[audio] #40 Chug Fish Oil + NoFap = Greatness

August 10, 2013

TLDL: was feeling shitty for wks. started nofap experiment = body felt great, mind felt worse. last nite, reintroduced HIGH dose fish oil (19g epa/dha = 2T) & mind feels bombastic.

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NoFap Reddit: stop jerking it & get superpowers

High Dose Fish Oil Benefits: by dr barry sears – helps with low attention, depression, lowering triglycerides, weight loss & more. super important to get pharmaceutical grade fish oil esp when taking high doses, like the doc says.

Super Omega 3 Fish Oil: (not aff) highest dose of epa/dha per teaspoon i’ve found + high quality. 10% off promo code: Whole9