The Thing About Psychics, Tarot Cards & Metaphysical Stuff

January 23, 2013

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Hope you’re having a good day/week/month/year so far.

This is the best time to be alive in the history of time. We’re at the leading edge of technology, thought, innovation, health, peace, prosperity & more.

Where I’m at today: The new me

It’s 4:11am here in Chicago.

Wed morning.

It’s still dark & most of the city is still slumbering. It’s my favorite time to be awake & creativity just gushes like a fire hydrant.

I woke up about half hr ago from very nice deep sleep. Finally!

I’ve been trying to efficiently hack my sleep for about a year now. It started with buying every kind of pillow I could get my hands on. Still terrible sleep. Then got an eye mask & ear plugs to drown out lights & sounds. Still not there.

Then a new mattress. Then more new pillows. Finally a memory foam mattress topper I got two nights ago did the trick.

First thing I did after waking was use my keurig to pour some hot boiling water into a big bowl, put a dab of vicks vaporub into it, & steam my face. That’s really all I use my keurig for these days, as a hot water dispenser to make my bulletproof coffee or face steaming.

Steamed my face w/ a towel around my face for about 20 mins.

I felt my sinuses tightening up after exposure to 0 degree temps the past couple days. If you’ve never tried this, you won’t believe how great this feels for your lungs & your mind.

Then I turned on my laptop to use the emwave meditation software for 10mins & made myself some green tea & honey ginseng tea. And refilled my 1qt bottle with filtered room temperature water. I was in high coherence easily this morning. 77% green & 91% blue + green.

That’s really good. It had been really tough for me to get good coherence the past few days. Some days are better than others it seems. The ebb & flow of life.

The only reason it wasn’t higher is because a new michael jordan poster I had taped on my wall fell to the floor, startling me.

It was funny.

I didn’t panic. Used that as a good exercise to train myself to get back into calmness.

Also wanted to mention that I have a humidifier running at full blast 24hrs a day by my bed. I also have a digital humidifier/temp reader near my bed. No matter how much I blast my humidifier, this past week the scale doesn’t tip more than 31% humidity.

Shows just how dry the air is here in the winter.

I have an air purifier w/ ionizer running in the other side of the room. It wasn’t that expensive, around $59 on amazon.

Technology & gadgets are super amazing. And super affordable. And so easy to shop online. And so easy to look at reviews to easily make a quick decision. And free shipping & boxes magically come to me in a day or two.

Life doesn’t get any better than this.

How I got here: The old me + psychics

What does this have to do with psychics?

A lot, I think.

I don’t quite know how all of this will tie in. I don’t have a plan as I write these words down. I’m just typing and discovering what I’m writing the same time as you. It’s just flowing out. And this is fun.

I got into psychics & the future in high school I think. I discovered that in our hindu culture, it was common to have like a priest write your destiny/future plan when you’re born. Based on the time you’re born and planetary alignment and whatever else.

Once I found out about that, I got super excited. I kept wanting to have it read by my parents. Does it say if I”ll be rich? Will I be happy & successful? Will I make it? So on.

I always wanted to be rich. I always knew I’d be rich. But I never had any reason to believe so other than a deep desire & deep knowing.

PS: I’m not a millionaire today. Not even close. A thousandaire, sure. I would like to be a multimillionaire, even a multibillionaire but money doesn’t really matter that much. I just want freedom to whatever I want to do. Which is not much. Just read whatever I want. Sleep whenever I want. Live wherever I want. Eat whatever I want. Never stress about money. I just want freedom, like Charlie Munger says.

So the pyschic bug bit me around high school.

In college, I had the most fun time ever in terms of social circle & personality growth but had the toughest time ever going to class & passing.

I was evolving & breaking out of my shell but not really accomplishing what most people would consider the goal of college: getting good grades so I can get a good job.

Anyways, since I rarely went to class, I was always stressed. Somehow I passed my classes (good thing I was an econ + finance major: which came to me naturally). Plus business teachers are pretty lax, it’s not like science or engineering.

This is when I started going to psychics & tarot card readers a lot. To see if I would graduate college. Because there was like slim to none chance that I would. I was terrified of going to class, especially the small discussion groups. Just so happened most of my required biz classes also had these small class environments.

Let me backtrack. I’m digressing here from the main point of this article.

Aren’t psychics fake?

Either you’re into psychics, tarot cards, palm reading and the like or you’re strongly against it. There seems to be no gray area.

People feel strongly one way or another.

Back when I was less aware, I thought there was one future. And I was desperate to know what it was.

Will I make it or not??!

Since I was desperate, I tried desperate measures.

I think psychics aren’t what we think they are. They are not all knowing beings who can predict all future. If they could, all of them would just pick winning lotto numbers & retire.

They wouldn’t be running a shabby tarot card reading business out of their tiny house.

I also think this is the easiest thing to fake.

I don’t think most people have any power.

But I have met a rare few who have these deep insights that come true later.

Whether they just made a random prediction and because of that, my subconscious made it true or whether they have power is up for debate.

But I would argue this: who cares?

My goal was to know that I would make it. That’s it. I was powerless & wanted some sense of higher power security.

And there are people preying on that.

But if you paid $20 for a 15-30 min tarot/psychic session, and the lady said all these great things (you’ll be super rich, meet your soulmate, live a happy long life, get everything you ever want, etc) – isn’t that worth it?

At that time, I was spending $100+ per night at the bars, seeking happiness thru alcohol + late nite burritos.

So what’s another $20 to hear nice things about myself?

Who cares if it doesn’t come true?

Sometimes when you’re down and out, it’s nice to hear that you’ll make it. And those words have to come from a complete stranger. And if that stranger is surrounded by beads & incense and crystals, even better.

The illusion has to seem real.

It’s not the same if your mom tells you that you’re handsome & will be rich and successful. It’s just not.

Because she’s biased and part of you knows that.

It’s not the same if your friends tell you that. Plus friends rarely say those things, especially in college.

So the illusion has to be real. And a lot of tarot & psychic readers (at least the good ones), will do their best to create the perfect environment for you to believe it.

And a lot of the things psychics said have come true for me. And a lot of tarot card readers were full of bs and just loved taking my money.

I’ll give an example of both.

First the “bad” psychic:

In college, there was a tarot lady doing biz out of her tiny house. Her husband & kids were running around as you walk in. She takes you to this tiny room full of symbolism (christ pics, beads, etc).

Then asks you to put the $20 on the table/altar/bowl & make my wish.

Then she uses tarot to read my future.

I went to her a few times (maybe 3-4x?). I was afraid of failing out of college (because I was about to!) and just was hoping to use magic to miraculously pass.

Like a hailmary pass at the end of the 4th of a superbowl game. Or maybe hitting a 50yd fg to win the game?

I don’t remember all the things she said. But I think she preyed on me a little bit. At one point, she said that she was going to perform a praying ceremony for me. Just go and buy her an $80 target gift card and she would buy all the necessary supplies (candles, linens?, whatever else).

My gut instinct said this seemed kinda fishy but I was desperate.

It wasn’t that much money anyways. Not like I spent $1000s. Maybe $150 total with her? Maybe less.

But she stopped returning my phone calls after that. I wanted to set up more appointments.

Either she was scamming me and felt guilty or something happened to her or maybe she felt pity for me?

Anyways, that’s as bad as it got. And it wasn’t even that bad. I had fun going to her and getting readings for $20. It was always pleasant and uplifting. I felt great after leaving. Best $20 I could have spent at that time.

The Good One:

I’ve had many good psychic experiences but this one stands out the most.

Instead of failing out, I was able to “withdraw” from college. I told my dean that I really had trouble going to these small classes, it was just way too anxiety inducing.

He felt mercy on me and let me “withdraw” for the semester & come back again. I ended up doing that 2x.

During one of my withdrawals, I was back home in Chicago. I went to a psychic/intuitive in the neighborhood.

This lady was super nice. I think I went to her 2x. Cost was maybe $60/hr? Anyways, the first session, she told me that her goal was not for me to come to her every time to get answers. She didn’t want to take my money or lead me on like that.

And after the 2nd meeting, she said I’d be fine and to save my money.

Anyways I don’t remember too much about those meetings. She made me feel great about myself.

And she said two things:

“Deepak, all the things you hate about yourself right now are exactly the things that will make you rich & happy later in life.”

This was because I was complaining about being too sensitive or intuitive or just feeling too much. I just felt too much. From my surroundings and people. I absorbed their energy. If you’ve never felt this, it’s hard for me to explain what that’s like. If you’ve felt it, you get it right away.

Most social environments were kinda draining because I was absorbing all the different energies. What everyone was thinking of feeling. Noticing if someone in the group was feeling left out. Knowing who was the douche of the group. Etc.

PS: Today I realize there is a category for this type of people (HSPs): Highly Sensitive People. There are books written on the subject by psychologists. I think around 20% of population falls in the category. There are also books written (like: Quiet) on intuitive/introvert types.

Anyways, at that time I felt like a lone mutant not realizing there were others like me out there. Like X-Men.

The second thing she told me was to look into handwriting analysis.

I had no idea what that was but she gave me a book suggestion.

It must have been the first self-help book I ever bought? I don’t remember but I did look into graphology.

It’s the science (art?) of analyzing handwriting to figure out your personality.

The way you write says a lot about the type of person you are, according to this field.

You can tell who is lying, who has cheater tendencies, who has serial killer type handwriting, who is depressed etc.

For me it was enlightening because I realized that I had the handwriting of a depressed/low self esteem person. Small handwriting. And my signature was kinda small.

I also learned this.

Depressed people write a certain way. Sure. And happy people write a certain way: big & boldly.

Instead of waiting to be happy first, I could write like a happy person and rewire my brain.

I could purposely write big & bold enough times until I change.

First thing I did was practice my signature, I wrote my name as big as possible. Big & bold & brash.

Normally people with huge egos usually have a large starting letter. ie: if I’m signing my name Deepak Nair, a large D & a large N signify a large ego.

In graphology, the first letter signifies the version of yourself you are presenting to the world.

The rest of the letters show how you feel about yourself. Small means lower self esteem or quiet/shy etc. Or detail oriented.

And the way you write your last name can shed insights into how you feel about your family.

Anyways, my point is that I started practicing and writing my signature to embue the qualities I wished to have.

It’s been around 10yrs since I learned this trick and I really believe it works. Try it for yourself.

In psychology, they say that if you just handwrite for 15 mins, about anything, you will feel better. Something about writing by hand does something positive to the brain.

Even if you don’t write anything but just draw the infinity symbol (an 8 sideways) over and over, that will help tremendously. I’ve done it before back in the day before I knew about anything else.

Remember, this was before google & youtube & ebooks & ted talks and whatnot.

Back then, I would skip my community college summer classes, the ones I had to take during my withdrawal from university, to head to the local library to read books on stocks, handwriting analysis, self help, etc.

The internet was just super young back then and search technology wasn’t that great. There wasn’t much content out there either.

Today, if you have any issue, just type it into google/youtube and you can get infinite information.

Let’s land the plane: How everything fits in = hindsight

Life is just a bunch of events.

It’s hard to know how something you’re doing right now is going to make you super happy & successful later on.

This is the biggest lesson I learned from Steve Jobs Stanford speech.

You will just have to follow your heart, wherever it leads you, and just have faith that all of it will make sense later on.

Sometimes your heart will lead you far away from your planned path but all of that will become much clearer after a decade has passed.

When I was in college, I was just desperate to know that I would be ok. And I didn’t have any money anyways but I was ok spending $20 for a 20min tarot reading or $60 for a 60min psychic session just to hear that everything will be fine.

That’s what I needed back then. I didn’t have insurance (still don’t). I didn’t have the money to go to a therapist. And I didn’t have many resources or social support.

So I did the best I could. And these psychics were all always nice and friendly and 99% of the time told me great things about myself. Fairly cheap price to pay to get compliments!

And looking back, all the things they said make sense. Handwriting analysis led me to so many of the books I read nowadays. All of the self-help and self improvement started with that one book discovery.

And all the traits I hated about myself are also the ones I admire about myself now. I like being intuitive & sensitive to other people’s feelings. I like being creative. I like being unique. I like that I love to learn & am always inquisitive. I like that I’m naive enough to read about any subject, without preconceived notions.

That has opened up my mind to meditation, zen buddhism, law of attraction, ayahuasca, psychedelic mushrooms, spirituality, pua & dating coaches, learning about mastering sex techniques, cooking books, stock market analysis, positive psychology, happiness studies & much more.

I just don’t care what the topic is. As long as it helps me and empowers me, I’ll read about it.

If it’s doom & gloom, I stay way.

Oh yea, one more thing:

My stance on psychics are this.

Some have powers, some don’t. Just like some of us are more intuitive and in touch with people than others. That’s just how it is.

And there is no one future anyways.

There is an infinite parallel reality and you are the hero in this story. You can switch from one reality to another using your thought & feelings.

And you create your reality. You are in full control.

You can either do that unconsciously (like pushing on the gas pedal without using the steering wheel) or consciously.

Either way, you’re creating your reality.

And whatever you hate about yourself right now is exactly what’s going to make you happy & successful later on.

And do whatever you feel like doing, even if no one else understands or supports you (as long as you harm none, of course).

= )

PS: The beginning of the article shows where I am today. All of these tips & tricks I’m using (humidifier, air purifier, steaming face, etc) are things I learned in the past few months.

It’s amazing after spending about 10 years of consciously seeking happiness, all of it clicked towards the end of 2012 and I’m rocket shipping towards more of <3 :) $$$

Life is kinda like this Kill Bill casket scene:

A lot of trying for long time to finally crack thru (warning: graphic)…