Give Manti Teo a Break You Fucks + I Went Thru Exact Situation

January 24, 2013

I know you.

I really do.

You are a sack full of water, going from one place to another.

You are a life full of constant nonstop thoughts.

You are also a liar. You lie to yourself. You lie to others. You lie purposely. You lie subconsciously.

That’s just how it is.

We all lie.

I know recently the public is skewering two liars. One Lance Armstrong & other Manti Teo.

Not all liars are the same. We need to have a filter to judge them. Actually, we don’t need to judge them at all. He who is without sin cast the first stone.

But there are varying degrees of lies.

At one end is probably people like Bernie Madoff, who ruined multiple lives. That’s one extreme.

Lance Armstrong is no Madoff but he did harm others. Team members & whistleblowers. He made it seem like he’s a world beater & this superhuman cancer surviving multichampion when he was one of the biggest & best cheaters of all time.

Then there’s Manti Teo, who told white lies that he had a gf & that she passed away – when it turned out he had never actually met this girl. He was conned.

That’s a white lie. He didn’t harm anyone. He’s a sports superstar & young & in a macho sport. He’s also male. Males aren’t supposed to show weakness. Especially not our football heroes.

But who the hell cares if he lied about that? Who cares? Did he take steroids? Did he swindle 1000s of trusting souls out of their retirement money? Did he kill babies?

The ones who are trashing him severely are probably the biggest hypocrites & liars.

How do I know? That’s just how nature seems to have made us. We lie to ourselves & others. But when we see others lie, the ones who themselves are liars tend to get all worked up. How dare he lie? I would never lie. I’m a saint. As a matter of fact, I’ve never lied even once in my life. Since the day my dad’s sperm smashed into my mother’s egg.

Anyways, you get it.

We all lie. There are lies that hurt others. There are lies that protect our ego. There are lies of omission & lies of commission.

I can relate to Teo. I don’t know much or anything about him at all. But I bet he’s naive. And goodhearted. And trusting. And means well. Maybe his parents sheltered him from the outside world too much. That happens from well-meaning parents wanting to save their kids from the wolves out there.

He’s probably religious. At least his parents probably are.

I don’t really know but that’s just how things seem to work out.

And he’s a superstar. Which means he works hard. Football is not for the faint of heart. It’s the manliest of sports (other than maybe mma).

And of course, the last piece of the puzzle. Women.

Throughout the history of mankind, the biggest weakness of men seem to be women.

Samson & Delilah.

Only a fucking chick could get a powerful warrior to admit his one weakness. Then a fuckin cunt of a conniving chick to use that weakness against him, after spending years playing with his emotions, gaining his trust.

Only a dirty wolf cunt in sheep’s clothing would sell out her husband to his enemies by cutting his hair.

Did this story really happen? Probably not. But it’s a metaphor for life. It’s a life lesson for anyone out there who will listen.

It doesn’t matter how powerful of man you are, you will be humbled by a pretty young thing. If you let her.

Even Hitler had a woman who controlled him.

Time after time, this happens to the most powerful men. A sexy voice. A cute smile. A tight bodied pretty faced chick will force a man to do silly things. No man is immune.

Ok where are we so far. All of us lie. Some for evil and others to just protect their own ego. The ones who judge others the harshest tend to be the biggest hypocrites. And the one weakness all men share is a guiling woman.

So the same shit that happened to Teo happened to me. The only difference is that I wasn’t a badass football star.

In college, one of my best buddies was into AOL pimping. That was when you just search profiles of girls in your college or city and just send them an im. Start a convo. Eventually you meet & do the thang you wanna do.

That’s the plan anyways.

And he taught me that. It was, in retrospect, my first attempt at approaching (pua terminology). This was just easier since it was virtual. Less risk.

And there were tons of girls, so you could start an im with a handful of girls at the same time.

And most of them replied back. And they would continue to talk to you day after day. Some of them would even tell you to call them.

This was like a new world to me. I had no idea this was possible. To start a convo with a 100% stranger, a girl at that, and have them beg you to call them. And many want to meet in person.


So we passed a lot of free time doing this. This was back in the late 90s, early 2000s – so broadband and T1 lines were new to college dorms. Everyone was online downloading as many mp3s as possible from Napster and chatting with everyone they could on AIM.

There were a lot of girls who imed me and it was fun to talk to girls. This was like a foreign species to me.

Anyways, my best friend would talk to this chick whenever he was drunk. We’d be sitting around in his room and this sassy chick would give him shit. And sometimes she would call him on the phone and chat with him.

I could overhear his convo. She was telling him about speaking proper english, proper grammar, poetry and all that shit while he was super blind drunk. I was super drunk as well and this was super amusing.

Some strange chick was willing to talk on the phone and put up with this?

So one day I decided to im her from my account. I was just too curious. I’ve never heard of a creature like this. No other girl I chatted with online was even remotely this smart sounding.

Anyways, I chatted her online. And she was super bitchy. Just like an emo tattooed rocker chick personality. Just bitchy, sarcastic, sassy, witty, smart, using big words, proper grammar & punctuation.

I was hooked.

But I was just a bunny rabbit back then. I had no idea about girls. I had been living a super sheltered life until going away to college. And I mean super super super sheltered. Over controlling indian parents.

I could never leave the house, even on weekends. I couldn’t even go outside across the street unless I had permission. Never dated in high school. That wasn’t even remotely a possibility in my world.

I had just come to the US in middle school and still S L O W L Y adapting to american life. And it was that much harder to adapt without the internet + social life + overbearing/controlling (well-meaning) indian parents.

Anyways, I was a bunny rabbit is my point. Innocent. Gullible. Naive. Eager. Thinking the world is full of baby carrots & cotton candy.

This chick was like a jedi master.

I thought I was smart. This chick dominated me in every chat, every convo, every topic.

She would push my emotional buttons and laugh whenever I got riled up. She would tell me about poetry. About the true meaning of song lyrics. Introduce me to bands I had no idea existed. She would write poetry and share them with me. She would send me song lyrics thru chat. All day. She would send me new cool rock music mp3s thru aim.

It was intense.

She even tricked me into calling her. I probably didn’t get the hint that she wanted to talk to me on the phone (I was dense).

So one day, she kept riding me on chat about how I probably have a huge indian accent. There’s one thing I prided myself on was to adapt to american customs as fast as possible. I did not have an indian accent. And I was proud of that.

So of course I defended myself as she kept riding me.

Then she said, prove it and just imed me her phone number.

I was so riled up and huffing and puffing and ready to destroy her that I called her without even thinking.

The phone convo lasted for a while and she laughed out loud and teased me saying she tricked me into calling her.

My first experience in chick tricks. Ohhhh, girls are tricky, eh? They don’t just say “here’s my number, please call me.” I guess that’s too forward. So they play games to get what they want. Super subtly. And it’s easy to get men to do whatever they want, as long as you push the right buttons. The strongest of buttons is probably the ego one. Insult a man’s ego and he will do anything to defend it.

Anyways, talking to her became a regular thing. After class, everyone was online anyways. AIM was always on for everyone in college. There were away messages and people would IM you while you were gone.

And of course emailing was new too.

Long story short, I talked to this chick on & off for 7-8 yrs. In the beginning it was nonstop. It was just too addicting.

I just wanted to win at first. She beat me at every argument, easily. And effortlessly. She didn’t break a sweat and I was huffing and puffing and trying my hardest to win.

Then she opened my world up to infinitely cool things that I had no idea existed.

And she was sexy, hot sounding, playful and feisty. If you get my drift. She taught me about clits, vibrators, “playing”, and tons of other stuff.

So I’m a big fan of sherlock holmes. And mysteries. I tried my best to crack her code but she was just that much better at arguing.

From the beginning I asked her for photos. She always had the best convincing answers to why she would not send me photos at that time.

So I asked her if she was super fat & ugly. I expected this to bust her finally & that she would get upset.

This actually had no affect on her. Zero. She was laughing and asked me if I ever heard her huffing and puffing while she walked around the house talking to me. That never happened. Good point.

She’d be running up and down the stairs and never out of breath. Never heard her eating hoagies & chips & cookies and shit. Never heard any food noise at all.

So I asked her if she’s in a wheel chair. Well the answer to that’s obvious since I heard her walking all the time.

Is she married? Is she ugly? Does she have kids?

When you’re a naive bunny rabbit, you assume everyone else is also. You assume that everyone is just like you, honest & truthful.

I wasn’t good at picking up liar cues back then.

So I would just plain out ask someone if they’re lying. If they say no, I’d stare at them for a while to see if they flinch. Then would just assume they’re telling the truth. What’s the point of lying anyways?

So I just plain asked this chick multiple times why she wouldn’t send me pics or meet.

She had flawless answers each time.

Then one day I had enough and said I’m not talking to her if I don’t get to see what she looks like. So she sent me a set of photos. It did not look like it came from a magazine or a website. It was a set of photos of a pretty skinny tall blonde w/ long hair.

It wasn’t super close up but kinda far away, but I could still make out what she looked like. If that makes sense.

Ok, one issue solved. I asked for clearer closeups and she would just get pissed.

But all of that was irrelevant to me because up until that point in my life, I had never met anyone as quick, clever, deep or smart as this chick. And I mean super smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if her IQ was at genius levels. Razor sharp and super knowledgable about the world.

Well-read also.

It was intense.

Anyways, we talked forever. Super long amounts of time. I spent probably $1000s on phone bills. Back then, calling out of your city was considered long distance. There were no nationwide cell plans or even skype. Chatting on the computer thru mics were very spotty and delayed.

The novelty of talking to her would wear off. I also was embarrassed to tell people that I had never met her. Here I am consumed by this chick but no one would understand why I have not met her.

So I either lied (often) or just avoided the topic all together (common).

But here’s the thing. This chick had talked to my best friend & his other friends from back home. A lot of dudes were talking to this chick and no one had met her. I know for a fact that many dudes talked to her. At least in the beginning.

Towards the end, we talked so much that there just wasn’t enough time for her to talk to other dudes. I was 100% intensely addicted to this chick. Better than alcohol, late night burritos, caffeine, junk food, and obviously way better than going to class.

I wanted to meet her. But she refused each time. Saying I was not ready to meet someone as advanced as her. That I would get hooked. Etc. Those were excuses of course but also true sounding. She was way more advanced than me. A lot of wolves tell excuses that are based in truth so that the bunny rabbit has to believe it. That’s the art of a good lie.

Anyways, I’m not sure what she really gained from the “relationship.” I never sent her any money. She never asked for it. She even paid for some of my phone bill by sending me calling cards. We talked a lot. I mean a lot. And you don’t talk to someone for that many years unless you like them at some level.

She baked me cookies & mailed them to me. She would send me these poetic handwritten cards. Lyrics. Give me pep talks when I was down. Taught me tons of shit. It was like being Neo in the Matrix and getting advanced martial arts training.

This chick played the role of my yoda during that time. I learned so much about being playful, seduction and the feminine energy. She was dominant yet very feminine.

Eventually I got bored and tired of the antics. Eventually means like fucking 7 years of this roller coaster. I’m a slow learner.

But eventually I got xray vision and started seeing thru her tricks. Her usual seduction antics stopped working on me.

And most of the time, the chats were viciously hateful towards her. And vice versa. We would destroy each other with nukes. Personal nukes.

Long story short, I was super surprised to learn that this same shit can happen to even macho superstar football guys.

I thought I was a “sucker” for the longest time until last year I realized it was a super blessing. I got advanced training. She played the role of teacher. She transformed me from a bunny rabbit to a jedi in training.

I’m a fucking champ these days. Believe me. The champ of self confidence, charm, self esteem and being present. I’m hyper in charge of myself, my mind, my reality, my sexuality, my surroundings, etc. Every single thing I do these days is only things I want to do. And I mean that.

I live where I want. I quit my kushy job. I sleep when I want. I eat what I want. I blog about what I want. I wear what I want. I buy what I want. I live a simple yet elegant life. And I have jedi vision. I can see thru bullshit much easier. I can break down patterns in reality. I’ve learned psychology (introduced to me by her). I appreciate lyrics and have a broad base of music interests.

All this shit, I learned from this chick I never met.

I could have met her. She gave me this address to mail her shit. Cards and other mushy stuff. You know how we are w/ chicks we fall for. Don’t judge me you mushy bastard!

She told me that address was her friends and to never visit there because her friends crazy and will call cops or something.

But I knew better. I knew this was her address. But I never visited because I’m not that guy. I don’t go where I’m not invited. I have an ego. I’m not desperate.

I thought about it. But she lived about 2 hrs away. Not that big of a drive to finally put the mystery to rest.

But there was no way in hell I’m going to be that big of a pussbag that I go driving 2hrs to go to a house uninvited to see a chick who does not want to meet.

So I respected that.

Anyways, let me finish off with some truths.

One benefit of being a trusting truth-telling soul is that others will openly admit their burdens to you.

This happens to me all the time. I don’t judge. I don’t even care or ask. I just tell my truth to everyone I meet. And for some reason, they share their most intimate secrets with me.

One friend I knew was dealing with a tough breakup, ended up being super depressed and going to a massage parlor. Yea, one of those massage parlors. Gave the chick $800, but all he ended up doing was jerking off in the corner. She didn’t even let him touch her. Ouch.

I know a dude who cheated on his wife of two kids, with another chick who had multiple kids. Divorce city.

I dated a chick who was super pretty and outgoing. And a good soul. I really have the fondest memories of her. But she used to cut herself. Deep deep gashes on her thighs. Holy shit. One time we had a small argument, then the next time I saw her thighs, there was the deepest longest gash on there.

I know dudes who of course are addicted to strip clubs and spend $1000+ in one night.

I know dudes who cheat on their girlfriends. One dude has a rule that he will cheat on every girlfriend. Just in case she cheats on him later, he can tell her that he cheated first.

I know a dude who is addicted to sex. He gets black out drunk every time he drinks (can’t control it) and will bang chicks. Even though he had a girl friend. Even though he had a fiance. And probably now that he’s married, he still does it. He confessed to me one drunken night that this was his addiction. He could not control his drinking or sexual urges.

I know a dude who’s gotten multiple dui’s. And over 15 car accidents, mostly from drunk driving. Yes, OVER 15 car accidents. And he admitted to me that he’s been sued tons. He owes more than $150K in legal damages.

I know dudes who try to steal their best friend’s girlfriends.

I know a lady who pees her pants while driving. And proudly tells everyone that she does this. Not quite sure why, but instead of pulling over and going to a restroom, she’ll just freely pee in her car.

I know a family whose kid brought a gun to school because she was being bullied. She took her dad’s locked gun to school. Good thing nothing bad happened.

I know a family where the sister in law mysteriously died. Foul play?

I know conservative muslims who sneak around and date. I know conservative muslims who drink or eat non-halal meat when no one’s around.

The list goes on and on.

Everyone lies. You probably know deep dark secrets about your family and friends that far outdo the ones I’m writing here.

That’s the point. Who gives a fuck? Give this Teo kid a break. Stop judging you fuck.

I fell for the same shit. And at least for me, I love chicks who are super smart. Looks are important but my weakness is a savvy smart chick. One that can dominate me in conversation. And those types of chicks are a rare breed.

The only difference now is that this cute little bunny rabbit has transformed into a fucking jedi. I’m better armed to deal with smart savvy chicks.

But I’m also wise enough to appreciate feminine energy & honor it – knowing full well they can dominate males any time they wish.

All of this I would have never learned had I not gone thru that exciting, turbulent & often depressing training w/ that chick. Thank you, whoever & wherever you are, you sexy thang you.

So I now approach females with the utmost respect & honor. Let’s just have fun, ladies. No need to destroy this jedi.