LOA: What To Do If I Don’t Get All The Green Lights & Perfect Songs?

March 11, 2013


I had a really synchronous amazing wonderful awesome day yesterday. Everything worked out for me.

And I met w/ a new friend and we discussed law of attraction over some hot tea.

My drive was filled w/ amazing synchronicity. Perfect traffic. Easy drive. All lights seemed green for the 45min ride. It was raining. The first rain here in Chicago, signaling the end of winter & start of spring. The roads were super foggy. Like thick clouds. Most of the snow had melted away. The birds were back in town, chirping away. Temperature felt like 50s (really it was around 35deg).

The classic rock radio station played all my favorites, song after song. Sunshine of your love. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Led zeppelin. So many. Literally in a row. I could not believe how awesome the moment was.

I’ve been working on this moment deliberately. I purposely practice getting into the vortex, as abraham hicks would say. I purposely journal lists of positive things i can appreciate, almost daily. I meditate. And more.

So this was a planned event. It was a culmination of weeks/months/years of deliberate work. And it was one of the most beautiful peaceful electric happy moments in my life. Lasted 45 mins! I was hooting and hollering in the car as a new song played that was absolutely perfect.

As I told my new friend how awesome my drive there was, she asked a really great question.

Q: Yes, but what do I do if I don’t get all the green lights & perfect songs playing on the radio?

It took me 24hrs and a lot of thinking to come up w/ an answer. And here’s what I wrote her, which I’ll share with you. And my response is 100% taken from abraham hicks law of attraction teachings I’ve learned over the past 5 years. I finally get it.


you asked a really good question yesterday that i finally figured out the answer. had to think about it for a while, then relisten to some abehicks.

wanted to share w/ you:

q: what do i do if i’m not getting all the green lights while driving & the perfect songs aren’t playing?

a: there was a time when i noticed zero good things around me.
nowadays, i practice looking for things to appreciate, no matter how small they are.

if i cant find anything specific in my life to appreciate, i go general:
thank you earth for spinning. thank you plants for giving us food & oxygen, etc.

this gets the ball rolling & eventually that leads to me noticing even more cool things that are specific to me.

1. oh look, the perfect songs that i love are playing on the radio. how wonderful.
2. oh wow, im driving and getting every green light, how beautiful.
3. oh look, route 59 is a scenic route & takes me directly & easily to caribou coffee, best ever.
4. oh look, it’s raining, this reminds me that spring is on its way, greatest day of my life.
5. oh whoops, she’s at a different caribou, no worries, i get to drive more & enjoy more of the rain & the songs & the green lights.
6. oh wow, she was actually at the original place. how funny of the universe to give me this lighthearted story i’ll always remember.
no sweat, i can drive back, enjoy even more of the cool songs and the rain & i already know where that caribou is, so i’ll get there easily.

the same scenario couldve happened 1yr ago & all i would have seen was:
damn, i gotta get in the shower & get dressed? ugh. oh wow, it’s cloudy foggy & rainy, what if i get lost? or car slips?

ugh, i have to find this caribou, i dont even know where it is and dont have a gps, i’ll prob get lost.

so the question isn’t what if im not getting the green lights. the question is, what is something that’s amazing happening right now that im not even seeing? bc the more i see & appreciate those, more of those types of things are attracted to me like a magnet.

hope that made sense?


photo source: @Doug88888