The Emotional Rollercoaster of Losing -39lbs in 40 Days (HCG Diet)

December 6, 2013

“Desperation Creates Innovation”


HCG diet works.

It’s easy & no cravings. But something being easy can also be hard. Train mind to focus on the end goal. Train mind also to take it one day at a time. Use whatever tools it takes to get thru the 40 days.

Post HCG phase is scary. It’s basically trial & error of paleo diet to see what works. I’m struggling but confident I can figure it out.

[Note: If new to HCG, check out weight loss section to see other articles on the topic]

There are so many blogs & articles written on the HCG Diet. What to eat, how to eat, recipes & success tips.

I’ll attempt to describe something which no one seems to have explained before.

What it Feels like to Lose -39lbs in 40 days on HCG Diet:

Worry: The night before day 1. Can I do this? Will this be another failed attempt? 40 days seems so long. The diet seems super strict. Is it healthy?

Excitement: The diet works. From day 1. What a relief.
1st day: -2.2lbs
4 days: -10
7 days: -14
14 days: -18.9
21 days: -25.3
28 days: -29.6
35 days: -33.8
40 days: -38.6

Overwhelming: mind starts getting worried if I’ll be able to keep this regimen up for the next 40 days. I’ve never lasted this long on any project before. This all seems way too complicated & strict. Do I have the willpower?

Fear: Wondering if this is healthy. Phantom fears of body parts shutting down. What if my organs are shutting down and I don’t know it??

Fear pt2: Getting nervous every morning while stepping on the scale,
wondering if it was all a mirage and today is the day weight stops going down.

Excitement pt 2: Trying to resist the urge to tell everyone & their momma about my success. Blabbing my mouth has backfired in the past. (metaphor: the acorn of weight loss has just sprouted. It’s not an oak tree yet to handle strong winds)

Fear pt3: The first day the weight goes up a pound. Did I do something wrong? Oh here it goes again. Looked at log, found error. Not supposed to use any lotions or oils. Accidentally shaved with shaving cream, seems to be the culprit. Lesson learned.

Contentment: Reaching the phase where everything goes according to plan, easily & effortlessly. Developed a system of shopping, cooking & eating that is like a machine. No more worrying or thinking.

Worry: Will I be able to handle eating whatever on maintenance phase? Can I show self restraint in portion sizes?

Relief/Self Confidence/Peace of Mind: The last day of the diet realizing I had it in me all along to climb this seemingly impossible mountain. I did it! At least in this brief history of time, was able to last 40 days on a project. Anything is possible!

(Note: HCG diet is 43 days total. 2 days of eating fatty foods to load up. 40 days of low calories. 43rd day is when the diet is broken. Thus, I lost -38.6lbs in 40 low calorie days. You can also do a 26 day version of the diet.)

Worry 2: Hard to enjoy weight loss now that another seemingly impossible mountain appears. Maintenance. Eat whatever I want. Can I do this? Never been able to before.

Some Tools That Helped Me To Handle The Journey:

1. Googling whatever I was feeling

If feeling headaches (the first couple days), I’d type in “headaches hcg diet” and read about others struggles. Usually taking an advil solved the problem, but I’ve been an ignoramus all my life and thought avoiding western medicine made me holier. I relented this time around & felt relief immediately.

Other things I searched “tips hcg diet”, “recipes hcg diet”, “what to eat hcg diet” – you get the point.

This seems obvious to do in hindsight but wasn’t so obvious when I was experiencing fear or worry.

2. Preparation & Reinforcement of Mind

I wrote out what I could eat in: my journal, iphone notes app & spreadsheets. Made recipe lists. Over and over whenever I felt like I’d forget.

I wanted to reinforce the idea of the diet into my brain. I know from past experience that the logic part of my brain shuts down when I’m experiencing worry or fear. I didn’t want to forget everything.

I reread the HCG book multiple times.

I created notes on my phone of the exact shopping lists so that I wouldn’t forget once I’m at the grocery store.

These are things I’ve never done before (not even in school) but like they say: desperation creates innovation.

3. Record Daily Meals & Journal

This is easy. The HCG book comes with a weekly meal journal. I made 6 photocopies = for the 6 weeks of diet.

I can check off the things I ate & it also reinforces what I’m allowed to eat.

On the back, I wrote how I felt that day. Most days I was irrationally scared but comforted that the diet was working.

I also have a separate personal journal to write down whatever I was feeling.

4. Buy Recipe Books

I bought 2 recipe books. One on kindle & a different physical book. Both were not super useful but picked up a tip or two from each one.

The main reason I bought them was to reinforce to my mind that I was dead serious about success. I think it worked.

5. Cravings & Dose Adjustment

The diet is pretty straight forward & works. There are no cravings, at all.

Except one night.

Sometime during my 2nd week, there was a night when my mind went crazy. I could NOT stop thinking of food. Body didn’t feel hunger but mind went nuts. The only thing that stopped me from breaking was that I had lost like -14lbs in 7 days and knew I just had to ride out the storm. It’s easier to enforce willpower when something is working.

This is when googling came in handy. I must’ve typed in “cravings hcg diet” – someone mentioned drinking hot tea with lemon & stevia. Something about adding lemon tricks the body into thinking food is being consumed. I drank like 3-4 glasses. And it worked.

I emailed my doctor in the middle of the night and he replied pretty fast the next day. Solution was simple: Dose needs to be adjusted. Add an extra hcg spray later in the day.

Never had a problem again for the rest of the 40 days.

6. Keeping Track & Misc Tools

Withings App: I have a withings digital scale. It comes with a free iphone app which has charts of daily weight. Whenever I felt a negative emotion, I could look at it to calm down.

Don’t Break Chain App: It’s a calendar app where you just place an X on days. It was fun to tick off each day the diet was done. Helped my mind. And fun to see the X’s pile up. (link)

Lacroix Water Lemonade: The diet allows for juice of a lemon per day. One of the hcg books talked about making lemonade. What a great idea. Then had idea to try lacroix water (no sugar/preservatives/salt/calories etc). It’s just naturally carbonated water with added “natural flavors.” I don’t know if this is approved but I did it anyways. Added a little squeeze of lemon juice to it + stevia liquid = awesome.

Weekly Measurements: Definitely take weekly pics of your body. I know you have probably done this dozens of times with dozens of other diets. But this one works & you’ll be amazing how much skinnier you’ll look after 40 days. I took front & side shots weekly.

Also measured waist inches (around belly button). Some days when weight hasn’t gone down or even goes up slightly, it was reassuring to measure belly & see inches had dropped.

Don’t Compare With Others: Some will lose faster than you. Others slower. Women tend to lose less than men. So many variables. Typically 1-2lbs/day is lost on average. There are days when you won’t lose anything. Some days you’ll gain +0.5 to +1.0. Those days are not very frequent.

Prayer & Affirmations: I was researching this topic for other purposes (making money). But during difficult worry moments, I used the infamous d, g, o word. I journaled for help from God (no specific one) & all of the positive forces out there. I also used affirmations that I’ll lose weight easily & effortlessly. That I’ll reach 259 by November 30th.

Results: reached 259 on Nov 29th, against seemingly impossible odds.

How will it be for you?

My methods probably won’t work for you. And that’s good. I think everyone should create their own system that’s most comfortable & easy for them.

I just wanted to share some of the things I’ve done to keep my mind focused on the goal. You may not have to try this hard.

But if you do have to work this hard, or even harder, just know that that is also ok. I put everything I had into the diet, even though eating & losing weight was easy.

Sometimes “easy” can also be “hard”.

But it’s definitely more fun to work hard when something is working.

Post HCG Difficulties

It’s been 8 days since I’ve been off the low calorie phase of the HCG diet.

I’m on what’s known as Phase 3 aka Maintenance phase. They say the next three weeks are crucial in resetting my body’s weight set point. Then another three weeks of much relaxed maintenance phase where certain starches & sugars can be reintroduced to see how it affects the body.

Post HCG is basically the paleo diet. No starches or sweets. Eat whatever you want til full. Meats, fruit, veg. Dairy & nuts are kinda ok, proceed with caution.

It’s been real tough for me because my weight fluctuates wildly day to day. I’m still experimenting with what works & what doesn’t.

Not much to report but life is much better struggling at a lower weight than at a super obese level.

I’ll report back at a later date. Good luck.

Update: 8/22/16
I compiled all of the HCG blog posts I wrote when I went through the rounds and put it together into an ebook. I polished it up, added an introduction, a table of contents, and a postscript updating where I’m at today 2 years later.

You can buy the ebook on Amazon as of today.
HCG Diet: Diary of How I Lost 82 lbs in 3 Rounds

Sherri January 11, 2015 at 5:11 pm

This was very very encouraging. I felt like I was on the journey with you. I now know all of these emotions are not foreign.

J'aime March 10, 2015 at 5:35 pm

So? How are you doing now? Did you manage to maintain so far? I’m just starting my journey right now. Tomorrow is day one of the VLCD phase. I’ve had a hard time really doing the loading phase but I have tried my best. :) I’m 35, 5’4 and 148 lbs (size 5). I don’t expect to drop a drastic amount of weight but I need to get rid of the problem areas I’ve had since high school.

Deepak March 10, 2015 at 8:27 pm

good luck. you can do it. one day at a time and it’ll go fast.
i lost -82lbs in 3 rounds. gained +25 back (17 fat, 8muscle).
weight has been stable near 245 for about 9 months.
happy with this, eventual goal is 220 or 200.
ps: not everyone gains back like i did. so don’t worry.
all the details are in the “weight loss” section

Anonymous April 15, 2015 at 4:28 am

U are a blessing…all the things u express I’m living….I’m on my gorging day 2….its 2:26am and I’m up googling every thing…hints how I found u…I’m scared and excited…I need this to work….I’m ready to feel good about me for once in my life thank you for all ur words…. Wish me luck tomorrow is the beginning of my new ME….

Success is in ME…

shawn bates April 10, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Hi , im just starting this new journey, i hope it works .My weight is 222 and im 5 foot 9and im hoping to loose at lease 50 pounds this year.

Deepak April 11, 2015 at 3:07 pm

very cool. come back & share results & tips, im curious to know how it goes for you. good luck!

Kristin September 21, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Hi Shawn
A word of encouragement:
47yr. Female 5’8″ Began VLCD 206lbs.
-22lbs. by day 40 (I have a wk left because I skipped a shot every Sat.)
I average .6lb/day. BTW I stall for 2-3 days at a time then release 1+lb./day for 2-3 days, weird but not uncommon.
You can do this. Read “Pounds an Inches” until your sick of it.
I was truly amazed at my physical comfort an lack of hunger, I did adjust my dose once.
POP-Perfect on Protocal, this is the goal. (we all have a moment of weakness an mine was bannana bread lol) So if or when you stumble just continue back on track an realize that it was sooo not worth it.
Set a goal maybe even wkly. Reward yourself be kind to yourself this is mentally tasking. Find support, Im a single Mom so I INSIST my children tell me daily that Im doing great an I look great btw they have no idea why an they are unaware of what Im up to.
Stock sites for hints, insights, an encouragement. Plan plan plan taxeing but necessary. Water requirements an sleep! Your gonna nail this so god speed.

I have another round or two to go so Im around stocking sites lol

Fay October 27, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Good job great results you had. One question though where did you get your hcg drops from? Any trusted source?? Will the dr Simeon’s meal plan come with the order too?

Deepak December 1, 2015 at 5:28 am

mine was prescription nasal spray via doctor. cost was ~$125 for 40 days worth. others have had success with homeopathic drops available online, i dont know how good they are though.

the meal plan is freely available online (The Diet – page 21). tons of blogs out there with cool recipes too.

and nice job Kristin!!