My New Comprehensive Weight Loss Post

April 8, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my weight loss stats or even posted regarding the topic. I was practicing a new technique by *not* focusing on results to see if that helps w/ the loss.

But it hasn’t & I find myself slipping slowly back into bad habits (eating more rice, some dessert etc).

This post is meant as a high level bulletpoint view of everything I’ve learned so far. If you need details or explanations, I recommend reading the books or googling some of the topics.

Table of Contents:

1. My Updated Fitness Plan
2. My Quick Backstory
3. Tools Used In This Post
4. Things I’ve Learned So Far re Weight Loss
5. Weight Loss Books
6. Spiritual Weight Loss Books
7. Process Oriented
8. Invert Principle

This is My Updated Health & Fitness Plan:

This is taken from all the things listed below & other things I’ve learned over the years.

1. Get 30g of protein w/i 30mins of waking
(via bpwhey + almond milk + banana + 2T coconut oil + green powder)

2. Eat frequent small meals
(3hrs apart. some meals can be fruit and/or nuts. Use timer if nec)

3. Paleo diet (summary)

4. Sleep 8hrs in a dark quiet room
(use earplugs + eye mask if nec. check results via zeo)

5. Sea salt baths (daily pref)

6. Eat a big ass salad w/ every meal to reduce habit of eating double entrees

7. Water 6qts a day (& drink a lot of tea)

8. Supplements: 10g epa/dha fish oil, multi, dig enzymes w/ meals, high dose probiotics, green superfood powder, coconut oil, mct oil & other as needed

9. Meditate 20mins daily (tm style: mantra can be “rummmmmm” or “sherlooooom”).

11. Make lists of positive aspects. Focus on details & process, not results. Focus on solutions, not problems. Check scales once a month only, just to see if heading in right direction.

12. Get sun by laying out on deck or forest preserve. Vit d supplements in winter.

13. Earthing mat, lightbox, heartmath emwave, music & other tools as necessary

14. Exercise plan: 2x/10days kettlebell swings 75reps @ 35 lbs. 1x ddp yoga

15. Blood tests every 4mos via wellnessfx

My Quick Backstory:
1. I’ve tried everything to lose weight. EVERYTHING. Since age 16ish. I’m almost 32 now.

2. My newest comprehensive wellness overhaul took place as of July 2012 (paleo + supplements)

3. Had pretty good results (lost 20lbs in a 4 months) but then plateau + slow creep up (+10 lbs) that has lasted 3.5mos.

4. Plateau started at the same time as I started drinking bulletproof coffee.

It’s either that or I had one day of digression on november 21st where I was stressed out & ate chinese food (generals chicken no rice). The conflict I have is bpcoffee makes me feel amazing mentally & raises my happiness levels to all time highs. When I stop it even for a week, my mind is sluggish and happiness drops.

So I end up choosing mental clarity & happiness over trying to stay off bpcoffee, for now.

Tools I’ll be using in this post:
1. Teach others to learn topic better for self
2. Write things down to cement idea in subconscious
3. Writing also helps fuel more ideas normally inaccessible by thinking
4. Summarizing books into main principle
5. Using invert principle popularized by charlie munger
6. Motivation/inspiration to fuel emotional connection to weight loss project
Things I’ve learned so far:
1. A calorie is not a calorie (100 cals of veg not equal to 100 cals of twinkies).
2. Calories in calories out model is broken.
3. Insulin & leptin (aka hormones) play big part in weight storage/loss.
4. Genetics play a part in how our bodies respond to diets.
5. Dark quiet deep uninterrupted rem sleep is necessary.
6. Good fat is good. Low fat diets are misguided.
7. Low calorie diets dont work long term, body downregulates when starving.
8. Exercise not necessary for weight loss (but helpful to reduce cortisol aka stress hormone).
9. Weight loss is a spiritual journey. How we feel about ourselves, our emotions, subconscious self, relationships etc play a part.
10. There is no one size fits all diet. Different bodies react differently to diets.
11. Paleo seems best option (organic, grassfed). Veganism also acceptable (w/ supplementation) but I’m not ready for that yet.
Weight Loss Books (I’ve read):
1. Four Hour Body
My main takeaway: 30g of protein w/i 30mins of waking is super important
Otherwise it’s pretty much paleo diet + legumes + cheat days. So many other books say how bad legumes are. Plus cheat days wreck my body + mood & leaves me w/ a carb hangover.

Kettlebell 2x/wk 75 reps is more than plenty as full body exercise.

2. Perfect Health Diet
Paleo diet + rice + white potatoes.

Makes case calories above 600/day for protein or carbs = toxic.
50-60% cals should come from fat.
15% from protein.
20% from starch plants (white rice + potatoes).
10% from sugary plants (fruits).

3. Fat Chance
Main concept is fructose (sugar) is poison. Otherwise it says legumes/wheat/etc are ok while most other books say they are not. Makes case for hormone + environment management + genetics.

4. Wheat Belly
Wheat/gluten is poison and wrecks havoc on our body

5. Bulletproof Diet
Paleo diet made efficient. Ranks paleo foods according to toxicity levels.

6. Mastering Leptin
Talks about leptin hormone. Idk if I really absorbed the info, it was pretty meh.

7. Good Calories Bad Calories
A calorie is not a calorie. Calories in calories out model is broken.

8. Why We Get Fat
Same author as above, same topic.

9. It Starts w/ Food

10. Omega Zone
Makes case for low inflammation diet.

My main takeaway = high doses of high quality fish oil does wonders for brain, body & weight loss.

11. Body for life

Eat 6 meals/day, every 2-3hrs. Eat portion of protein + carb w/ each meal. Eat portion of veg w/ 2 meals. 10cups of water. Limit calories, bad fats. Exercise.

12. The Spark

Start a small habit & do it long enough so that it snowballs into large results.

13. The Belly Fat Cure

Sugar is poison. Max 5g sugar/meal. Total sugar 15g/day.
Too much carbs = bad. Total carbs 120g/day.

After reading all the paleo stuff, I dont resonate w/ this restrictive calorie counting way. But it does reaffirm that sugar is poison.

Honorary Mentions:
Haven’t read their books but have surfed their blogs:

14. The Paleo Solution

15. Mark’s Daily Apple
Paleo/primal way to eat

16. Nerdfitness
Paleo + motivation

17. Sugar The Bitter Truth
Sugar is poison. Soda is poison. And motivation.

18. Fat sick & nearly dead (documentary)
High doses of vegetables (juicing, shakes) helps body heal

19. Supersize me (doc)
Processed fast food is poison (burgers, fries)

20. Fathead (doc)
Fat is good. Carbs are bad. Kind of a rebuttal to supersize me.

Author lost weight eating mcdonalds meals. I dont recommend this but proves point again that carbs/sugars are really bad for us. When watching this doc, must realize our goal is not just to lose weight. It’s to feel great & vibrant & alive – which fast food will not let us do.

Spiritual Weight Loss Books:
1. Gabriel Method
Probably my favorite weight loss book. Combines spirituality with nutrition.

Main takeaways: high doses of fish oil, probiotics, digestive enzymes, water, coconut oil, vitality (eating super fresh) food.

Use meditation + positive emotions + turn off bodys natural fat programs.

Give body the nutrition it is lacking + take a spiritual journey & the rest should take care of itself.

2. Women Food & God
Weight gain/loss has to do a lot with how we feel about ourselves.

3. Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much
Being a highly sensitive person makes it harder to lose weight due to absorbing more emotions/information than others.

Main takeaway: sea salt baths help a lot. also use sea salt lamps, sea salt foot detox bricks. Also started using a green powder rec by colette.

4. A Course in Weight Loss
Haven’t diven too much into this but another option for you to cleanse the emotional/spiritual so that the physical follows by losing weight.

5. I Can Make You Thin

Hypnosis. Mind over matter. Eat when hungry. Eat what you want. Eat slowly. Enjoy bite. Stop when full. Use meditation cd.

Not sure if this works but main takeaway is mind is powerful.

6. Die Fat or Get Tough

It just talks about the different belief systems fat people have vs fit people. It uses negative reinforcement to scare you into losing weight. I don’t operate this way but maybe it will work for you.

Honorary Mentions:
Not books but other helpful spiritual tools.

7. Bashar (channel)
Law of attraction, switching to parallel reality of self that already is fit, etc.

Main takeaway: He mentions that to be in the right healing vibration, can listen to beethovens symphony 7, movement 2 – the first 3mins. Ideas, inspiration, healing etc will come to mind when listening to this.

8.. Abraham Hicks (channel)
Law of attraction. Using vibration/emotion/mind etc to align ourselves with the fit body we desire. The perfect version of our body already exists, we just have to allow it to happen.

Main takeaways: meditate, dont focus on the problem but rather the solution, journal a list of positive aspects to align with our vortex where fit body exists, be easy on self, trust intuition

1. Process Oriented:
From reading phil jackson, john wooden etc – winning championships is not goal oriented.

It’s process oriented. Do the small things (ie: putting on socks properly, practicing fully, meditating and focusing mind, being a good selfless teammate, understanding fundamentals) enough times and a championship will naturally happen.

Using that principle, weight loss is not about losing weight or checking the scales. It’s about doing the right things without worrying about losing weight. ie: proper nutrition, sleep, drink water, get sun, take supplements, blood tests etc rather than count calories & check the scales everyday.

2. Invert principle popularized by Charlie Munger
He makes a great case that most of lifes problems can be solved not by worrying about what to do, but what *not* to do.

Instead of how to lose weight, lets focus on how to *gain* weight. Then just not do those things:

a. eat a lot of sugary dessert: cakes, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, donuts
b. eat super large meals then sleep
c. eat a lot of calories (2 big macs, large fries, large soda, cookies as one meal)
d. drink a lot of calories (soda, milkshakes, etc)
e. sugar, hfcs, salty fatty chemically altered addictive food, processed food (mcdonalds, pizza, chips. whatever is in the middle aisles of the grocery)
f. berate self for being fat. so then you feel so bad that only thing that’ll make you feel better is to eat more junk fatty salty chemically food.
g. check scales everyday & become emotionally attached to results. so that one day of weight going up slightly will spiral into binge eating.
h. dont get enough uninterrupted deep sleep.
i. binge drink so that making the right eating choices become super hard (late night burritos)
j. dont eat vegetables. ever.
k. hang out with negative people so that their negative attitudes make you feel even worse & you turn to junk food for comfort
l. dont do fun things. ever.
m. frequent buffets frequently with other overweight folks
n. no exercise. no movement. sit as long as possible. better yet, lay down most of the time.
o. do not figure out ways to reduce stress. definitely do not meditate or do yoga or go to a therapist to solve your mental issues.
p. never take supplements. tell everyone & yourself you’d rather do it the *natural* way.
q. do not read any books or study weight loss. just do whatever you feel like doing to lose weight. definitely try to lose weight by lowering calories as little as possible & starve the body. this must work somehow. i know it will.
r. dont refill your motivation tank when feeling off. dont watch motivational fat loss movies (fat sick & nearly dead, supersize me, etc). watch a lot of news, sitcoms & definitely watch every commercial that comes on.
s. and lastly, do not listen to advice given by super fat people who’ve managed to lose weight & become fit. argue with them about theories you’ve picked up on the internet.

I hope something in here sparks some insight for you. I also hope my subconscious has figured something out as well! There is no quitting. I will keep trying until.

And that’s the bottom line…

: )

Nancy June 6, 2013 at 7:01 pm

I enjoy checking in on your blog now and then. Very helpful info about weight loss. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Deepak Nair June 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm

thx for the encouragement! def trying every key to unlock this weight loss door, will share asap when i fig it out

Nancy June 10, 2013 at 5:14 pm

How much do you feel like the high dose fish oil has helped? I just started with that about four days ago after learning about Dr. Sears.

Deepak Nair June 10, 2013 at 11:36 pm

w/ weight loss, hasn’t helped.

w/ bloodwork, seems to help cholesterol go down noticeably. my c is still super high but downward trend.

w/ mind/mood = awesome. im naturally moody & prone to feeling down a lot. the high dose of fish oil, i compare it to turning on stadium lights in the brain. i become happier, lightning quick thoughts, etc.

any tips on what’s working for you?

Nancy Davis Schimelpfening June 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm

So far no real success. I’m kind of on the same journey that you are, I think. I keep having the feeling that Jon Gabriel found the answer, but I’m having a hard time deciphering what really made it work for him without dieting. Have you seen the study regarding fish oil plus exercise causing weight loss where fish oil alone and exercise alone didn’t? I’m testing out that combo right now. I’ll try to remember to post back and let you know how it goes. I’m basically doing interval training/HIIT type running for exercise. These two elements match up with some of what Jon Gabriel did.