Week 25 Update: Paleo, Blood Tests, Happy Thoughts & Musings

January 5, 2013

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First the stats.

(You can see all my weight loss charts, what I’m eating, supplements I take & other stuff on my official weight loss page)

It’s been 25 straight weeks of being on a healthy lifestyle kick.

That is, 25 weeks ago, I decided to get this part of my life finally under control after 16 yrs of trying to lose weight.

Back in July, I had no idea that I’d make it this far.

All I wanted to do was keep track of my weight on a weekly basis (as a starting point, didn’t have a diet in mind) + keep track of some of my supplements that were getting too complicated to remember in mind.

Let’s take a look at where I’ve come so far:

– 9 months + 1 wk of no diet or regular soda (thanks to ayahuasca)
– 25 straight weeks of keeping a weight loss spreadsheet
– 21 straight weeks of paleo w/ ZERO cheating
– 2 months+ of high dose fish oil
– 25 wks of taking all my supplements & keeping track of it on iphone + spreadsheet
– 4 months of publicly blogging re my weight loss results
– High dose probiotics
– Lightbox every day to combat S.A.D.
– Bulletproof coffee + grassfed butter + mct oil in the mornings
– Earthing mat 30mins/day
– 6qt of filtered water every day
– Evolving every day & incorporating new things.
– Got therapy averaging 2x a month since May
– Float tank usage
– Acupuncture
– New mattress (to get better sleep)
– New pillows
– Eye mask + ear plugs while sleeping
– Reading TONS of books (pic 1, pic 2 = 2/3 of my “to read” list)
– Confidence at all time highs in life
– Self esteem at all time highs
– Creativity at all time highs
– Happiness at all time highs
– Tweeting positive things
– Blogging/podcasting/making videos
– Having fun (finally)
– Walking straight & tall w/ chest out (no more hunching over!)
– Meditating EVERY single day using emwave software
– No more mood swings
– No more binge eating
– No more carb/sugar/junk food cravings
– Clothes fit better
– Started cooking (G A S P) – thanks to four hour chef + bulletproof exec
– Started grocery shopping & actually enjoying the process (double gasp)
– Journaling regularly
– Laughing, smiling, enjoying life, being positive
– Z E R O negative self talk (I actually wake up happy to be alive & often the first words out of my mouth as I open my eyes from deep REM sleep is: I’m the fucking champ!)
– My brain is on fire with new ideas, thoughts, improvements. Firing on all cylinders
– Law of attraction, synchronicity, being in the vortex, being present, whatever you want to call it, magic is happening all around me and I’m creating & witnessing it in real time

These are all miracles.

Like call the pope on the hotline, gather up some buddhist monks from the himalayas, travel to mecca and let’s all kneel and pray to the gods type of miracle.

These are all like complete 180 of all of my prior activities. I never ever thought I’d do any of these things in my lifetime, let alone all at once so fast.

I could keep writing about all the great things that are happening in my life and it seems a little surreal & unbelievable to me, I don’t even know what you’re thinking as you’re reading this.

But there are witnesses! My friends. My family. Me. And the most important part is that I have detailed journals & spreadsheets that I can look back to whenever all of this feels like a fantasy!

This is really happening my friends and life is finally fun & enjoyable.

And if I, the most cynical negative moody binge eating social anxiety ridden person can do it, well…. you get the idea.

And now let’s discuss the next evolution in my weight loss tracking:

With all of the above positive events, it’s not all roses & bunnies over here. The scale seems to have stalled for a few weeks now.

Last time I lost major weight was on 11/20/12 (6 wks now).

So when everything else is going gangbusters, I get a negative pang every time I check my weight on the wii fit scale.

I usually check my weight daily or at least every other day, then officially log it once a week on tuesdays.

It kicks me out of the vortex (to use abe hicks law of attraction terms) to see that weight hasn’t gone down or even has gone up.

It ruins my mood + day and I have to work really hard to get the mind back on the positive track.

I need a better way to evaluate my health. And checking the scale daily or weekly isn’t it.

So I’m going to stop checking my weight often and posting it weekly on this blog.

Because that’s not helping anything.

If I’m being near 100% strict for 25 weeks now and weight doesn’t go down, there is really nothing else I can do.

The only mistake I’ve made so far is order General Tso’s chicken (without rice) without realizing it was breaded & soaked in sugar! Ate it anyways. Other than that, 100% clean eating.

I don’t want to panic and ruin all the other great things that are happening just because the scale is stuck.

Because the main the reason I wanted to lose weight was to be happy.

But I found a shortcut. I’m already happy. The happiest I’ve ever been EVER in my life. And if I sustain my high happy levels, everything else (health, wealth, relationships) will all take care of itself.

Blood Tests:

So the way I’m going to keep track of my health is thru blood tests. That’s way more of an accurate representation of where I stand.

I had my blood tested mid September 2012 (1.5 months of paleo)

I selected the most common tests from this site called (update: one of their “seo analysts” asked me to take down their link) (CBC + CMP + LP + UA) = $89

These are some of the highlights:

Total Cholesterol: 295 (healthy range: 100 – 199)
Triglycerides: 298 (0 – 149)
HDL: 45 (>39)
LDL: 190 (0 – 99)
Glucose: 96 (65 – 99)

I had my blood tested again mid December 2012 (4.5 months of paleo, 3 months after last blood test)

This time I used wellnessfx (rec by Tim Ferriss & Dave Asprey). This one is more comprehensive than the one I did on my own prior. Cost = $199

Some of the highlights:

Total Cholesterol: 290
Triglycerides: 149 (AWESOME!)
HDL: 55
LDL: 205
Glucose: 95
HA1c: 5.7 (< 5.7 is good) hs-crp (inflammation): 2.37 (< 1 is good) 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D: 14.9 (> 30 is good) VERY LOW!
All other functions were great (kidney, liver, electrolytes, bone, thyroid)

Plus I got a 20min phone consultation with a very knowledgeable registered dietician who broke all the numbers down and gave me a list of things to take to lower cholesterol + inflammation & raise my super low vitamin d levels.

This was a great break thru.

I had no idea my vit d levels were this low. No wonder I get seasonal affective disorder every winter! Plus I was feeling other symptoms of low vit d for many months (ie: tingling in feet, lower back pain, etc).

On the super cool side, triglycerides went down from super high to good levels! Awesome.

My cholesterol, according to the phone consult, is high most likely due to family history. It will likely go down due to my high dose fish oil (takes at least 3 months to see results, I’ve been taking it for 2 months so far) + a few other supplements. And paleo will naturally lower this as well, just takes some more time.

Final Thoughts:

So as you can see, this is a much better indication of my health rather than just weekly weighing on a scale.

I would have never thought of getting my blood tests done if I had never originally started a spreadsheet just to keep track of my weekly weight + daily supplement tracking.

One thing leads to another.

Change one thing and everything else changes.

And I never knew I could get blood tests done on my own (I hate going to the doctor + don’t have insurance since quitting job voluntarily!).

One night, I just randomly googled “blood tests online” or something and found that healthtestingcenters.com site. And at that time, I thought $89 was a lot! But I just did it anyways.

Little did I know, a few months later, I’d be paying $199 for another more comprehensive test!

But my philosophy on life has changed dramatically. Why did I not think twice at spending $200 – $300 at bars in ONE night back in the day but flinch when paying $89 or $199 for a blood test every 3-4 months?

Or why do I not flinch when paying for late night binge meals via grubhub, spending upwards of $45??!!

Priorities have changed. I don’t want to live like I used to. I want to have fun. And be happy. And being healthy is important to achieve those two goals.

It also means I’m starting to value myself more. I like myself. Why shouldn’t I take care of myself?

Buddhist monks often say that we should treat the body like it’s a temple. That means physical and mental worship. Saying nice things + being easy on ourselves (feed the mind) + putting good things into our body.

Why do we say some of the meanest things to ourselves yet save the nice words for complete strangers?

Fuck. That. Shit.

Things done changed.

: )

Ok I’m done. I hope I made my point.

I took liberties with words & verbosity here (I write like I’m getting paid for words by the pound!) – but guess what, that makes me happy and that’s all that matters, right?

I expect my next blood test to show even more dramatic changes for the better. 3-4 months from now. The train keeps rollin.

And thaaaaat’s the bottom line!


(This song has been on loop as I wrote this. What a thugg he is)