Bless Every Difficult Situation

October 29, 2013

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit”
– Napoleon Hill

Spiritual folk tell us that one of the keys to peace of mind is to bless every situation.

Especially the bad ones. Bless the difficult moment. Bless the difficult people. Bless everything.

When we’re young, this is something we’re definitely not going to do.

We’re going to harp on every negative situation. We’re going to react either with “woe is me” or “I’m going to get them back.”

We have to get hardened with time before realizing it’s hard to live life this way.

If we want peace of mind & sound sleep – we have to forget & forgive.

If we want success, we have to bless every situation. Because difficult moments lead to our growth more than successes.

David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell tells a counterintuitive story about how the underdogs usually aren’t really underdogs. Thru their difficulties, underdogs are able to develop strategies & skills that far outweigh the favorite.

Goliath was actually outmatched by David, who was much more skilled with his sling than Goliath was thru his sheer size & power.

Folks who are dislexic don’t have to be underdogs. They develop important life skills to cope with their challenge which come in handy in a world full of normies.

Same goes for all the slaves, underdogs & impoverished minorities.

Every difficulty & challenge lies within it a seed for great success.

In The 50th Law, Robert Greene tells the story of 50cent, who was shot 9 times and survived. And this difficult situation later ended up making him fearless. Being fearless led to supreme self-confidence, leading to tremendous success in the super-difficult music industry.

A difficult moment right now doesn’t have to be a defeating moment forever.

It’s too foggy now to see how our current challenge will end up benefiting us later on.

So bless the situation as a positive & move on.