[audio] #36 Palm Reading, Eyes Crossing, Float Tanks & Happiness

July 20, 2013

A 2hr epic saga detailing how I got out of a rut & am now experiencing vortex flow state. Topics include my recent amazing palm reading by this famous indian dude, how my eyes crossed during shuttlecocking, my new expensive float tank purchase, and how everything fits in to lead me into happiness. This is a good one.

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lpark847 July 24, 2013 at 1:36 am

hey man, enjoyed your video on your ayahuasca journey
i am also from Chicago, and share a similar background which i thought was interesting

i listened to a couple of your podcasts and would like to leave some feedback
please take it with a grain of salt, and hopefully it will help you out

i highly recommend you join a gym and start working out
your body is the greatest source of drugs
ever heard of the runner’s high? – your body literally produces endorphins
lift some weights and get back in touch with your body

it will help you to be present, and be in the moment
working out also increase your bodies metabolism, and you will burn calories faster

eating great is good, but is only half of the answer

i also recommend you read anything by Eckhart Tolle(power of now/a new earth)

this book has changed my approach to life

it seems your mind is racing endlessly

ever notice your mind going through endless conversations in self made situations?

eckhart teaches how to be in the now, to be present, in the moment

thinking about the past – causes regret/guilt

thinking about the future – causes anxiety/worry

live in the now

the book also teaches about the ego

(complete identification with form – thoughts, posessions, etc…)

people identify themselves with a lot of things:

body, posessions, job, achievements, past history, etc…

when a person completely identifies oneself w/ form, they lose a sense of who they really are

i think you can relate through your journey,

we are all one, part of the infinite

we are the presence/awareness behind the thought

tolle also talks about the pain body – past painful experiences

which tolle says is similar to a life form

it can remain dormant, but at times will awaken

when awakened it will search for negative energy to feed itself

you may notice yourself overreacting, feeling down, angry, etc…

it is a vicious cycle

hope this helps

Deepak Nair August 9, 2013 at 1:38 am

thx man. this does help. ive listened to tolle’s audiobooks in the past, it might be time to revisit his teachings again. also started working out a bit more after seeing your comment – kettlebells & bodyweight workouts. what other kinda stuff are you into that’s helped?