There is not a title for this article (paradox)

November 28, 2012

I hope you understand that whenever I write a new blog post, I’m doing two things:

1. Teaching you things immediately as they come into my brain.
2. I do this so that I learn the lesson myself better.

Key word is “immediately.”

The most successful people in the world are excellent at “speed of implementation.”

Do it.

Right now.

There is no tomorrow.

There is no later.

There is only RIGHT NOW. If you don’t do it right now, it will never get done.

So I’m not this wise master on his million dollar throne dishing wisdom. I’m just a young hero looking to use all the tools of wily veterans to get to the top.

And I say this all the time but will repeat again. None of these ideas are mine, I’m just a reservoir for other wise people’s ideas. I’m literally repeating like a talking parrot things I’ve learned.

Except I’m doing it with much less efficiency (verbosity) + 100% more swear words.

Thus, here are some thoughts:

1. Be the expert right now. Don’t wait.

This one is simple. Be who you want to be right now. If you want to lose weight, start a blog teaching others how to lose weight. If you want to be great at finance, start a blog teaching others things you’ve learned so far.

This works because something in our mind changes when we turn from student to teacher. We have to put things differently so that another human can understand the concepts. Thus in the process of doing that, we cement those same ideas into our mind stronger.

2. There is a force, energy, source, spirit, whatever you want to call it.

First of all, there is no reality except the reality we believe. So if you can truly believe in every cell of your body that rules don’t apply to you, then it won’t. This principle is taught by Bashar.

But 99.99999% of the population won’t be able to reach that elite stage in life. And the ones who are true masters, they are not in the public eye. They are quiet jedis walking unnoticed amongst us.

So be careful when we take shortcuts. We all do it. I have, most of my life. Get rich quick. Lose weight fast. Cheat days. Tactics to pick up girls. Lying to strangers & family. There are tons of short cuts we can take. And they work. For now.

But there is this weird scale & balance in the universe that keeps track of everything we do. Maybe it’s a mirage that we ourselves created. Maybe it’s the ruleset of this virtual reality we call life. I really don’t know.

But trust me. It’s there. And don’t fall for the hype of shortcut takers. When you talk to them, they’ll paint this amazingly rosy picture of their charmed life. They take every shortcut in the book and their life is amazing. And you will believe their stories because they are so convincing and you are struggling so mightily.

But the weird thing is that when you try their exact tricks, it always seems to back fire. They will tell you that you did it wrong. Try again, but harder & better. And you do. Again, horrible results. They laugh at you and just say that maybe you’re unlucky and cursed. And you believe them because you don’t know any better.

Eventually you will realize the truth just like we all have to, the hard way.

There will be subtle signs of cracks in their armor. Then one day their life falls apart in front of us and we realize that they were living in this false reality, full of lies & deception. Think Bernie Madoff.

3. Seriously, talk to yourself like you’re mohammad ali or a baller rapper.

I wake up every morning with the words “i’m a mother fucking champion.” Swear words just make it that much more fun ; )

So, I don’t plan on saying that or have to remember. I’ve been filling my subconscious bucket with so much self-love and adulation that now I’ve trained my inner self to be my ally rather than enemy.

Most of us are incongruent. We think we are fooling the rest of the world but we can’t fool ourselves. We have the enemy within, who is way stronger than us.

The inner self. The shadow. The spirit. Whatever word you want to use it. This is not a myth or a legend. You don’t need a cynical “scientist” to tell you that it does not exist since it’s not measurable.

It’s real. And it’s known in psychology. Jung knew this.

A lot of times, we berate ourselves. Then our inner self takes the ball and berates us 100% of the time, especially when we’re not paying attention or sleeping.

Some stranger may have flipped us off in traffic one time but our inner self will replay that video (like an nfl ref) 100000000000s of times, all day, every day, til we die.

So how do we break the cycle? It’s not easy. It takes work. But it can be done. I’ve achieved quite a bit in a short amount of time, and I’m not even 100% there yet. But it’s a lot better than it was a year or so ago.

I’ve turned my brain from a 24-hr NNN (negative news network) to IATMFCC (I am the mother fucking champion channel). I know, I could’ve picked a better acronym, right? Who cares. You get it.

Steps are simple. Emulate the successful people out there. Look at videos & interviews of Will Smith. Warren Buffett. Jay Z. Read about the shadow. Read some Jung. Check out some positive psychology books. Look into meditation. Check out some buddhist teachings. Law of attraction.

Rappers have naturally figured this out. They realized that if they talk about money cars and women, oftentimes it comes true. Puff Daddy mentioned this in an interview.

He noticed that all his friends were rapping about guns, shootings and dying. And that came true for them. So he decided to rap about things he wants.

Sounds silly but pay attention.

Even look at how Donald Trump talks about himself & his projects. You don’t have to hold him up as your hero but he talks 150% highly about all his projects.

This is the greatest golf course in the history of mankind.

This trump building is the best ever made by humans.

He uses exaggerated positivity for his wealth building ventures. And he does pretty well. Steal his belief.

4. Pay full price

Sure, why pay when you can get torrents or steal or demand for discounts and coupons. And I’m not above this, obviously.

And don’t buy things frivolously if you don’t have the money. Use your good judgement. Learn personal finance skills first.

But here’s a thought. Again, this is not my idea, I learned it from someone way smarter.

If you always steal & ask for discounts, you are training your mind to look for deals. That’s fine because you may think that the more you save on paying, the more money you have.

Yet, some of the stingiest people are also the poorest. And even if they somehow seem rich, they are just miserable company with negative self talk.

But if you pay full price, you are telling yourself that you admire and appreciate true quality.

Then when you offer your services to the world (we do fucking live in a capitalistic society), you won’t be shy to ask for your full worth.

A lot of times, we are afraid to sell something. Who the fuck will buy what I have to sell? This is a limiting belief I have. I’m working to smash it to pieces.

Why would they buy from me when the same information is freely available on the internet?

And why the fuck should I write a short story, movie script, music when others already are out there way better than me?

Yet, there are new highly successful authors (Twilight, Harry Potter, etc), movie makers, musicians, athletes etc every day.

If you had a limiting belief that you shouldn’t play basketball because you could never be better than Michael Jordan, you are missing out, right?

And obviously, Michael didn’t know he’d be Michael fucking Jordan. There was Magic, Bird, and whoever else that came before him who were the icons at that time.

Hard work. Perseverance. Belief in self even when everyone else doubts us. Self-delusion of success. The success recipe has a lot of ingredients.

And the funny thing is, the most successful elites freely give away their secrets. I’m not talking about myself, obviously.

Though one day, you will be reading this article when I’ve made it to the top and I hope this was inspiring. That’s guaranteed (my success).


5. Success & Failure are just mental operating systems

I learned this from Eben Pagan. And some law of attraction teachers.

There is no failure. I destroyed it. That doesn’t exist in my mind ever.

But there was a time (a few months ago), that I thought of everything I did as a failure. I erased my hard drive and installed a new program.

And the program has only function. It tells me how great I am, at all times of the day.

Every single thing that happens around is meant to be.

My pen stopped working. Oh that’s great because now I’ll get to find an even better pen that’s going to be the smoothest pen of all time so that I can write even better in my success journal. Win.

Oh crap, there is rush hour traffic. Wow, this is great, I win again. This gives me time to focus my thoughts and practice being present. I can meditate and breathe slowly. And I’m in a comfortable car that has heat & cool settings that make sure I’m in the perfect environment during my ride.

And this is perfect because I’ve been meaning to relisten to my audiobooks by jim rohn and others. Awesome. Thank you all the other drivers in the universe for lining up in front of me so that I can make myself better.

Sound delusional?

Yes, I hope you said yes. The most successful elites have a success delusion. This doesn’t mean you treat everyone like crap. It’s not a zero sum game. Just because you treat yourself good doesn’t mean others lose.

You treat yourself well AND you treat others well. You are a champion. Every place you touch, it turns to gold.

When you wait in a long grocery line, the stressed cashier wins. Because you’re going to make those 30 seconds the best 30 seconds of her day. You are going to complement her, make her laugh. Tell her how great she is and how efficiently she’s scanning you items. And not to rush, you’re not in a hurry. Because you’re a champion.

You are helping others to help yourself. Principle of reciprocity & law of attraction. Plus more importantly, you are training your mental operating system that everything you do or anywhere you go, it turns to gold.

You make old ladies smile. You make girls feel good about themselves. You tip better than you need to. You actually make sure that you don’t make a big ass mess in the public restrooms like other savages. You treat cabbies right. Make pleasant conversation even if you’re tired.

Every single thing near your bubble turns to gold.

Then you’ll feel more comfortable when you start your own business. Or when you try out for the pros.


Because like Steve Jobs says, if you don’t love what you do, it will be impossible to be successful. Because trying something new is irrational. There is no proof that you will succeed. And every family member and stranger will tell you that you’re crazy for attempting something important.

The world will seem to be against a hero who is just starting out. That’s just part of the game.

Look at Michael Jordan. Look at Steve Jobs. There are a lot of other examples.

But once you make it, then the fanfare will come to make you lose your mind. They will praise your ego and you now have a new challenger. Not turning into icarus.

But that’s another article and another topic.

Anyways, I’m just going to post this unedited and without subheads because I’m drained. In a good way.

So… the Brahma Bull, The Best There is, Was & Ever will be, The Greatest of All Time, The Heavyweight Champion of Balleration, The Brohammad Ali of Swag, The Panty Dropper, The Undisputed People’s Champ will now rest.

How much would you pay to download my current mental operating system? Well, you’re lucky, please put your credit card back in your wallet, nothing for sale…


; )

Please make your own blog and send me a link and tell me how big of a baller you are. I want to read your thoughts.

UPDATE: I forgot to write this part which was the whole point of this article.

Newbies of law of attraction will try to use their powers to manifest little things in life. Just to prove that it works.

I did.

I tried my best to manifest the best parking spots everywhere I went.

Did it work? Not really. Sometimes it did, but most times no. And I would get frustrated at “failure.”

But what if you had a different program running in your mind?

That programs says that whatever you do is right. Whatever happens is right.

So if you get a parking spot right in front of the restaurant, you did it. You created that. Awesome. Congratulate yourself and the loving universe.

If you didn’t get the front parking spot, great. Maybe someone who needed it more than you got it. And wherever you park is just right. You could use the extra free exercise from walking anyways. So you win.

Get it?

I rarely lose these days because I erased the program of failure. It doesn’t exist. Eben Pagan taught me this and it came true. I didn’t believe him when I first learned this in 2007.

But now it’s 2012 and I’m a fucking champion, all the time. No matter what happens.

Another Update:

Ok let’s do another update:

Special thanks to Christina Aguilera, for spending years and years of her life perfecting her writing, dancing & singing skills – then making this video, all to talk about how great I am : )

And thank you to Christina Milian for making this hot & sexy video telling me how awesome I am and all the naughty things you want to do to me. I really appreciate your effort. I mean this.

I could keep this article going and going (I really am delusional & happy right now) but I’ll spare you.