My Blood Test Results After Doing 2 Rounds of HCG Diet (Looks Good)

April 10, 2014

I was curious to see what effect losing weight this fast (Rd1: -39lbs/40days; Rd2: -34lbs/40days) would have on my health.

Plus, is HCG healthy or not? Would it wreck my organs?
Well, I’m happy to report my blood numbers have never looked better.

April 2013: last year, after doing ~8months of paleo
October 2013, started HCG Diet
April 2014: one month after finishing 2nd round of diet

Test Name: April 2013 // April 2014

Weight: 290 // 248lbs

Total Cholesterol: 271 // 247
LDL: 151 // 158
HDL: 53 // 57 (higher is better)
Triglycerides: 335 // 159
Apo B: 146 // 109
These are still in the moderate to high category but a huge drop from before.

Important Note: If you check cholesterol immediately after stopping diet, the numbers will look dangerously high. Because so much fat has been lost, tons of fat in the blood stream, will make it seem as if you are ill.

Wait at least 4wks before testing your blood.

This according to Wheat Belly author, Dr. William Davis: LINK

Example: My mother lost weight on hcg, had blood tests done. The numbers were sky high & her regular doctor advised her to take cholesterol lowering medicine. He was unaware she had lost weight. She’s a nurse and has read Wheat Belly. So she did not panic nor take the meds.

hs CRP: 3.13 // 1.05
from high risk to low moderate risk. Low risk is 1.00.

Vitamin D: 34.5 // 44.6
30 – 100 considered good. I’d like to get this above 50.

Diabetes & Insulin Resistance
HbA1c: 6 // 5.6
Glucose: 95 // 94
Good range.

Thyroid, Liver, Kidney = all good range
Electrolytes, white blood cells, red blood cells = good range

Omega 3 Index: 11.6% (april 2014)
Never tested this before. 8-12% is considered good.

Current Supplementation:
Digestive Enzymes
Tangytangerine 2.0 vitamin/mineral powder
Vitamin D3 ~5000 iu
Fish Oil 3.1g epa/dha
St Johns Wort 900mg (for winter sad)
Dynamic Fruits & Greens Powder (may stop)
Brain Fuel Plus (brain nutrient pills, may switch to another brand)

TM Meditation 2x a day, 20mins each, since Feb 2014

Physically, never felt better.
Blood tests trending towards good range.
Cholesterol needs lowering. Will happen after round 3 loss.
Weight needs to be lowered 30-50lbs.
Exercise necessary to increase HDL cholesterol.

Currently cooking & eating clean, strict paleo.
Gave up quinoa, oats, beans. Was increasing weight. Now weight stable.
All meals cooked at home since October 2013. Huge!

Will do HCG Round 3 starting April 21.
Goal is to lose at least -30lbs.
Get to 220lbs or lower.
This has been my all time goal for nearly two decades.

The mf’in journey continues.

Blood tests done via Wellnessfx.
The Omega3 test via Omegaquant.

As always, don’t do anything I say or do. I could be wrong about everything.
Best to do your own research & trust your body/mind/doctor/etc.