[audio] #56 I took mushrooms & had a panic attack

May 31, 2014

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And it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

Welcome back dude. Hope you’re well.

I’m doing really well, thank god. I wasn’t doing so hot a few months ago. March & April were deep, dark, anxious, depressive, staying in bed all day, lost all hope months.

In March, I was losing weight. I was feeling & looking great physically. But mentally, I was like a bulb with low wattage.

I was anxious, depressed, couldn’t move, couldn’t get myself to go outside, couldn’t think, saw nothing bad sadness all around me.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. As a last resort, I decided to do some mushrooms, for healing purposes. In the past, mushrooms had always given me answers & made me feel better.

I knew that mushrooms tend to amplify whatever you’re feeling, so it could be dangerous. If you’re feeling anxious, mushrooms can make you feel 1000x more anxious. But I knew what to expect. And I felt like there were no other options than to do them.

After the trip, I knew I would feel 1000x better. I always have before. I prayed to the mushrooms gods, asked for a safe trip & ingested them.

Crazy panic attack. I couldn’t sit still. Only negative thoughts in my head. Thoughts like I was insane. That I was never going to amount to anything. That I’m a lost cause. That all of the world is sad.

This podcast is about how that dark moment turned out to be for the best. I turned it around. After a long treacherous, anxiety filled trip, mushrooms showed me exactly what was wrong with my head.


After the trip, I felt AMAZING.
And I looked online to research why & found this article:

The scans revealed a surprise: Psilocybin never increased activity in the brain, but only decreased activity in places, especially information transfer areas such as the thalamus, which sits smack in the middle of the brain.

“‘Knocking out’ these key hubs with psilocybin appears to allow information to travel more freely in the brain, probably explaining why people’s imaginations become more vivid and animated and the world is experienced as unusual,” Carhart-Harris said.

The researchers used multiple fMRI methods to validate their findings, and controlled for outside factors to be sure, for example, that psilocybin didn’t cause breathing changes that, in turn, changed the brain. What actually seems to be happening, Carhart-Harris said, is that psilocybin mimics the effect of the brain chemical serotonin. In the brain, psilocybin sticks to serotonin receptors on brain cells, inhibiting the activity of those neurons.


This led me to discover books on seasonal affective disorder, low carb diet leading me to have lower serotonin, st johns wort, 5htp & many other mood improving tools.

That moment changed my life forever. My brain is now fully stocked.

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