Ways To Calm Our Mind

November 14, 2013

waldo finds himself

1. Think Nothing
a. Focus on breath (classic meditation)
b. Focus awareness on another body part, remind self we are alive (eckhart tolle style)

2. Think Something Nonsensical
Repeat mantras like om, rum or sherloom to crowd out negative thoughts (transcendental meditation).

3. Be The Watcher
Detach yourself from your thoughts. Picture self sitting on a beach and see each thought as a cloud passing by. If you float away, remind yourself that you are not the cloud, you are the watcher of the cloud. Come back to sitting on the beach. Rinse, repeat.

4. Think Positive Thoughts
This is ideal. To constantly say great empowering things to ourself. Since this can be a challenge, many recommend options 1-3 above.

5. Write Out Thoughts
This gets the venom out of our mind instead of having it morph from one negative mirage into another, endlessly.

6. Activity
Yoga, hard exercise or do something to get into flow state = all distracts the monkey mind.

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