How To Get Twitter Summary Cards For Your WordPress Site

May 16, 2013

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever discovered in life!

& let me share how I did it with you asap :)

You know how on twitter, someone posts a link to a youtube video or amazon page & when you click on the tweet – it shows a summary of the page you’re about to go to?

It’s one of the most useful things ever because we get to quickly decide if we want to open that link or not, in just a few seconds.

Here are a couple of egs of those bad boy previews:
amazon twitter preview card

youtube summary card twitter


I just assumed this was some magical tech thing that youtube/amazon & the other big companies figured out.

We can do this too!!

I just did it. Easily & effortlessly. The only hard part was *knowing* I can do this and figuring out there is a name for this type of preview: twitter cards.

How to do this asap:

I get it. Get to the point, you’re screaming.

Step 1:

You need some twitter compatible coding on your site.

I use: SEO by YOAST plugin (free)

Once installed & activated, it has a “social” tab. Just click “add twitter card” & put your twitter handle in the field.

yoast seo plugin

Step 2: Apply w/ Twitter

a. Go here:

Use your regular twitter handle/pw to log in.

b. Pick “summary” from this popup menu (or whichever one you want)
twitter card catalog

c. Validate & Apply

Click on that tab, enter your url.

Note: Do NOT enter your main url (ie: but rather DO enter a url to one of your posts (ie:

Twitter should recognize that you have the right coding but will now say you need to apply with them for approval.

Click on “apply” enter the details they ask for (site description, etc).

They say turnaround is a few weeks. No big deal.

Step 3: Make yourself some hot tea, wait, it worked!

So go walk around for a few minutes & check your email & voila!
(ur results may vary :)

twitter card approval email

Step 4: Test by posting url to twitter

successful twitter card for my site