[audio] #33 Colonel Sanders, Soichiro Honda & Abe Lincoln

July 1, 2013

Here I tell three of my favorite success stories. Before I got heavy into self development stuff, I remember hearing about Colonel Sanders, Soichiro Honda & Abraham Lincoln as dudes who persisted, adapted & became successful thru trial & error.

Thanks for the listen. I hope to motivate myself to make this a regular monday motivational thing. I also hope to get much better @ this recorded audio thang. Maybe by episode #50 or #100?

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Play this song at around 10% volume (on loop) while listening to the podcast & let’s pretend I embeded this as the background song.

Or fuck it, play this song at 100% volume & my audio at 10%, if that works better for ya ;)

Colonel Sanders (i wrote this!!)
Soichiro Honda
Abraham Lincoln