[audio] How I finally turned pro & realized I’m no longer the younger generation

February 9, 2013

Ok, I started writing this article & decided that it’d be just more fun & easier to record an audio podcast.

So you can listen to the audio or get a preview of what I was trying to say in the first draft below.

This is the story of my inner game battles. Today’s challengers: two amateur youngun (black dude + latina chick) workers at chipotle & 1 super pro older asian waitress @ sushi joint.

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Just a behind the scenes of how I write a post. Usually I’d write whatever I could. Then reread it a bunch of times to fix grammatical/spelling mistakes. Maybe move paragraphs around (rare). Then post. But the editing process takes a long time and that’s not as fun.

The process is the fun part.

First Draft Below:

Let me tell you 3 stories.

I am no longer the youngest person at any given place. That takes some getting used to. There was a time that no matter where I went, worked, etc, I was always the youngest. I never hung out with people younger than me.

Middle school. High school. College. Post college. I was always around people in my age group +/- 3yrs.

So now when I go places, I have to concsciously realize I am grown up & possibly more mature than the people I’m interacting with.

This will make sense in a second….

1. Black dude working at chipotle

I go to chipotle quite frequently since their food complies best with my paleo lifestyle. Salad w/ meat + guac (paleo). Organic. Hormone free meat.

There’s a big black dude who works there. Like a football type thickness. Not judging, just describing him so you can get a picture in your mind. A little shorter than me but thicker.

As soon as I walk in the door, I can sense his discomfort. And his emotions. His emotions are all over the place even though he does not realize this.

The first few times I ran into him, I thought he was a cool footballer type kid. I had forgotten I’m a grown ass dude. I treated him like I was a nerd in high school & he was the jock. In my mind.

Once I realized that he’s still probably in highschool or college and that I’m decades out of both, it was a big shift in my reality.

He kinda huffs and puffs when he takes orders. Not because he’s a mean or bad guy. His mind is eratic. I can truly sniff it. It’s palpable in the air. He has a lot of thoughts running thru his mind and he’s uncomfortable working.

He grits his teeth when he asks you how you’re doing. He huffs when he has to make you your salad bowl. He grits his teeth again when he asks you what kind of sauce you want.

And after he makes the salad bowl, he kinda whips it at the cashier. Unintentionally.

He doesn’t realize all of this. He means well. But he’s just a young male on his young journey in life.

I was that exact same person, probably worse. I didn’t realize that everyone else can see thru my emotions, even if I tried my best in hiding it.

My last interaction with him was memorable. I walked in late one evening. I saw/sensed him from far away. There was a line, so I waited patiently.

As he was taking my order, he has a way of just bullying you. It’s hard to say exactly how. You have to kinda be there. But he uses his size as a bullying tactic. Super subtle. I used to do the same back in the day.

Most people just comply and meekly get their order.

2. Latina chick working at chipotle

3. Asian chick working at chipotle

4. Asian waitress at sushi place