentally)

Round 3: -34.6lbs lost // -13.53% loss
(hard initially, then easiest using tools below)

– taking a multivitamin (zero calorie), probiotic, vitamin D, st johns wort 900mg, 5htp 300mg, tyrosine 1000 – 2000mg had no negative effects on weight loss.

My doctor recommended NOT to take any supplements but I was feeling so terrible during HCG Round 3 mentally, that I decided to anyways. It seemed to increase the rate of fat loss, but more importantly I felt super good during this round.

– I used ice packs on my upper chest & upper back 20-30mins a day. Not every day, but most days. This seemed to help fat loss as well. I did not do this first 2 rounds. Brown fat activation as mentioned by Tim Ferriss in Four Hour Body. It’s supposed to burn 400-600calories. Article by Dr Mercola

– Detox sea salt bath using 2 cups epsom salt + 1cup baking soda is superior to regular sea salt bath using 2cups himalayan salt. Adding the baking soda makes me sweat profusely in the bath, which is a good thing. Sweat = detox = good.

– Of course, it helps to keep a daily food log. I’ve been doing that the whole time. I use iphone note app to record all the things I’ve eaten, drank, supplements, daily happiness rituals. I then use an app called PDF Printer to turn the note into a pdf. Within PDF Printer, I transfer the pdf into my dropbox account.

This is a long way of saying I keep track of everything that I do/eat. And the method above is the easiest way for me since I always have my iphone with me and use dropbox. You can figure out your own method. The important thing is to have a journal you can look back on to notice trends.

– I also use an earthing mat, not sure if this affected weight loss. It can’t hurt I guess.

– I also used affirmations, prayed, journaled, meditated, kept hope alive, kept reading as many health books from as many different people as possible, etc. Instead of reading only paleo books, I decided to read vegetarian diets, alternative health, detox books, etc. I was preparing for post diet.

– Every maintenance phase, I have gained weight even though I did NOT cheat. Zero junk food. I experimented with strict paleo and adjusted paleo with oats, beans, lentils, quinoa (aka dolce diet).

I was overeating low carb quest protein bars. Up to 11 a day. I couldn’t stop. When I ate strict low carb, I felt terrible.

Then I stopped & switched over to oats, lentils, etc. I felt good but would gain weight. This experimentation lasted for 8 weeks straight. Torture.

Nothing seemed to work. As I’ve mentioned in the last few posts, I finally discovered a book called The Mood Cure. I realized I was seriously deficient in serotonin amino acids. Once I added 5htp, I no longer crave carbs or sweets & mood is super.

– I mentioned keeping a daily food log. For 7months, it didn’t serve any purpose. Once I started taking 5htp, my mind cleared up. I started thinking better. And I went back and looked at all of my meals.

On days I ate carbs mentioned above, i gained weight (this was expected).

On days I ate strict low carb, and also fruit, I also gained weight. This was a big breakthru. I had no idea eating 1-2 apples a day would affect me this badly.

This is the first time I will be using amino acids + paleo diet (no fruit). I expect this to be a smoother ride.

– The only tip I can tell you regardless of what diet you do is to read as many health books as possible written by opposite people. Some will say paleo is the way to go. Others will say vegan. Some say high carb, low protein. You can learn something from each book. And maybe you can solve your problem, which may differ from mine.

And I specifically mean read BOOKS, not blogs/forums/tweets/podcasts/ask friends. For some reason, books tend to have better information, I don’t know why. The best way to do that is to buy books used on amazon, you can get most used books for $4.00 max.

– i think losing weight & maintaining weight are separate tasks. to maintain weight, you must learn how to grocery shop, what real food is, how to store it, how to prep it, how to cook, how to make it taste good, what your preferences are, how to wash dishes, throw out the garbage more often, etc. This is nonnegotiable.

Learn how to cook. I used Four Hour Chef. There are other ways.

Keep a folder with a master grocery list that you can add to. Keep a recipe list of your favorite foods. Look for recipes that are super easy, handful of ingredients.

– keep hope alive. be the sherlock holmes of your life.

– ignore everything i said and blaze your own path.

– tell your mom i said hi.

– just kidding.

– no seriously, she hasn’t called in a while.