I Wish You The Life of a Champ – #1am #fueledby #bulletproofcoffee

January 12, 2013

I was revamping my “sweet sweet praise” (aka testimonials) page and reflecting back on some of the super nice comments left by complete strangers.

This put me in the mode of appreciation & gratitude. The most powerful place to be in.

This is the zone.

Kick it up another notch that I’m blasting music thru my headphones + have bulletproof coffee coursing thru my veins + it’s 1am (my most creative time).

As I was finishing up the praise page, some words from the ether were absorbed by my pineal gland, soaking into my brain cells, the neurons then shot them into the rest of my body @ the speed of light, finally made its way into my fingers and onto the page.


Wanted to share those here.

The life of a champion.

That I wish for myself & for you.

Wake up like a champ.
Brush your teeth like a champ.
Open your apt door like a champ.
Slam your car door shut like a champ.
Blast music like a champ.
Change lanes on the highway like a hot knife thru moist sexy (grassfed) butter.
Park your car like a champ.
Kick the door down @ your job as you walk in,
Like the fucking world heavyweight champ lookin to beat up a jabroni.
High five your boss like a champ.
Let the sounds of your words thunder like Zeus,
When it’s your turn to order lunch @ chipotle.
Show all of ‘em who’s really boss.
Drop a positivity nuke everywhere you go.
Attack the world like a fuuuuuuck—>innnnn champion!
That’s what you were meant to do.
There is no other way to live.