[audio] #29 Spongebob Happiness & Bullying a Bully

April 6, 2013


Sup dude. Hope you’re doing well man. Let me share a couple of stories here.

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1) What we can learn from Spongebob Squarepants regarding happiness

2) Some of the techniques I’ve used to be happy: including meditation, journaling & even writing a letter then burning it

3) How I let go of one anger by apologizing to a friend, spur of the moment, via email

4) How I let go of anger towards another friend who was always a bully to me and everyone else, by bullying him. Well, I texted him to let him know I was gonna trash him. He said that’s fine. Then I demolished him by posting all the shitty things he does on our fantasy baseball league, for all our mutual friends to see.

5) I explain the reasons I did this:

a) to release anger

b) to treat my inner self by letting it stand up for itself after years of holding my tongue. We dont have to be perfect & fully evolved every moment of life. We can work up to that even if it means lashing back at someone who has hurt your feelings by being a bully for years.

c) burning bridges to failure so that the only path left for us is success

I talk about this and more today. Thanks for listening. I’ve been meaning to record this podcast (re spongebob) for weeks now but felt a lot of resistance. I’m glad to have finally broken thru that to record this & put it up for you asap.

Remember: You’re a fucking champion. I’m a fucking champion. The all is one. The one is all. The heros journey continues. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself. And that’s the bottom line….

Ps: I believe everything I’m saying can be summed up with one song. So you can either listen to my 1.5hr podcast or just play this song for 1.5hr straight on loop

Pps: Let’s observe a moment of silence….
#RIP to my former douchey bully asian friend