First Passive Income Post + Ayahuasca Memories

November 26, 2012

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes (source)

So this is going to be a fun experiment.

Let’s see if I can use everything I’ve learned so far (internet marketing, business, building websites, psychology, economics, finance, psychedelics, law of attraction, self experimentation, health etc) to create enough income so that I can perpetually live my current lifestyle.

I’ve been trying to figure out this puzzle since, well probably my whole life. But as far as I can remember, probably since end of high school. So at least 13 years.

Tried a lot of things: working regular jobs, stocks, drop shipping, real estate investing, franchise restaurant, affiliate marketing, niche sites, eproduct sales, tangible info product sales etc.

My latest attempt was to save up enough money + invest in stocks to buy me quite a bit of time.

Then I quit my job.

This method is called jumping out of the plane & learning to fly on your way down approach.

I decided I’m not going to waste the rest of my life doing work that is neither pleasant nor profitable.

This latest approach of quitting was something that has been on my mind for a few years.

I just didn’t have enough money saved up to pull it off. Plus, I was stuck in a bad real estate investment deal that was draining my money at a super fast rate.

So I stopped the bleeding first. I used my last resort method of getting out of the real estate deal.

Then, I tried psychedelics. Mushrooms & Ayahuasca in Brazil.

On the flight there, I was seated next to a nice Brazilian grandmother. She asked me why I’m going to Brazil by myself.

I said I was going to try this psychedelic in the forest. She stared at me blankly. Then I told her I’m really thinking of quitting my job and hope to get some inspiration on this medicine.

The rest of the 8+ hour plane ride, she tried her best to convince me not to quit.

She told me how lucky I am to have a job in this economy. How lucky I am to work in the booming healthcare industry. How lucky I am to work with family who would let me be lazy whenever I wanted. How silly it would be to quit before having any other job lined up.

To just find a wife and settle down with this job and just live a normal life.

Then I tried Ayahuasca.

My #1 intent was to lose weight. #2 intent was to get inspiration/guidance on what to do next with my career.

Even people at the retreat were surprised that I was going to quit an easy family job where I was the boss and can get paid whatever I wanted. I can come to work at any time and leave whenever I wanted. Or I can just not show up one day and take a vacation day. It really doesn’t matter.

It’s probably the ultimate dream job for 99% of people in the world.

But this easy & lucrative job was making me super unhappy & miserable.

No passion or fun.

Anyways, so while on Ayahuasca, I had this vision.

It was of me making audio/video podcasts. Like 1000s of them.

It sounds surreal but during my 8hr+ psychedelic stupor, I saw/heard every single podcast I’d ever do. Every single episode, from start to finish, at a super fast rate played in my mind.

It was unbelievable.

At that time, I think I had made maybe a couple of audio recordings on my iphone and uploaded them hesitantly. I had this podcast kit I’d bought that had been sitting on my table for weeks. I just didn’t have the courage to use it.

And making a video podcast was the farthest thing in my mind. I couldn’t imagine ever recording my live person, ever.

But during this ayahuasca vision, I was speaking easily & freely, like a fucking champ. I was charming, funny, energetic and speaking with lightning quick precision. It seemed like a mirage.

My previous iphone recordings were full of stutters and self-loathing talk.

You can listen to my early audio right now if you wanted. I would advice against it though! Even I haven’t played one second of those early recordings.

As a matter of fact, the only reason I had the courage to record the first audio ever was because I was on mushrooms – which I used to help me get out of the deep winter depression at that time.

So when I stumbled out of our ayahuasca room all the way down the stairs, I was just happy to be alive. The night full of visions were super tough to handle. Scary. Enlightening. Cleansing. Puking. Trying to hold back the diarrhea!

So first thing I did was go to our dorm room to, ahem, relieve the diarrhea.

Then I laid outside on a wooden bench by the pond. My senses were on overload. The fresh air. Birds chirping. Random ants & bugs flying around. Calmness of the pond. Beauty of the trees. Seeing smiley faces & random figures in the clouds.

You can see some of the pics I took that morning here.

You will probably not see anything in the clouds or understand what I was feeling at that time. I don’t even understand it now. The pics just look regular, nothing special or eventful.

But while I was still recovering from my ayahuasca, every single thing around me was magical & alive. Every cloud seemed like it was smiling at me.

So anyways, I could barely move. I felt like I had been hungover after a night of drinking tequila and exchanging stomach punches with friends.

As I lay there in this magical world, I was curious to see if I could record a video podcast as smoothly as I had done in my vision.

Here is that short clip:

I’ve never listened to this audio out of sheer embarrassment but I remember it was just full of stuttering and swear words. Then at some point, one my new friends came over to let me know food was ready.

But I remember as I was recording this video, the thoughts from my brains could not make it to my mouth in one piece. It was really frustrating. And I thought I was a failure. That ayahuasca had lied to me.

Well, now that it’s been 7 months, I can make audio & video podcasts with ease.

Without any notes or topics picked out in advance. Without any editing. I just press record and talk for however long as I want. And it usually comes out pretty great. Better than I could have imagined.

And I’m only getting started ; )

So what does all of this have to do with passive income?

Good question.

Well sexy Ayahuasca (and let’s not forget my mushroom buddies) told me to follow my passion. In a super harsh way.

It was really an eye opening somewhat painful experience. Like you’re an onion and ayahuasca peeled each layer off until you are left bare with your true self.

Sounds deep, I know. But this is real shit I’m telling you right now. Unfiltered.

And everything was clear at that moment.

I knew I had to follow my passion & joy of making audio/video podcasts. I liked sharing things & telling as much truth as possible.

A lot of people hold back on the true secret of their success.

Even the book, The Secret, withheld the fact that they got most of their law of attraction secrets from Esther Hicks (channeler of Abraham).

They videotaped Esther as the main narrator of the film, then wanted Esther to hand over all rights to her teachings. When Esther refused, they erased all references to Esther from The Secret (read about it here).

So essentially, The Secret withheld the real “secret” from us. Those bastards!

I knew deep down, with the helpful nudge of ayahuasca, that I had to quit my kushy job.

So I did & recorded a podcast talking about it.

Now I’m going to try something that theoretically could be a huge failure. I say theoretically because if I was getting thousands of visitors a day or were a public figure, it would be that much more embarrassing.

Right now, a handful of likeminded people like you are reading this blog on a regular basis. If I fail big, it wouldn’t be that noticeable. So not that big of a deal.

Plus, nowadays, I don’t even mind failing big anyways.

I’m going to start making regular posts about making passive income before I start making any money.

Essentially, I’m going to emulate people like Pat Flynn, who updates every month how much money he’s making.

The reason it works:

1. Being publicly accountable keeps our subconscious trained towards that goal
2. It helps others
3. Helping others helps ourself (law of attraction & reciprocity, spreading good will, positive energy, etc)

I used that same formula to lose weight. I wrote my own diet article even before losing major weight.

That article was written on august 15, 2012. You can look at my weight loss chart to see that I hadn’t lost any major weight by then.

But since writing that article and becoming an authority figure, my subconscious became a homing missle – found newer more efficient ways to lose weight at a faster rate (ie: high dose fish oil, bp coffee, heartmath meditation software, earthing mat, etc).

Anyways, stay tuned. This will be a fun ride.

Oh yea, I’ve listed my major & minor passive income goals here. That’s going to be the central hub for this massively profitable experiment.

Meniyka February 24, 2016 at 11:30 pm

Hey Deepak,

Stumbled upon your blog… or should I say I was magnetically attracted to your site! Passive income for an ayahuasca intention. I’m inspired to do the same:) Thanks for the great idea! Keep it up and keep us posted.