[audio] #49 Our Blindspots + How Success is Grown

December 24, 2013

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What’s up dude.

In this episode, I was finally able to beat the resistance dragon by pressing record. It never gets any easier, no matter how many times I’ve done it before! It’s fun to have a challenge.

What’s discussed:
1. What I’m grateful for (the usual suspects)

2. Story of how everyone does what they think is cool:
a. College dude blasting music full blast in his sports car @ homecoming
b. Me as a freshman blasting music in my dorms
c. Kanye rants
d. We all do this. We all have blindspots. We all think what we’re doing is because it is the cool & right thing to do.

3. How success is grown
a. Early success isn’t genetic but rather from supportive parents & absorption of the environment (ie: parents always playing music in the house, kid hears it all the time, grows up to be a super musician). Some examples: Drake, Beyonce, Will Smith, Tiger Woods.

b. Late success is also grown. This is interesting for me to study since they were adults who deliberately followed a path. Like Louis CK, Eminem, Steve Austin, The Rock.

4. My product idea – just tossing out there my intent is to create something that makes customers super happy & is highly profitable at the same time. I have no idea what this will be yet but I’m working to get the inspiration from my unconscious.

Thanks for listening. Thank you for the nice comments. I read all of them. I also appreciate even if you don’t leave a comment but listen. Have a good holiday & we’ll talk again before the years end, if I’m able to slay the next bitch ass resistance dragon.

Stuff mentioned in the pod:
1. The Talent Code Summary & The Little Book of Talent Summary – via Derek Sivers

2. Will Smith talking about his dad making him build a wall

3. The Rock talking about epic failure leading to super success


5. Eminem’s Rap God music video, which has homages to the Matrix