[audio] #50 To Be Great, Practice

January 3, 2014

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Warning: There is a damn hum noise. After recording, realized it’s from the damn fridge. So listening thru headphones full volume not recommended.

Press play & start washing your dishes. I’ll do my best to distract your brain.

The following is discussed:

What is success?
I talk about what I consider success, which includes hard & soft definitions.
Hard: $10,000/month thru my own business.
Soft: Be happy, healthy, free.

Podcasting is fun.
But, I’m not very good. I love getting all of the positive comments, keeps me inspired. But a lot more work required before getting good.

Part of that work is making podcast episodes even when I don’t sound good/feel good. I’m putting in the reps to get to 100 episodes by December 2014.
(edit: my math is wrong. either meant to say “do 50 more episodes to get to 100” or “do 25 eps to get to 75” – the latter more likely)

Got the inspiration from Louis CK, Chris Rock & Seinfeld. I talk about how those guys put in the hard painful work even though they’re at the top of game. Also how Stephen Colbert warms up his voice.

Stuff mentioned in the pod:


2. Jerry Seinfeld documentary Comedian, shows him putting in the work at small clubs & even bombing (@ 4:00)

3. Stephen Colbert commencement speech. It’s great + he briefly shows us his vocal warmup he learned in theater class (@ 6:40)

4. How I use twitter as a tool to be more positive:
Tony Hsieh’s ICEE tweeting principle (inspire, connect, entertain, educate)

Update, for the success nerds:

5. Chris Rock Documentary (1989, age 23, with his mother)
before SNL (1990-1993) & before Bring The Pain megastardom (1996)

6. Before & after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson promos (fascinating transformation)