[audio] #30 3 Ways Ayahuasca Changed My Life

April 23, 2013

I’ve been looking for a clear way to answer people when they ask me what ayahuasca was like. It took me ONE YEAR to figure out how to do it & it was sparked by a friend who asked me yesterday.

For one year, I described the ayahuasca experience by mainly pointing out the puking & diarrhea & scaredness etc. I just didn’t know how to explain infinite information into a concise answer.

I figured it out today & immediately rec this poddy for ya.

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Summary of audio
question: what is ayahuasca like

answer: i asked ayahuasca 3 life questions & it gave me the answers

1. how can i finally fn lose weight & be happy w/ my body

2. how can i find my soulmate/mate/lover

3. what is my true passion which will also bring me lots of wealth & freedom (abundance)

1a. one of the leaders randomly recommended the gabriel method book to me which has 100% changed my eating lifestyle for about a yr now.

b. my body also became ill at the thought of drinking diet soda after aya. ONE YEAR w/o ANY soda (used to drink 4-5 cans a day prior)

2. to find soulmate, i must integrate my mother & father into my life. ie: stop hating them, fighting w/ themĀ & especially reliving old wounds in my mind. i had visions about these.

3. my passion is spreading information via broadcasting. i saw every episode of every talk i’ll ever do in my visions.

hence, since then ive been podcasting more, videos, tweets & blogging. never been happier. aya also encouraged me to quit my unhappy job.

ps: not trying to sway one way or another. just wanted to give a clear concise answer to your question.

the shamans say that we dont call ayahuasca. ayahuasca calls us.

PPS: Here is the video mentioned in the podcast. I was hungover from ayahuasca the next morning & tried recording a podcast. In my visions, I had seen myself talking like a champ. I wanted to test this vision and see if it would be reality. This is the end result!