Voted & It Was A Pleasant Experience + Why We Should Vote

November 6, 2012

I just got back from voting & it was a super pleasant experience. Sure, there was a line, maybe half hr, but everyone waiting in line and people working there were super polite and extremely helpful.

Plus the ladies working there were all smiles and cheerful. It was just an overall cool experience.

But this is not what I expected from hearing the news. The news talks about having to wait 5 hours in a blizzard w/ hailstorms, and you’re not allowed to wear shoes and just as you’re pressing “accept” on your ballot, a midget comes over and punches you in the balls.

Sure, are there people having difficulty voting? Yes.

Are there weird rules made by both parties to make it harder for the other side to vote? Yes.

So what?

You’re going to give up because there’s a little bit of resistance?

Arguments for and against voting:

Against Voting:
One vote doesn’t count
It’s a hassle to wait in line when I could just NOT do that
Voting is rigged anyways
My state doesn’t matter – it’s already guaranteed repub or dem
I have work
I’m busy
wah wah wah
Bottom line: I’m a pessimist

For Voting:
It’s your civic duty
It makes you feel good
If you didn’t vote, then you have no right to complain
Your vote does matter
Voting in the US is as real as it gets in the modern world
Bottom line: I’m an optimist

I’m not picking sides by the way

I really did not think I would vote this year. I was disillusioned by the government and “false hope & change” etc.

Plus my one vote really doesn’t matter. I can prove it. I can just sit at home and everything will turn out just as it will anyways.

So I get it. I’m not saying either theory is 100% incorrect.

Then, why did I vote?

Main reason: for my mental health & happiness.

Yes, I’m being selfish and I voted 100% for my own benefits.

I’ve read a lot of positive psychology books recently on how to cultivate happiness (Happiness Hypothesis, Learned Optimism, etc).

In it, they make the case that everyone has a certain happiness set point. Some are genetically wired to be more optimistic while others lose out and are hardwired to be more pessimistic.

Optimistic people are cheerful, resilient, get sick less, live longer lives, have happier marriages, etc.

Pessimistic people are the complete opposite: fearful, give up easily, tend to be loners, unhappy even in marriages, get sick easily, etc.

There are studies done that show these cases, I’m not making this up.

So I voted to rewire my brain for positivity and to be an optimist.

Here was my reasoning:

1. No one really knows 100% if voting is rigged. Sure there are documentaries and conspiracy theorists with mountains of evidence proving their side of the story.

But it’s never 100%.


Because we know for a fact of other countries where voting IS rigged and we can see their results.

North Korea. Middle East. Russia. Even China.

Do you see anyone in those countries changing the world as much as American have over the past 200 yrs?

Americans created the airplane, car, computers, internet, tons of medicine, iphones, amazon, microsoft, ibm, mcdonalds, kfc, taco bell, pizza hut, chipotle, whatever.

There are 1000000s of things Americans have created while the rest of the world benefits.

Americans are the most generous. Americans helped save the world from Nazis.

And America is as free as it gets right now in the world. Sure there are problems, but there will always be problems.

It’s called yin & yang. Within purity, there will be some evil. Within pure evil, there will be some good.

Look at Darth Vader when he saves his son. The monster still had some good left in him & Luke was able to speak to it.

Why judge America when we ourselves are not perfect.

I’m far from perfect. If there was a camera on me 24hrs a day, I’d be mortified and you would be doubly mortified at the things you’d see me do.

Trust me.

I’m a filthy perverted savage.

2. One vote doesn’t count theory

This is provable, yes, I agree. But at what cost? We are doing tremendous damage to our psyche by setting this trend of being a pessimist.

Secondly, no man is an island. There are studies done to show that if your friend has a friend who is overweight, the chances of you being overweight are dramatically increased.

We are social beings and we influence each other even without knowing each other.

So your pessimism rubs off on your spouse, your kids, inlaws, friends, coworkers, and even their social circle with which you are not even in contact with. That’s just how it is.

If enough people become pessimists, the country goes down to hell. We can look at other countries to see examples right now.

Many people (Ricky Gervais, many other Brits) say that the one of the most important things they love about America is that we are so optimistic and think we can do anything.

Ricky usually says that in America, people are brought up with the belief that they can be president. UK kids are taught the opposite.

See the clip here:

Voting is too hard, I have work, I’m too busy, etc

Suck it up you little baby.

Voting isn’t hard. You can do mail in voting. Early voting. Or vote on the day of. It’s easy to vote. People are generally nice and polite.

If you live in a city that sucks at all of the above, that means there is a lot of work to be done to change that.

So either fucking move to a better place or get to work to help change your city.

Did you expect to live in the best country in the world and expect not to do any work?

And this isn’t even work. It’s once every 4 years, you wait like an hr to vote. Or you can take 10mins to vote early. That’s it.

Final Thought:

The choice is ours!

Do you want to help feed your mind with positivity and optimism or be pessimistic and unhappy?

It’s your choice. There is no right or wrong. You can convince yourself and everyone around you that the game is rigged. And your brain will become that much more negative. It’s a PROVEN slippery slope.

Anyways, here’s a video I made a few weeks ago on my thoughts on why we should vote.

Go vote you fucking baby. I sucked it up & did it and I’m one of the laziest people on earth.