High Dose Fish Oil Benefits (Weight Loss & More)

November 3, 2012

I just discovered Dr Barry Sears within the last couple days and was blown away by this information – wanted to share this with you asap.

He created the zone diet (veg + fruit + limited lean protein) but his main research has been in the benefits of high doses of fish oil.

It can help depression, cancer, alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, adhd, brain trauma, weight loss, inflammation and so much more. He calls it as close to a miracle cure as exists today.

Dosage recommendations:

Different people have different recommendations. But overall, I haven’t read any big disadvantages from high doses. Consult with your doctor if you’re taking blood thinner medication or have other issues.

Dr. Barry Sears:
2.5g epa/dha for maintenance dose
2.5-5g for improved cardio health
5-10g for enhanced brain function
10-25g to treat neurological disease
Check blood if taking more than 5g

Gabriel Method:
recommends 5g – 10g of fish oil. It doesn’t specify how much of epa/dha.

Robb Wolf:
in his book recommends up to 1g of epa/dha fish oil components per 10lbs of body weight (for obese, sick, nonathletic types = me). Thus, if I weigh 280 lbs = 28g of epa/dha.

More recently, Robb recommends 2g-4g epa/dha depending if you’re a “small” or “big” person.

Jillian Michaels:
2-3g epa/dha, in her book Slim For Life

Julia Ross:
1.8-3.6g epa/dha, her book Mood Cure

Dr. Andrew Weil:
2-4g epa/dha

Dr. Mercola:
“the normal dose of fish oil is one 1,000 mg capsule with 300 mg of EPA/DHA for every 10 pounds of body weight.”

How To tell if Fish Oil is good quality:
Everyone recommends getting high quality fish oil. Specifically “pharmaceutical grade fish oil.” This is very important if taking high doses.

In this youtube podcast (around 24min mark), Dr Sears says: Break open 5 fish oil capsules, pour it into a shot glass & place in freezer. After 5 hrs, if you CAN’T push a toothpick thru the liquid = BAD polluted fish oil. If toothpick goes thru = good. Once you find good fish oil, Dr Sears recommends taking as much fish oil as you can in about 15 seconds.

What I’m Doing:

(Update 7.7.14: I take a much lower dose now after getting omega3 blood test done)

After reading as many articles I can, I’ve begun to take 4tsp of Super Omega 3 Oil = 10.4g of epa/dha. The product recommends up to 2tsp as the recommended dose (5.2g epa/dha). I’m all about throwing the kitchen sink at the problem!

For almost a year now, I had been taking Cod Liver Oil capsules by Nordic Naturals. While this company makes super high quality products, I finally realized even when I was tripling the dosage from 3caps/day to 9caps/day, I’m only getting around 1.863 of epa/dha.

So little!

And I read that super high dose of cod liver oil is bad since it has high Vitamin A content & low Vitamin D content (see whole9 fish oil faq below).

And of course, the liquid versions of fish oil are able to be much more concentrated than capsules. I can just take 4tsp of liquid to get 10.4g of epa/dha which is equivalent to swallowing 50 capsules of my current cod liver oil pills!

If you’re wondering, the liquid version I’m taking now does NOT taste like fish or any weird taste at all. It just tastes like oil with a hint of lemon. Very palatable.

It is utmost important to only buy super high quality fish oil to avoid impurities. So don’t buy the cheap stuff from walmart!

Some brands I’ve heard of as being super high quality are Nordic Naturals (they also make liquid versions), Carlsons, & Super Omega Oil (the one I’m taking now). Dr Sears also sells his own version of high quality fish oil from his site.

I’ll report back as I learn more about this topic. Meanwhile, if you’re overweight and/or sick in general = seems like education about fish oil is a must.

Here are some resources for your research:

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Whole9 Fish Oil FAQ
High dose fish oil saves car accident comatose driver (CNN)