[audio] #45 New Diet Technique & The Phil Jackson Story

October 5, 2013

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1. My voice is not coming across how I want it to be. I’m finding myself unlistenable but the show must go on.
2. Blah!

0:00 – Intro

0:50 – Moment of Gratitude

3:08 – New Diet Technique
Decided to learn from playing starcraft 2. To get better, I had to play the same map, same enemy, same difficulty level over and over, like 20x. Why not do the same with healthy eating? Instead of jumping from diet to diet, pick one (dolce/paleo) and keep doing it. Created a set menu for the week (bfast, lunch, dinner), a set grocery list based on the menu & will keep repeating this week after week. Goal is to make healthy eating automatic, easy & stress free.

20:14 – Success Story of The Week: Phil Jackson
Born to a religious family. Was an athlete all his life. Injury stopped his career short, this is when he had to adjust and become a mentor/coach (even though he did not want to do this). He picked up the “one team philosophy” from playing for the Knicks + life philosophy from native americans & zen buddhism + how to manage volatile players in the minor leagues + Tex Winter’s selfless Triangle Offense = 11 championship rings in the NBA. Moral = Our life can take us in unexpected paths to success.

26:23 – Book of the Week: Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson

27:10 – Outro

28:30 – Bonus Zen Story of the Week (A Cup of Tea)