How God Decides Which Sports Team Should Win

February 14, 2013

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I was born in Libya.

Yes, that Libya.

My parents had gone there because back in the late 70s, early 80s, there was a shortage of nurses there and it was easy to go from India to Libya to work.

Libya was & is a super conservative islamic country. I lived there til 5yrs old, at which point we moved back to India so that I could go to a proper school.

Libyan schools were just Islamic schools.

In India, I lived in the southwest most state Kerala.

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Besides being super tropical & beautiful, it is also one of the most literate places. Quite an achievement for a state in India.

I was raised Hindu. Went to temple with parents. A lot of towns are based on temples and certain gods.

Famous Vaikom Shiva Temple (Photo Source)

ie: The town called Vaikom is based around the famous Siva temple. It’s really large & a really serene place. It’s massive. Huge walled yard of sand. A lot of elephants. Multiple buildings. One main building. You can’t go into the main hall unless you take off your shirt (for males). I wish it were true for women also! ;)


Anyways, at a young age I didn’t understand why we believed in god. It didn’t make sense.

I would ask parents questions. I would ask priests questions. No one quite had answers to why the world was the way it was yet still believe in god, gods in the hindu case.

I really disliked taking off the shirt bit. Then you walk inside and there are alters & loud bells & priests & stuff.

Everyone is super nice. It’s a peaceful serene beautiful place.

But why believe in god?

Kerala is also very diverse. At that young age, it seemed like 1/3 were hindu, 1/3 were christian & 1/3 were muslims.

I don’t know if that’s actually true but we ran into a diverse group of people there.

This is also quite an achievement considering the original name of India, in our language, is Hindustan. Meaning, the land of hindus.

Anyways, I was lucky that my parents always sent me to English schools. I wasn’t taught too much religious dogma.

At age 10, I moved to America.

America is interesting. It is at the same time the most liberal & conservative place ever.

America’s never had a female president (even India has). There is a strong religious right. Nudity is banned on regular tv, yet cleavage is plentiful. We don’t see real dead bodies on tv. Tune in to an Indian news channel and you’ll see dead bodies all the time. Of famous & regular folks. Of funerals. Of murder scenes.

But America is also super free. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to start your own business. No shakedowns or bribes like 2nd/3rd world countries. Most things are on the up & up here. Trust me.

America seems super religious yet not that spiritual. Presidents have to say things like “God Bless America” during every speech or is heavily criticized.

The right constantly believes there is a war on Christmas every year, even though it’s the most celebrated, profitable & lavish religious holiday in the history of mankind.

Down south, people are proud to say they go to church. People argue that we must save the sanctity of marriage, because god said so.


Even though this is a pretty religious country, we mock athletes (or actors/musicians/anyone) for thanking god for helping them win the big game.

Why & how does god decide who should win the big game?

Seems like a bulletproof argument against religion right?

Why would god care about sports? Even if he (he is a he, right?) did care, how can he pick one team vs another? Aren’t we all his children?

And which god is it exactly that decides our fate? Jesus? His dad?

Ok you get it.

Anyways, I was always kind of an atheist. Still am.

I asked a lot of questions. I was never a militant atheist like some others I know. But nothing made sense.

I’m going to tackle this all important paradox of our lifetime with all that I’ve learned thru my reading & living.

Let me combine psychedelics, meditation, float tanks, buddhism, hinduism, new age spirituality, law of attraction, channeling, etc into one big pot.

Humor me.

I think religion is trying to explain the rules of the game. The game of reality.

Actually we all are. Scientists. Spiritualists. Everyone is trying to figure out what is really happening.

Science is great because it explains the details of what’s happening. Evolution. How old the universe is. Gravity. Galaxies. Microorganisms. Speed of light. etc.

Spirituality is trying to figure out why all of this exists. That’s just much harder to prove.

Unless you’ve been there. THERE.

A few of us get glimpses of that. During a heavy psychedelic mushroom trip. Or ayahuasca. Or even meditation. Or during 1 out of 12 or so float sessions. Or the flow state while you’re lost in enjoying the moment.

What is religion really try to say?

This is what I think.

Let’s pretend we’re playing Sims. The video game.

I’m sitting on my couch playing Sims on my computer. I have an avatar. He has a house. And whatever else he does in the game (I’ve never played the game but I assume you just do stuff!).

And there are 10000s of other characters in the game. Let’s say there are billions.

And what if one of the characters gained consciousness. And started asking questions.

What if they all became conscious.

Some decided to figure out what’s happening.

One group created a ruleset to figure out how things work. How to get repeatable results. Scientist sim avatars.

They notice that sometimes a tree just pops up. In reality, it was me just clicking a button to plant a tree somewhere.

But if you were in the game, I’m sure you could figure out the physics of the tree popping up. They would never figure out there was a guy clicking his mouse while sitting naked on his couch.

But there are some characteristics they would notice.

Sims, the game, is based on a ruleset, is my point. It’s all 0’s & 1’s.

The conscious characters who figured out some of the rules would live a better “life” than the ones who didn’t know the rules.

You get what I’m saying. Right?

Anyways, I think our reality, the one where you’re reading my words right now, has rules.

Not just speed of light and gravity and stuff.

But things like belief systems, faith, intention, free will, etc.

It doesn’t take faith to work in the science field. Either something works or doesn’t. Experiments have rules. You don’t have to believe gravity exists. You can prove it.

That’s why scientists mistakenly think everything can be proved that way. And they poo poo belief, faith, intention, meditation etc. Meditation was mocked for the longest time. Today, they’ve figured out there are benefits to it.


Using the spiritual ruleset, I will say that God doesn’t care who wins the big game.

God created all his children in his image. We are god force. The analogy is the electricity and the toaster (thanks abraham hicks).

We’re the electricity.

We are all one (you can see/feel that thru psychedelic sessions).

To achieve a major endeavor (acting, writing, sports, starting a biz, etc), it takes faith.

Because if you just used science, you would never get into sports. The odds are stacked against you even making it to the pros. Let alone winning the big game.

The scientific route (when you’re young) would be to pick the profession that has the best success rate. You would never do sports.

But you know different. There is a thing called passion. And love of the game. You don’t care about the statistics of failure if your heart is into it.

So you practice & practice & fail & fail & succeed & fail, etc.

All thru that journey, the only thing that’s keeping you going is your faith & belief that somehow you will make it.

Just listen to some of the hall of fame speeches of the greats.

Whoever believes the most can change his reality to win. It’s certainly not easy. It takes years of practice & honing.

Just read Michael Jordan’s many autobiographical books to get an idea. Or Phil Jackson.

Or listen to Steve Job’s speeches to get a business perspective.

Anyone in the creative arts who has beaten all the odds will have a similar speech. Science doesn’t understand that because they’ve never taken that type of risk.

Science is a safe route, when it comes to life. Either something can be proven or not. There is no risk. A lot of science jobs are guaranteed by government funds. Or they’ll be funded by corporations. Again, that’s guaranteed. There’s no risk.

Starting a small Indian restaurant in a hyper competitive environment because it’s been your lifelong dream is a whole another experience.

Especially when you have no money, risk your life savings, work day and night, and have to hear all the naysayers (family, friends, strangers) telling you what a big mistake it is to get into the restaurant biz. How 99% of restaurants fail. Etc.

So when an athlete thanks god, he is just saying thanks to the life force (he may not know it) for letting him succeed. For most of his life, the only person that believed in him was himself. And during the moments he didn’t believe in himself, he dreamed that God believed in him.

Faith is a powerful life force. Belief is a powerful life force.

No great war can be won without faith & belief. You cannot be a leader using just scientific facts to motivate your team. It cannot be done at an elite level.

You have to believe.

And it is my hypothesis (from reading tons of books) that whoever believes the most wins.

That’s all.

That’s why an athlete thanks god for his victory. For blessing him with natural talents. For blessing him with the courage to follow his heart in a sea of doubt & confusion.

You get what I’m saying?

You don’t have to believe what I’m saying.

I’m just saying that seems to be one of the rules in our real life simulation we call life – the pattern I figured out by studying some of the elites.

So if you’re in a creative endeavor with all the odds stacked against you, believe in yourself and believe in god/gods/spirit/angels/life force/whatever.

If you’re taking the safe route, then don’t.

Ps: The lyrics speak for the dude’s hero’s journey. How he believed in himself & can’t believe his dreams/imaginations came true.

On those Saturdays when kids go out and play,
Yo, I was up in my room, I let the stereo blaze.
Wasn’t faded, not jaded, just a kid
With a pad and a pen and a big imagination.
All this, I seek, I find,
I push the envelope to the line.
Make it, break it, take it
Until I’m overrated!

I can see it in my mind,
I can see it in their eyes,
It’s close enough to touch it now,
But far away enough to die!

What the hell is wrong with me?
My mom and dad weren’t perfect,
But still you don’t hear no cryin’ ass bitchin’ from me,
Like there seems to be on everybody’s CD.
So just sit back and relax
And let me have your head for a minute,
I can show you something in it that has yet to be presented!
Oh yeah!

Why have I clouded up my mind,
Why’s my mother always right?
And will I make it ’till the end,
Or will I crawl away and die?

It’s all inside of me, it’s all inside of me,
It’s all inside of me, it’s all inside of my head!
It’s all inside of me, it’s coming over me,
It’s all inside of me, it’s all inside my head!