Become a Belief Thief for Elite Success

November 26, 2012

Ride along with me as I run some errands.

Examples of my upgraded mental operating systems:

1. Wearing shorts & sandals in 30F Chicago weather:

Because I’m spending most of my time in my car and it’s more comfortable to wear shorts & sandals than put on jeans, socks & sneakers. Who cares what people think. Though I used to be the shy guy before who always looked admiringly at others who courageously would wear shorts in winter & didn’t care what others thought. I’ve come full circle!

2. Making a video while driving:

Not caring if I look weird, lose my train of thought or what other drivers are thinking of me talking out loud, animated, while driving.

3. Keeping the video unedited, even when I’m not in car:

Destroying societal pressures of having to be perfect. Sure, it’s more efficient to edit videos but I just don’t have that skill nor do I care that much about it. As an example, I leave the camera running while I pop in and out of restaurants.

4. Not having a preplanned script or topic to talk about:

Destroying the limiting belief that if I don’t preplan every little thing, I’ll run out of things to talk about. The exact opposite happens here. I have tons of things to talk about and am never short on thoughts.

5. Not editing out coughs, stutters or other “mistakes”:

Same as #3, repeating it for effect. Most videos edit out all the errors so that their video is more watchable. This is a good thing. An unintended side effect for the viewer is that we put that “perfect” person on a pedestal. By keeping in all the errors, I’m proving to you and myself that all of us make “mistakes.” No one is perfect. Thus everyone is perfect.

6. Custom ordering food that’s not on menu:

ie: ordering a gyro platter without pita, fries, sauce. Only meat. And I order it even though they charge me regular price as if I had ordered the other stuff. Reason? I benefit by getting meat for my paleo diet. I don’t complain about higher price or worry about it = cultivating an abundance mentality. I’m telling myself I don’t mind paying a few dollars here and there, even if the fair thing is for them to lower the price, because I live in an eternally abundant world – there’s more than enough for all of us.

7. Having symbols in my car:

Not caring what people think. I have a mario mushroom & spongebob squarepants in my car to help me focus on positivity during times of high stress driving.

8. Other topics mentioned: religion, atheism, law of attraction, Warren Buffett & more…

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