Examples of Positive Self Talk: The Rock

November 13, 2012

I love pro wrestling. It has some of the best hero vs villain story lines in entertainment.

It’s also the best place to find cool high status heroes to emulate.

I’ve been adopting as much positive self-talk as possible from my favorite wrestlers (The Rock, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin).

I highly recommend you find your own high status heroes (Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Ric Flair, whoever) and emulate them as much as possible. It will raise your psyche, self-confidence and eventually turn you into the champion you’ve always wanted to be.

By the way, The Rock wasn’t born as a great promo creator. When he was a kid, he would video tape himself practicing promos all the time. And when he first debuted in the WWE, he wasn’t good at all. He sucked & everyone booed him.

Perfection takes practice.