[audio] #54 Fridge Rattling, Scientology, TM Meditation & Life

February 4, 2014

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Welcome to the greatest show on earth!
By yours truly, the people’s electrifying host.
(yes i’m still sayin this!)

No boring repetitive intro music.
No lame outro music.
No 20minutes of ads you have to skip in the beginning.
No same old celebrity guests that all podcasts rotate.
No asking you to sign up for audible.com
No begging you to come to my site & click on the amazon banner.
No having ads for stamps.com in the middle of the show.

And definitely not making any money off of this!

My economics & finance professors are shaking their heads right now.
My business degree is gathering dust on my shelf.

Anyways, enough about me.
Lemme tell you what i’m talking about in the podcast (spoiler: mostly about myself).

In this episode, I’m talking about:
– maintenance guy knocking on my door, surprising a naked guy sitting on his couch!
– my fridge rattling & humming
– the time in college when i filled out a personality test & to be tricked into going to a scientology introduction meeting
– spending $960 this past saturday to learn transcendental meditation, in what seems like scam but really works
– losing -55lbs since october 2013 but still feeling regular.
– various other topics like psychiatrists, taking paxil + wellbutrin, therapists, reiki, acupuncture, psychedelics & various other tools that I’ve tried to be happy

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