[audio] #41 Aunt, Ants & Arjuna

August 17, 2013

krishna counsels arjuna in bhagavad gita battle

TL;DL: showed mercy to an ant. he brought his whole hood into my kitchen. rage. killed em all. reminded me of childhood when i played ant wars w/ tons of casualties. lesson: part of life is doing things even if we don’t want to, like krishna told arjuna. also talk about energy work + flashbacks to 7yrs ago.

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summary of bhagavad gita

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Note: Ok as usual, I started writing and realized podding would be much funner & easier. How could I forget? Anyways, here’s what I was trying to say, unedited – if for some crazy reason you want to read it.
Last summer, as I lay in bed either reading or watching youtube videos or whatever it was I was doing, from the corner of my eye – I noticed something moving.

It was a black ant. Since I have super white walls, anything remotely dark catches my eyes immediately.

I laid in bed watching this little black dude crawl all over the walls. He was fast and on a mission.

At one point I lost track of him. One day later he’d pop up in the bathroom. Next, he’d be on the kitchen walls.

I was a little torn. I did not want to kill him/it.

I just wanted him to just leave. Just go man, before I have to kill you. This is not the place for you.

I thought he’d be able to read my mind and just get out of my apt.

After a couple days of this, I finally took some toilet paper, carefully scooped him up and put him out on the balcony. Go back to the grass and shit dude. I’m being merciful.

Its not because I’m this super nice animal lover dude. I’m personally responsible for the destruction of 1000s of ants. Maybe more. I lived in india back then. I was maybe 8yrs old.

I had a habit of running away down to the shore of this lake. To hide away from my dumb ass aunt who chased me around with a stick. She wanted to whoop my ass for one reason or another & I was quick.

There was a snake pit on one side of the cliff by the lake. And mounds of ants on the other side. A big mound full of red ants and one full of black ones.

While I hid away down here, I’d play ant wars. It involved basically throwing dirt & rocks into the mounds to agitate the ants.

Basically a lil kid playing god.

Anyways, a lot of ants died. Not really proud of it, just what I did back then.

Fast forward to last yr. I showed some mercy to this little black ant. I let him go outside.

A few days passed. I woke up one morning, bleary eyed & went to the kitchen to get some water.

You guessed it, I saw a black ant scurrying across the wall.

Did I really get rid of that sucka a couple days ago or was it my imagination? I get another piece of tissue out to capture this guy and walk towards my porch screen door.

I didn’t have glasses on, so this was that much more disturbing. I saw like three other ants on the walls going to the kitchen.


I got rid of all of them. The next morning, I see like DOZENS of ants crawling across the wall now.

I had no idea how they got in. My screen doors are closed. I live on the third floor. I lost my patience. All of these guys are now being squished and going down the toilet.

The stream of ants wouldn’t end. Every day, wherever I look, there is another ant.