[audio] #53 Losing Weight, Spirituality, Challenging Life

January 27, 2014

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(This post has been updated with Seinfeld info, scroll to end)

Welcome to the greatest show on earth, hosted by the most electrifying man, yours truly! (yes I’ve been listening to affirmations all weekend)

Oldschool podcast recorded using headphones + iphone.

– Talking about losing 18lbs in the past 13days on HCG diet round2
(16 days total, the first three days/measurements don’t count).

– Why I had to become a spiritual, grateful, “nice” person before weight came off.

– How some of us have more challenging lives than others

– Stories of Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Maya Angelou (depression & challenges transformed to peace & wisdom)

– Story of Jerry Seinfeld (someone who seems to be on the right path from birth)

– How I cannot go to breastaurants or strip clubs without it backfiring on me

– How I thought I was the odd man out amongst normal american redblooded male friends, but now see I’m just a different type of human

– How you and I are most likely toasters, or at least belonging to same kitchen gadget family

Stuff mentioned in the pod:

Update Bonus:

RA Dickey: child abuse, suicidal, long barren career in baseball, found religion, comeback success story, transformation of difficulties

Extra Update (1/29/14):

Well, in the podcast I was wondering how the heck Jerry Seinfeld is able to function so normally.

Ask & it is given! I stumbled on this video quite accidentally & he tells his secret: Transcendental Meditation.

And I was wrong in the podcast when I said he’s been doing it for 29yrs. It’s actually 40yrs+. He started when he was 18yrs old and it completely changed his life. He mentions he could not have functioned as a successful comedian, let alone a regular human, without doing TM. Amazing!

As you can guess, I’m going to start doing TM asap. Thanks Jerry!