Getting Back into The Zone Using Heartmath emWave Meditation Software

November 19, 2012

I really wanted to share this news with you.

And instead of waiting til tomorrow when I’d normally do my weekly weight loss update, I felt the urge to just post today about this finding.

This is the story of being on a high, coming back down to earth, feeling a lull & restlessness, then bouncing back up again using deliberate strategies.

I left nothing to chance but used couple of simple techniques to get back to feeling good that may be of use to you.

The Highs:

The past few weeks, I’ve been on a tremendous high.

Like hitting three pointers at the buzzer in game 7 of the nba finals type high.

Every day.

Each morning, I jumped out of bed with joy. The whole day, I was wired with energy and could not sit still.

I devoured books like a madman, posted on this blog, made videos, went for walk, exercised, went out to meet friends for lunch, grocery shopped with ease, even made eye contact & flirted with good looking girls.

Normally if a good looking girl were near me, I’d immediately start sweating and look to get as far away as possible to avoid stress. I couldn’t even look in their direction, let alone make direct eye contact.

Just getting out of apt to go grocery shopping was like a weeklong ordeal of prepping my mind to finally do it.

But the past few weeks were 100% different.

I felt like a giant. Like neo in the matrix. I could see thru all the things happening around me, in slow motion. I was able to navigate thru life easily & effortlessly.

I was like a master jedi.

I said the right things at the right time.

My brain was on fire.

As people were talking, I was able to pay 100% attention to their thoughts, evaluate their body language, see their pupils dilate, be aware of my surroundings, notice strangers and their body movements, and my brain fired the right funny thought to my mouth and at the exact right moment in conversation, I said something that was profound and funny at the same time.

Even hot girls did not make me nervous. I was able to bust their balls with ease. Then smile. Then bust their balls again. And they got it. They weren’t offended but rather amused & turned on by this high paced high level conversation.

When a superhot waitress said that she was sick of guys staring at her all the time & hit on her too much – my brain scanned everything I’ve ever learned and fired the right thought into my mouth like a cannon.

My brain channeled Patrice O’Neal & all the PUA techniques I had learned years ago and told the girl: What do you expect? You’re salmon walking around slathered in honey in a room full of hungry bears!

That’s a legendary Patrice line.

I even told the waitress I was quoting him.

But I still remember the first time I heard Patrice say that out loud, it made my balls quiver with fear. I never could imagine having the balls to ever say that to a girl. Ever.

But that day, I said it with confidence & ease & with 100% powerful eye contact. I said it out loud, and didn’t mumble.

And every guy at my table was shocked and told me to apologize. The hot girl even stared me down. Like 10 seconds passed of her staring straight into my soul and I didn’t flinch. I smirked and returned the stare even harder, letting her know I meant business.

Anyways, she cracked, smiled and said it was funny. Tension broke. I win! : )

I passed her shit test, as pickup artists would say.

Of course I passed that shit test, I’m the people’s champ. I’m repping all of us guys who wish to live a better life. And I take that responsibility with great care.

Other hot waitresses came over to our table to see what all the commotion was about. In my mind, they smelled the strong pheromones at our table and wanted a sniff. They tested me with their own shit tests…


Like being a master ping pong player. I returned each volley perfectly and with ease.

You would have been proud of me. If I can do this, given how nervous & anxiety ridden I am, then for you it will be a piece of cake.

And there are so many other examples. I went out of the house easily & effortlessly. I didn’t care how I was dressed or looked but was still able to perform at high levels.

Meaning, in pickup, the master puas are able to perform even if they haven’t showered in weeks. In fact, they try this out for fun. They see how bad & smelly they can look and still attract high level girls.

Even rock stars brag about this. They will not shower for days and days and see who can still score the hottest chicks.

The meaning of this is that inner game trumps outer game. How you feel inside should be able to trump fancy clothes, nice cars and whatever else we feel like we need to attract girls or perform at high levels.

As long as our inner game is on point, we don’t need outer game crutches.

Everyone around me was reacting so positively to me, even if I didn’t engage them first.

People were drawn to where I was like bees to honey. This is a real phenomena you may have experienced in your life. Think back to when you had supreme confidence and everything was going your way – I’m sure you felt like you had this force field and everyone wanted to get closer to you and reacted like you were the best.

Other times when you are down and out, everything goes wrong. People cut you off. People honk at you. The waitress ignores you. You try a line with a girl and she reacts harshly.

Patrice O’Neal has a clip on O&A where he talks about this phenomena. Where when he lost his swagger, the same pickup lines that used to work for him backfired hardcore. And he was helpless, he just didn’t have the “it” factor anymore. He had to wait it out til his came back.

This sounds surreal, I know.

Sounds surreal for me to even write it down.

But I know it happened because I was there. And I keep journals of my thoughts.

The Lull: Coming down from a high

This kind of high paced energy lasted for a few weeks and I secretly wondered if it was sustainable. Would it disappear eventually or can I keep it up?

Well, two days ago, I came back down to earth. Not where I used to be, where I’d be depressed and down and out. I just came back to like a normal feeling. But higher than my previous baseline. If that makes sense.

Let’s see if I can figure out how to draw this real quick. It would make more sense. Hold on….

Does this pic make sense?

So normally I was operating at a low level with some highs and frequent lows. Then I rocket-shipped to new all time highs. I stayed there for a while, then kinda came down to a lower level but which is still much higher than I’m used to being at.

And that lull lasted since Saturday til today (Monday).

I wanted to get back to the highs again.

Here’s how I did it….

Back to the highs

I am a big fan of Abraham Hicks and her teachings of focused thought. Concentrated thought can bring us back to feeling good.

Unfocused thoughts lead us astray and oftentimes lead to negative feelings.

We can focus on getting back by journaling and talking about all the good things that are happening. We can play mental games of appreciation. We can keep a book of positive aspects. The essence is basically appreciation and gratitude.

These two feelings are also the tenets of meditation and even positive psychology – where they’ve done studies showing the happiest people practice appreciation & gratitude constantly.

Then I saw @bulletproofexec Dave Asprey on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about a meditation software he uses that has completely changed his life for the better.

It’s called Hearthmath eWave and it helps track our pulse, heart rate & heart rate variability. There’s a desktop version and a mobile version. The desktop version, you’ll need to be by your computer to use. This is the one I have. The mobile device, you can take with you anywhere you go.

You can read about the effects of high & low heart rate variability by googling. Just the cliff notes version is that a high hrv means health & wellness and poor hrv is an indicator of many diseases like heart attacks, depression, diabetes etc.

Heart rate variability is the timespan between each heartbeat. Our heart does not beat in constant intervals. Each beat varies. And a lot of health information can be ascertained by tracking hrv.

One way to improve hrv is to meditate & focus on positive thoughts. It’s proven. You can track it right now. At home. Using this software. It costs around $170 (desktop) and it’s probably one of the best investments you can make in improving your life.

Anyways, I’ve been using it like Dave has recommended, daily for at least 10mins. He says if you do this for at least 6 weeks, your brain plasticity will change for the better, meaning we will have rewired our brain with lasting positive effects.

So today, I got back into the zone, just a few moments ago. I’m going to share a few screenshots of my emwave to show the evidence of this.

1. Chart showing past couple week’s worth of emwave use.

(click to enlarge)

Notice today has the most amount of green. I was in the high coherence zone for 9 out of 10 mins! A new all time record for me. And I was doing this on the medium challenge level.

2. This is what today’s data looks like.

(click to enlarge)

If you’ve never used this software, you will not recognize the significance. Just take my word for it.

I’ve been using it for about a couple of weeks and I’ve never entered high coherence immediately after starting the software.

High coherence means rounded sine waves.

Usually, I have a few minutes of jagged low hrv waves until I practice hard to control my breath, focus on breathing thru the heart & think positive thoughts of appreciation & gratitude. It takes real effort & work.

But today, I was in the zone. And I was able to do it for 9 minutes straight.

Normally when I’m in the zone, I start to get scared I’ll get out of high hrv, which usually leads to panic and gets me back to blue or red.

Today, I kept balancing the green with positive thoughts & kept the negative thoughts away.


How I got there, I’ll tell you a little later on.

3. As a comparison, yesterday’s emwave chart

(click to enlarge)

Note that I’m showing you the chart at 4mins into the meditation practice. It’s super jagged and I kept getting red warning signs of low hrv.

And this was on the low challenge level!

I finally got in the zone at around the 7min mark and kept it there for 3mins straight. Btw, 3mins straight was my previous high score, until today’s 9min one.

It’s fun to be able to meditate and see the results right away rather than just thinking we are doing it correctly.

And trackable results means we will be more motivated to try again. I like seeing graphs and charts of my progress.

How I got there:

I was feeling kinda down today.

I finally got up and made my batch of bulletproof coffee this evening. I’m trying a new experiment where I drink it in the evening instead of morning – since I’m the most awake & creative at night anyways.

Just by washing my blender and my french press and going thru the routine of brewing the coffee, putting the butter & coconut oil in the blender and making the coffee got me feeling better.

The first sip of the coffee also was very refreshing and immediately made me feel better.

Then I sat down at my desk and journaled for about 5-10 mins. Every single concern and positive thing that had been happening the last few days poured out.

I had been meaning to journal for a few days now but kept putting it off. Having the coffee put me in the zone to want to journal.

As I started journaling, positive thoughts flowed out of my brain. I started with some of the things that were working for me so far (appreciation + gratitude).

Then I moved onto some things that were bugging me. As I wrote those, part of my brain became my own success coach. I started writing down answers to my criticism as if I were coaching someone else.

And getting thoughts from inside the brain out onto paper was very relaxing. And seeing positive encouraging thoughts flow out was also very awesome.

After I wrote in my journal for a few mins, I wanted to see how I would do using emwave.

And I was immediately in the high coherence zone and lasted for 9 fucking minutes!

Immediate proof.

Pretty awesome.

Final Thoughts:

I hope all of this made sense to you. I hope you are able to try out this software because it’s very cool and makes meditation fun.

It has a moving blue breathing blinker that goes up and down, with which we should breathe along. 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out.

And just by doing that, we’ll calm down.

Next, the heartmath people recommend we picture breathing as if we’re breathing thru the heart. This helps calm us down also. I can feel & notice it.

Then the last step is to focus your best on the most positive appreciative thoughts you can find.

I usually start just saying in my mind “i am appreciative and grateful” over and over. Then I picture in my minds eye all the cool things that are happening so far. It’s not easy but I try my best.

Sometimes I picture my dog or flowers or how awesome the sun is or how I have a safe & comfortable apt to live in, how comfortable my bed is, how awesome the internet is, how awesome my phone is, etc. Anything that is cool & I can focus appreciation on.

And sure enough, the lights will turn green and the wave will become smooth. And as unbelievable as it may sound, as soon as I switch my thoughts to appreciation & gratitude, I can feel it in my heart. It’s like a clicking into position type feeling.

I really feel it. It’s not just mental. I can feel it in my chest area.

Once it turns green, sometimes I panic and wonder if I can keep it up. As soon as I have that thought, it will turn blue or red again. Then I have to focus my thoughts to get back in the zone.

It’s like a workout. But it’s easy and fun. And trackable.

Try it out for yourself!