[video] Destroy Limiting Beliefs: Starcraft 2 Replay

December 10, 2013

In this video, I’m playing Starcraft 2, very hard level for 1st time. In an unknown map, against unknown computer opponent. And I get ambushed by a tactic I’ve never seen before.

Had mouse hovering over “surrender,” then I decide to try something…

The Backstory:

A few days ago, I spoke about beating Super Mario 3 for the first time & how it helped smash a 22yr old limiting belief.

In short, a limiting belief is something we think to be true, that is actually untrue.
“I’ll never be able to beat super mario 3.”
“I’ll never play the guitar.”
“I’ll never date a girl.”

In this video, I smash a limiting belief I’ve had since 1998: “I’m too dumb to play starcraft.”

Fast forward to 2013 & I decide to take a different approach (after beating smario3).

I read up on starcraft 2 strategies and build orders. Watched hours of tutorials on youtube. Studied replays of pro games.

I wrote down specific build orders on notecards & kept them near my computer. Practiced over and over.

At first I played random computer opponents & kept losing to terrans (one of the three races).

New idea: play the same map, against the same enemy (terrans), on same level (harder), over and over until I can beat them easily. I must’ve done this dozens of times. I lost count.

After I felt comfortable beating each enemy race on harder, decided to try random matchmaking again on a higher difficulty level (results in above video).

I’m probably at 250 total starcraft games played when this happens, to give you an idea.

My Build Order:

If you play starcraft 2, this might help you out.

15 – hatch
16 – spawning pool
17 – gas (3 drones to gas until 100; then 1)
17 – overlord
spawning pool done – 2 queens, one set zerglings
6 mins – 3rd base
2 more queens
build drones to saturate 3 bases, then 1st fight, then take 4th base

Army composition depends on opponent.
vs Protoss: tons of roaches & corruptors
vs Terran: lings, banelings, mutas (ultras towards end)
vs Zerg: whatever I feel like

Better yet, just read & watch LOWKO’s build order, that’s where I got it from. Thanks LOWKO.