How I Lost 18lbs in 11 Days (& counting) using HCG DIET

October 31, 2013


And I expect to lose 30-40lbs on my 40days of HCG Diet.

And I’ve never felt better (on or off diets).

I’m going to keep this post as brief & helpful as possible.

Disclaimer: Don’t do anything I’m doing. Do what your heart says + your doctors advice.

With that out of the way…

Background Recap:

I started this blog in 2011 strictly to help me track & lose weight. Over the years, it’s transformed into an outlet for my self expression (with no weight loss to show).

You may not appreciate the following info if you haven’t tried every diet out there for 16yrs and failed every day, every year.

Through all my dieting for nearly 2 decades, I think the best way to eat is probably somewhere between the paleo diet & the dolce diet – in the long term. Or vegetarian/vegan, if you can handle that.

But if that doesn’t result in weight loss, you can try the HCG DIET.

I will not go into too much detail about what HCG is

Because I’m sure you’ll google search it anyways. And you’ll find a lot of folks who are pro hcg & tons who are against.

A lot of pro folk are into alternative medicine. The cons tend to be traditional medical peeps or folks who’ve never done the diet.

Most of the cons will probably scare you into not doing hcg.

But I will say none of the cons have applied to me. I’m losing lbs easily, effortlessly, no cravings, no food obsessions, no side effects.

This is exactly what I did:

Went to a Doctor of Osteopathy specializing in HCG Weight Loss. I don’t have insurance, so I paid cash ($250 for initial consult)

He told me to read this book: HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide.

The most important part of that book is Dr Simeons Pounds & Inches Manuscript (free pdf).

After I finished the book, the doctor prescribed HCG Nasal Spray ($125 for 40day supply).

I’m following this diet exactly to the word as Dr Simeons described (pg 21 of pdf).

I weigh myself daily every morning, then input the data into a google document that my doctor monitors.

I also keep daily food logs. There is a log sheet included in the HCG Book.

Only exceptions:
I’m using a prescription nasal spray rather than injections (my doctor said this worked better)
I’m not eating the breadsticks (doc said not necessary)
I don’t use 1 tbls of milk (personal preference)

Supplies I Use:
Foreman grill
Digital Weight Scale (I use withings but there are cheaper options)
Food Scale
Meat Thermometer (optional but highly rec for super juicy perfectly cooked chicken & steak)
Camelback water bottle (optional) – makes it easy to drink tons of water
Ziplock bags (optional) – I keep 100g of meat/fish in each bag, in freezer

Rest of stuff is mentioned in the HCG book or you can google it.

What I’m not doing:
Buying hcg online, from internet companies
Using homeopathic hcg
Doing it on my own, without doctors help
Getting injections
Spending $1000+ like some clinics charge for HCG

Final Thoughts:
All of this is premature to report, I know.

I’m only 11 days in, but I wanted to share this info with you asap rather than wait til the full 40 days to report it. In those 29 days, you could lose tons of weight (if you choose to do hcg).

Losing weight is tough. If this helps, I’m glad to have helped. If it doesn’t, maybe something else will.

Stay tuned for further updates.

b pope January 3, 2016 at 9:49 pm

I am getting ready to start my journey. I am looking to lose 20lbs in 23 days. I have to get my mind right. Great post.