[audio] #48 Lessons in Hindsight (Improbable Events to Weight Loss)

December 3, 2013

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Steve Jobs famously talked about connecting the dots in hindsight when it comes to success. That we just have to go with our gut until hindsight makes sense of it.

I lost -39lbs in 40 days & want to talk about how all the odd events connect, in hindsight.

Here I talk about:
What I’m grateful for (ie: I have all my limbs!)

A recap of 2010-2013 in my quest for weight loss & how the dots fit.
– Attempt at opening a franchise restaurant
– Trying to sell family business + IRS audit
– Joe Rogan podcast leading me to float tanks, mushrooms & ayahuasca
– Ayahuasca leading me to therapist, who leads me to doctor of osteopathy, which takes me to HCG
– Palm reader from India confident that he can get me to lose 20lbs in 14 days
– Did tithing & forgiveness trigger something in me to get the idea to try HCG?

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