HCG diet round2 update: -23lbs lost, 19days

February 2, 2014

Today is the halfway point for my second round of HCG diet.
Everything is going according to plan.
Mentally it’s been tougher to keep mind occupied.

Here are the stats:
Before: 270.8lbs
After two days fat load: 272.6
After 19 low calorie days: 249.7

Total Loss: -22.9lbs
Goal: -35 to -40 loss // 230 to 235lbs

hcg diet round2 weight loss stats
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Below is a graphic chart of cumulative weight loss, comparing round2 vs round1.

It’s interesting that the body is following nearly exact fat loss pattern both times. This is a pleasant surprise!

hcg diet round2 weight loss chart
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Mental Game:
This round has been easier & tougher.

Physically it’s easier.
I know what to expect on the scale, so there are no surprises. I don’t get worried about fluctuations or if I’m eating correctly. It’s predictable.

Grocery shopping, cooking & eating are automatic.

Mentally, it’s a lot tougher.
Mind is bored & wants the whole 43days over with. I’m not concentrating as hard as round1. Diet works. So mind is worrying about other things.

Like how I’ll be eating normal for 12 weeks, then doing round3 to lose more weight. Third round starts in May & ends in June.

By July, I will be at my ideal body weight, around 200lbs. First time in decades!

Even today, I’m the lowest weight in 6yrs. It’s a miracle yet mind is not as happy as it should be.

But deep down I am grateful. Don’t get me wrong. This is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.

Cravings & Food Obsessions:
There are no cravings. The occasional stomach hunger (because there is no food in there) but brain does not care. No food binge thoughts. Pretty content most of the day.

On round1, there was one night when I went crazy with food thoughts. I emailed my doctor & we increased my hcg spray dose, from 2 sprays to 3.

This time around, I started with a higher concentrate dose, 2sprays. The past week, I’ve noticed lethargy & low energy. No real hunger but just feeling blah.

I’ve also started watching a lot of cooking shows. I’m familiar with that sign. It means my brain is starting to obsess over food.

Today, I finally had it. Emailed the doctor about my low energy & signs of obsession, and we’re increasing my dosage to 3sprays.

If it’s anything like round1, after I do 3sprays, it will be smooth sailing rest of the way.

It’s also harder on my mind because I’m used to taking all my supplements (vitamin/mineral powder, fish oil, etc). With HCG, I’m taking neither of those.

Especially with winter sad, I can notice a big difference when not taking fish oil.

Without fish oil, the stadium lights in my brain are off!

I am taking vitamin D, 5htp & st johns wort as makeshift mood enhancers. None of those are prescribed by the doctor, my decision. So far, these have no negative impact on weight loss.

I have to do whatever it takes to handle winters in chicago & these seem to help.

Anyways, hope you’re doing well. I can’t tell if this post made sense or not. My thoughts are fighting quicksand right now. But I’ll have an update on the other side of this diet.


Photo courtesy of wikipedia