HCG Diet, Feelin Terrible, Toxins & Solutions

February 15, 2014

This post is about feeling absolutely terrible during my 5th week of HCG Diet, Round 2.

I’ve lost -30lbs so far, but feel miserable.

Headaches, lightheadedness, can’t think clearly, slow witted, small spots of rashes, small patches of dry skin.

Restless unhappy mind. Don’t want to sleep. Don’t want to be awake. Can’t read, listen or watch anything.

Feels like a massive hungover.

Until an hour ago, assumed I was whining for no reason. I should just tough it out, only 8 days left.

Then my mind blessed me with a ray of light. A long lost memory came back.

When we lose weight, toxins stored in fat get released into the bloodstream.

When a lot of weight lost, a lot of toxins released. DUH!

How could I forget this??

Detox Solutions:
Took an advil for the headache.
Memory is so foggy, forgot that advil exists!

Took a sea salt bath.
Known to remove toxins from the skin.
I use 2cups of fine grain, pure himalayan sea salt.

Natural ways body releases toxins:
Liquid – urine (I need to drink more water)
Solid – poop (not happening since eating very little)
Sweat – not happening in cold winter! A sauna would be helpful.

You can stop reading now if you want.
The rest of the post is simply for my fun.

Learn Do Teach
Charlie Munger states that one of the best ways to learn something is to emulate how doctors learn.

During their residence program, new doctors learn by watching experienced doctors. Then they have to do the procedure themselves. Then they’re to teach someone else how to do it.

Thus, whenever there’s something super important that I don’t want to forget, I immediately bug my brother via a text of what I just learned. I do this whether he cares about the subject or not.

Sometimes I tell other members of my family or some old coworkers via email.

Next, I try to tweet that lesson out.

If it’s super important, I blog or podcast about it.

I have two goals
To make myself learn important lessons & become a better human being. What good am I to the world if I’m not healthy, happy, vibrant?

Next, I hope to help at least one person in the universe. That could be you, as you read this post right now.

Camel Humpback Story:
I’m no zoologist, but I heard a camel will store water in its hump for later use.

So if I see a camel walking across the hot desert, I shouldn’t automatically assume it’s thirsty. Especially if that camel has a huge hump.

We can tell that camel is quenching its thirst as the hump goes down in size.

My New Humidifier:
I bought a new cool mist humidifier this week because my old warm mist one stopped working.

With warm mist, I can see steam rising from the humidifier to know it’s working.

With cool mist, however, a little trickier to know it’s working.

The following is from the instruction manual:

“Dry air is pulled through the humidifier and the QuietCare™ fan blows out invisible, moisture-balanced air.

When the unit is running you will not see or feel a “mist”. You will know your humidifier is putting moisture into the air as you watch the water level in your tank decrease throughout the day.”

How all of this relates to the HCG Diet

1. How do I know toxins are being released when losing weight?

Scientific study:

Naturopathic article:

Personal experience:
Body odor worse than normal.

Terrible taste in my mouth than normal. Especially in the morning.

Other symptoms like headache, lightheadedness, light feelings of nausea.

Those of course could be due to body not getting nutrition.

But from years of dieting, I’m pretty good at differentiating low calorie headaches from this hangover type toxin headache.

2. How do I know I’m not just weak from eating only 500 calories a day rather than from toxins?

Like a camel stores extra water in its hump, I’ve been storing extra food in my fat cells.

During starvation periods, body is supposed to reach into this extra reserve to live.

But like the HCG Manual states, some folks’ bodies don’t do this. Instead, it resorts to using essential fat for fuel.

When this happens, we starve to death. Our brain will override this and we turn to binge eating. That’s why most diets fail.

HCG works because the extra reserve fat is being used, thus brain doesn’t signal the starvation binge alarm.

3. How do I know extra reserve fat is being used rather than essential fat?

Like my humidifier manual states, I will not know if it’s working properly by seeing steam rise. There is not even a cool watery mist.

Only way I know it’s working is by seeing the water levels go down.

I also have a separate humidity monitor that goes up when humidity is rising.

I know I’m losing extra reserve fat because my belly is shrinking super fast.

Belly fat lowering is similar to water levels going down on the humidifier. Since belly fat is not essential fat, extra fat is being consumed by body for fuel.

Also my weight scale shows a lower number every day, confirming I’m shrinking in size.

PS: By the way, I feel much better after advil & sea salt bath.

Mon Cheri February 24, 2016 at 11:01 pm

I liked your blog.

I am on my second round… first one I didn’t take seriously, and this round I am doing great and have lost 14 pounds in 10 days! I plan on going 40 days, and feel inspired to do so.

Your words are encouraging and insightful. It was nice to hear from a familiar point of view.

I will be trying Palo diet, as maintenance. … it makes too good of sense, not to.