Weight Loss Thoughts: HCG, Genetics & Other Variables

November 7, 2013

Freshwater Fish vs Saltwater Fish
Basic CMYK

The saltwater fish can give up all carbs, do hill sprints & pray to poseidon but won’t be able to survive in fresh water.

It’s genetically evolved to live in salt water.

Summary of My Theory:

There are many variables contributing to obesity, most of which are unknown to us. Diet is only a small component to losing excess fat.

If you immigrated to a cold climate from a warm climate, could that trigger fat storing gene?

Is that why certain folks don’t lose weight no matter how hard they try?

Could HCG be the only solution for these folks?

Three Types of Fat:

Dr. Simeons believed there were three types of fat in the human body:

Structural fat: This “good fat” protects your major organs and joints; it is ordinarily NOT burned for energy.

Normal fat reserves: Also “good fat,” this type of fat is spread throughout your body to, ideally, be burned when your body needs immediate fuel. It’s your regular gas tank.

Abnormal stored fat: Also called adipose fat, this type of fat is not needed and is what accumulates when a person becomes obese. It is stored underneath your skin and around your organs as a spare fuel supply, causing those unsightly bumps and buldges. Your body makes this as a final survival strategy should you become malnourished.

– source

My Genetic History:

At least 99% of my ancestors lived in South India.

There are only two seasons there:
1) hot & humid
2) hot, humid & rainy

When I lived in India, I was thin & active. I ate a lot of carbs (rice, wheat, vegetables) & limited meat. Folks tried to force feed me to fatten me up, to no success.

I moved to USA & immediately started gaining weight. So did my mom & brother. Relatives on my mom’s side also gained weight here in the states. Dad stayed slender.

The obvious thought is that I overate bad american food (mcdonalds, pizza hut, kfc, soda, frozen processed food).

This is true. But I know other Americans who ate similarly and did not gain weight.

My genetics evolved over 1000s of years to specifically survive in south-indian tropical climate.

Could the move to Chicago (winter/cold) have switched on the fat storing gene? Maybe that gene was passed on from mom’s side of the family.

No diet book ever talks about this.

Different Types of Humans:

My (unscientific) observation says that there must be different types of humans.

1. Ones who are underweight & can’t gain no matter how hard they try
2. Ones who maintain perfect weight no matter what they do
3. Ones who gain weight easily, lose weight easily
4. Ones who gain weight easily, can’t lose at all

Maybe that’s why no diet works for 100% of us. There are different types of humans.

Update: I’m never as original as I think I am! Realized what I described here is basically endomorph, mesomorph & ectomorph body types.
Link (Scroll to Q&A with Dr. Bernardi)

Different Diets, Different Results:

In my experience, all diets fall into one of these categories.

1. Follow 100% strictly, lose weight.
2. Follow less than 100%, lose weight. (ie: cheat days)
3. Follow 100%, but you still don’t lose weight.
4. Follow less than 100%, don’t lose weight.

For example, The Four Hour Body falls under #2 for people who’ve had success on it. This diet has one cheat day per week where you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want.

For me, it ranks as #4 because it does not work for me.

In contrast, HCG Diet is #1 for me. It is very strict as to what & how much I can eat. Yet, it’s working. Mainly because the HCG prevents hunger/cravings/food obsessions. I have high energy and don’t even feel like I’m on a diet. Your results may vary.

Different Theories To Lose Weight:

Here are a few different types of diets I’ve encountered over the years. Each promises 100% success + has testimonials to back it up.

None (except last one) worked for me. If you’re reading this, I suspect you are in a similar situation.

Energy Expenditure:
Low calorie + exercise
Low calorie + no exercise
Regular calorie + high exercise

Food Combination:
Dolce Diet
Four Hour Body

Support System:
Weight Watchers

Prepared Meals:
Jenny Craig

Emotional Baggage:
The Gabriel Method
Women Food & God
Intuitive Eating

Eat Slowly & Consciously:
I Can Make You Thin

HCG Diet

Other Weight Loss Variables:

You could have the “perfect” diet but if these variables are not in control, you may not lose any lbs.


Final Thoughts:

The only way to know which diet works for you is thru trial and error. It’s like trying every key on our belt to see which one opens the door to permanent weight loss.

HCG is working for me now.

Other factors are also helping me this time around.

I erased a lot of my emotional baggage thru the years (therapy, meditation, books, psychedelics).

Additionally, I’ve learned how to properly eat (perfect health diet, dolce diet, paleo, foodist) = clean earth grown nutrients minus most grains.

I learned how to grocery shop + how to store & cook food (four hour chef, dolce diet).

I learned how to keep daily food logs (nutrisystem).

All the skills I’ve picked up thru my past failures are coming in handy.

The last piece of the puzzle for me was that my body was NOT releasing fat reserves no matter how strictly I dieted.

The HCG hormone works exactly like Dr. Simeons mentioned in his book. It turned on the switch for my body to access abnormal stored fat.

PS: Science vs Reality

In economics, one of the first things I learned is that there are economic models and then there are things that happen in the real world.

The best economic models created by the brightest minds fail regularly.

I spent a bunch of time reading thru all the different scientific studies that say HCG does not result in weight loss. How it must be a placebo effect. That folks who promote HCG are frauds who are financially motivated.

Could be true.

I did notice a lot of the studies used different parameters. Some used 1000 calorie diets instead of 500 cals. Some only injected patients 3x a week instead of daily. Were all of the participants obese? HCG is only supposed to work on folks with excess abnormal fat.

It’s worth reading if you’re going to try HCG & are cautious about your health. I just jumped in blindly because I had tried every other thing I could think of.

Placebo or not (I suspect it’s not), it works for me and is much cheaper than most other diets.

Link – studies are in resources section.

image source:
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