[audio] #35 Oprah & Louis CK Success Stories

July 7, 2013

Success Stories Monday continues. Here I share couple more of my favorite ones.

Oprah Winfrey: grew up in a broken family. Grandma whooped her ass. Mom forced her to sleep on the porch. Dad was also tough on her. Had a miscarriage. Now she’s one of the most successful & powerful humans of all time.

Louis CK: has been doing standup comedy for over 25yrs. When first starting, did a show, was so bad he didn’t get back on stage for one year. Did the same bad act for the 1st 15yrs of his career. Had a lot of disappointments. Finally broke thru in the past 6yrs. Now he’s the top comedian with complete freedom to do whatever he wants.

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Oprah tells her story @ BSU to David Letterman: http://youtu.be/Xry51JBMj4w

Louis CK on Marc Maron Podcast:

This is a better louis ck interview