[audio] #55 Living with purpose, going with the flow

February 28, 2014

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What’s up dude

In this episode, I’m talkin about:

– how each one of us is living our own hero’s journey, it’s ok even if it feels egotistical at times. that’s how it’s supposed to feel if you’re the hero in your own life.

– how each one of us has to create a custom system for everything: i use my own diet + cooking + eating strategy as an example

my new personal eating formula:
base + veg + protein + enhancers

base: quinoa, oats, brown rice
veg: spinach, cabbage, broccoli
protein: lean beef, ckn thighs, eggs, lentils, beans
enhancers: kimchi, mild giardiniera, franks red hot sauce, spicy brown mustard, chia seeds

snacks: fruit, almond butter

liquids: filtered water, tea, coffee
supplements: tangytangerine2.0, fish oil, vitamin d

my new personal cooking system:
microwave: hard boil eggs, steam cabbage/spinach
cast iron skillet: scrambled eggs, steak
oven: chicken thighs
foreman grill: grassfed ground beef + turkey mix, salmon
rice cooker: oats for breakfast, quinoa, brown rice

i usually cook all of these at the same time, in big batches, then store in ziplock containers in fridge. before, i was cooking each meal when i was eating it. which is a big hassle.

– how i was eating too much of a good thing & it led to feeling terrible headaches, body pains & weight gain (too many clean protein bars because it tasted so good, up to 11 a day)

– how i was thinking of recording a podcast about synchronicities, then randomly find a podcast by Joe Derosa & Pete Holmes talking about synchronicities

– how i synchronistically started listening to jazz, then john coltrane, then finding out he read the same spiritual books as I did (autobiography of a yogi, bhagavad gita)

– how i texted my good friend out of the blue, while listening to horace grant interview on bill simmons podcast. friend said he was watching old bulls videos on youtube and was just thinking about me. synchronicity

surreal but real. after recording, i check the phone and have a text message from the same friend who i talk about in the podcast. super synchronous.