How To Start Your Own Podcast Using iTunes, Libsyn & an iPhone

July 28, 2013

(starts @ 30:49 if the player automatically doesn’t do it)

I agree with Kevin Smith’s remarks in the video.

He says that you should make a podcast. Either alone or with your friends. Right now. Whip out your iphone. Open voice memo app. Press record. Go. Upload. Done. Repeat.

My Quick & Easy Method To Creating A Podcast Asap

1. Mindset:
a. Just get started more important than being perfect
b. Forget intro music, outro, editing & other obstacles for now
c. You will benefit more from your podcast than others
d. It’s impossible not to get better with repetition
e. Took me 3months+ just to press record the very first time, now very easy
f. Just do it. Repeat. Get to 30, 50, 100 eps as fast as possible

2. Record via iphone: voice memo app
a. Transfer file to comp via itunes “sync”
b. Use itunes to convert file from m4a to mp3
c. Protip: record in “airplane mode” – otherwise incoming phone calls will interrupt recording
d. Protip: settings > general > autolock > never: so you can see it is still recording + track time
e. Optional: upgrade to a yeti mic later on for better audio quality (i waited 1yr+)

3. Host podcast at
a. cheap = $5/month for 50mb = 2-3 one-hr pods/month
b. used by top podcasters = rogan, maron, nerdist, carolla
c. enter relevant details in settings
d. upload mp3 from step #2
e. copy rss feed link for step #4 (eg:
f. create a simple 1400×1400 artwork (i used paintbrush free app, white font on black background, get fancy later)
g. Protip: basic stats kinda useful (+$2/mo), advanced stats NOT useful

4. Apply to be listed in itunes
a. open itunes > itunes store > podcasts > podcast quick links > submit a podcast
b. enter rss link from step #3
c. wait for approval via email
d. copy “itunes store id #” & paste into libsyn > destinations > libsyn classic feed

5. Optional/Highly Recommended
a. Start a wordpress blog + embed your podcast there
b. Use “powerpress” free wordpress plugin
c. Most will discover your podcast thru your blog rather than thru itunes
d. Start twitter account & post link to new eps there

6. Super Optional: Advanced Feed Management
a. Hint: look into feedburner + libsyn
b. Shows # of subscribers you have + other benefits
c. I waited 1yr+ before doing this, higher learning curve
d. NOT NECESSARY -> useful only for tech geeks who like tinkering

7. Last Tip:
Subscribe to your podcast on iphone, computer etc to see how it looks. Adjust settings/descriptions/image as necessary.

All of this can be done very fast & you should have your podcast listed in iTunes super easily.

Only thing you have to do now is just record :)