Dr Barry Sears Interview on Inflammation Foods, Cooking Oils, Fish Oils & Weight Loss

November 3, 2012

This is a great interview of Dr Sears by chef Marcus Gulliano. For anyone interested in weight loss – a must listen.

He ranks the best oils to cook in, what to avoid, different types of fish oil, why vegetables are good for the body, benefits of red wine, how to pair carb with a protein chaser to minimize negative effects and more.

By the way, Dr Sears is a proponent of the Zone Diet. I’m not fully versed in it but the basic premise is to divide a plate into 1/3s. 2/3 will be color carbohydrates (veg + fruit) + other 1/3 lean protein (eggs, fish, meat, soy, etc). You can also have nuts.

Then he recommends taking large doses of quality fish oil. This is good for people who like measuring and having strong guidelines.

What I’m Doing That’s Working:

On the other hand, I’m doing the paleo diet which is similar but takes the zone diet to another level.

Zone is about measuring exact ratios of foods. Paleo is about eating all you can within general guidelines. I’m not sure if one is superior – but the paleo way is easiest for me to follow.

Paleo is also like the Zone Diet in what to eat: vegetables + fruits + nuts + protein but there are no restrictions. Eat until full.

Paleo promotes organic, grass fed, cage free, hormone free items while the Zone does not.

The Zone restricts proteins to a smaller amount & stresses higher amounts of vegetables + fruits.

Paleo promotes high protein, fat, and vegetables (limited fruits to reduce sugar).

What I’m doing is combining paleo diet with what I learned from a few other sources:

Gabriel Method: Digestive Enzymes, high dose probiotics, multivitamin, water
Gabriel Method, Four Hour Body, Paleo, Dr Sears: High dose fish oil
Wheat Belly + Good Calories Bad Calories: Say no to wheat, grains, sugar, processed food

All of the above sources say: calories don’t matter. Don’t count them.