How Ayahuasca in Brazil + Gabriel Method Helped Me Lose Weight While Four Hour Body Failed

November 9, 2012

I was excited, like you, to buy the four hour body back in 2010. I preordered it and got it on my kindle at midnight + read the weight loss section in one sitting.

Next day, I started eating like Tim Ferriss recommends.

Let me first state that I like Tim Ferriss a lot. He’s improved my life tons thru his books & blog. I also like the premise of the four hour body: which is to self experiment & self improvement rather than following status quo.

But the Four Hour Body failed to help me lose weight, three different times.

I tried the diet diligently, I really did.

Every morning, I woke up and rushed to kitchen to eat 30g of protein within 30mins of waking up. Sometimes boiled eggs or most of the time a protein shake.

I avoided white carbs, ate the same few meals over and over again, avoided liquid calories, and took one day off per week as a cheat day.

I even bought the expensive PAGG/AGG stack to increase fat loss, put lemons/limes in my water, did bodyweight squats & wall pushups before cheat meals to open up my muscles so they would consume the calories for fuel rather than fat gain.

I would often run into the bathroom of a restaurant to do these exercises in a cramped area! I was that dedicated.

For cheat days, I went all out. Midnight to midnight. Stacked up on as many cookies, candy bars, cakes as I could. I ate indian food + rice. I ate gyros. Fries. Burgers. Whatever I had been craving that week.

I even drank grapefruit juice in the morning to reduce insulin spikes on cheat days. I put cinnamon in my coffee. I even took pictures of my meals for a while – the “see” food diet.

I kept a spreadsheet to keep track of my weight on a weekly basis (rather than obsess daily). This would keep me accountable.

I even started this website in summer of 2011 (my 2nd four hour body attempt) to blog for the four hour body so that I could be publicly accountable, which was supposed to aid in weight loss motivation. See my first two posts: first post / 2nd post

I did nearly everything he recommends in his huge book to lose weight.

I followed the slow carb diet for a few months with no real weight loss than the initial 5lbs the first week (which usually happens with any diet for me).

Weeks went by and my mood was not better. I was not happier. I was not losing weight. Plus the insulin spikes on cheat days made me feel groggy & slow brained the next few days. By the time I started feeling better again, it was already time for another cheat day. The cycle continued.

Then I quit one day. It’s hard to be on a strict diet regimen when you see no results & feel crappy.

Then I retried the diet once more mid 2011, with renewed enthusiasm. Same non-results.

I tried it once more at the end of 2011. I figured it was my last hope. Still no damn weight loss.

Then of course I discovered psychedelic mushrooms (winter 2011) & ayahuasca (spring 2012). I heard about the benefits of these two plant medicines on the Joe Rogan podcast.

My intention in flying to Brazil in April 2012 by myself (even though I was super scared & nervous) + spend a lot money for airfare/lodging + stay in the jungles + take this nasty brew + puke + diarrhea + 6-10hrs of heavy scary psychedelic visions was really to be able to lose weight, finally!

I had come to desperation mode after spending most of my life trying & failing at weight loss. This seemed like my last hope.

I made the intention out loud in front of the group asking for ayahuasca’s help in helping me lose weight and chugged the disgusting brew.

I just wanted to know how to lose weight. No grandiose plans of being a multimillionaire or having a harem of hot busty submissive blondes. How the heck can I just lose some damn weight and does anything work? The millions & the blondes can wait!

During my stay there, one of the leaders of the ayahuasca center told me about The Gabriel Method as a book that’s helping him lose weight. Another fellow traveler told me about benefits of coconut oil. I made it a point to jot those resources down in my iphone notes app.

The center also only served all organic locally produced meals: mostly vegetables, fresh coconuts from the yard + coconut water, pineapples, bananas, eggs, fish, etc. All items grew on that land. No salt. No sugar. No spices. No pork. No alcohol. Everything cooked minimally.

I could barely eat the lunch & dinner due to the high amounts of vegetables. I just wasn’t used to tasting what real raw vegetables tasted like. It has an earthy taste I’ve come to love now but back then, it was inedible.

Breakfast was fun because I’d get to eat water poached organic eggs, bread, organic cheese & fruit.

The psychedelic experience was truly beautiful and life changing and I came back to the states with renewed zest for life.

I also bought the Gabriel Method kindle book immediately and started learning about supplements like digestive enzymes, probiotics, fish oil, coconut oil etc.

Gabriel also talks about being in the right mindset + benefits of water + meditation + eating organic healthy food that’s as close to being fresh as possible etc.

He said that weight loss will be slow in the beginning but will build steam like a snowball turning into an avalanche, rolling down a mountain.

He doesn’t really tell you what to eat or what not to eat for the most part, but he tells you to add the important nutrients our bodies are starving for and the rest will take care of itself. You will naturally find yourself eating healthy foods is his theory (which has worked for me!).

This was a game changer.

Tim Ferriss’ diet book, on the other hand, now seemed like a lose weight quick marketing gimmick compared to the Gabriel Method’s holistic lifestyle change approach.

Gabriel Method led me to research some of the topics Gabriel was talking about: specifically fish oil, probiotics & coconut oil.

Then I started reading more books: good calories bad calories. why we get fat. wheat belly. watched videos like: fat head, sugar the bitter truth, fat sick & nearly dead.

My desire to consume information skyrocketed. With each new bit of the puzzle I found, I would immediately implement it, regardless of the cost. How could I complain about paying $30 for probiotics when I spent like $5000+ to fly to brazil to do ayahuasca, puke all night + diarrhea??!

Then a few months ago, I discovered the paleo diet. Another epic game changer.

Since then, I’ve read tons of articles & books on things that can help all of us: high dose fish oil, bulletproof coffee, earthing mats, heartmath emwave software, etc (thanks to @bulletproofexec).

The rest, as they say is history. I haven’t reached my goal yet, enough time hasn’t passed since I started. But I’m losing weight easily and effortlessly.

And for the first time, I feel successful in this endeavor, which is affecting all other aspects of my life. High confidence. Self esteem. Energy. Stable moods.

As a final note, I know that the four hour body does work for some people. There are tons of testimonials out there. I don’t really quite know why it didn’t work for me. Maybe I’m genetically different than them?

Who knows?

But it’s not for a lack of trying. I complied as best as I could on three separate occasions! For multiple months!

I also don’t think my body is set up for the cheat day insulin spikes. Even though Tim has research backing up his ideas, I just can’t fathom how dramatically spiking insulin once a week (if you’ve been obese for 16+ years) can still help you lose fat.

It’s like if you’re a cocaine addict, the plan shouldn’t be to stay off for 6 days and then have a cocaine binge one day.

And before you say cocaine and food are not comparing apples to apples – just know that food is a drug, especially for obese people. Sugar is addictive. A lot of the chemicals in processed food are addictive.

They hijack our reward centers and make us crave for more while never feeling full. Take a look at: why even diet soda is bad for you as an example as to how food companies formulate their products to make it addicting. And it’s all legal!

I’m a prime example of this. I used to eat so much fast food & sweets but never felt full. The hunger would come back in just a little while later.

I’ve since also read that beans & diet soda are bad for you (both allowed on Four Hour Body).

And I’m much more loose w/ the paleo diet and losing way more weight than I was when I was strictly adhering to the four hour body.

If you remove beans + cheat days from the Four Hour Body – it’s nearly identical to the Paleo Diet.

But I’m not here to debate which diet is empirically better. I just don’t care that much.

One of my rules is: if it works, do it. If it doesn’t, change.

It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as it works for you. If severely low calorie diets work for you, then great. Maybe moderation like weight watchers helps. Or Atkins. Or meal plans like Nutrisystem.

If you’re like me: lazy, don’t work out, eat unhealthy junk food most of your life, no diet seems to work, don’t like to cook or clean, etc – the paleo diet may work for you.

What’s working for me right now is the holistic approach of paleo + mindset + supplements

Instead of cooking, I just modify fast food meals to fit my plan: eat at boston market (they have natural hormone free chicken) or chipotle salads + meat or whatever else you can find.

More importantly than the diet, though, is the significant game-changing epically awesome benefits of high doses of the right supplements: fish oil, probiotics, grass fed butter, etc.

Good luck, don’t lose hope! You can do it.

PS: Thank you Ayahuasca, you sneaky serpent you. I had no idea you would help me reach my dreams just as I had wished. I would have never guessed when I was puking violently into a bucket and trying not to poop my pants! : )