Some Secrets About Women

October 31, 2012

I really like figuring out secrets & how things work because it gives me more self-confidence & power. It’s like Neo in the Matrix able to see computer code.

You probably already understand what I’m about to say but it took me a long time before learning some of these inner secrets of women.

I’m not sure even women realize some of their own actions.

Some of these thoughts are backed up by studies, others are just my random theories. Who knows, I could be completely wrong – so don’t listen to anything I say!

The goal is to look at humans not as us but as if they are a random species of mammals. We can become more objective in our findings that way.

1. Lipstick

Women wear lipstick to look more attractive.

According to the British zoologist, Desmond Morris (The Naked Ape, 1967), the widespread practice of enhancing the red colour of the lips was due to a biological analogy with the labia, because these flush red and swell when women are aroused. source wikipedia

2. Why women wear blush, long eye lashes & makeup

Same reason as above. To hide their blemishes, to look healthy, imitate sexual arousal & attract mates.

Some women naturally have their cheeks blush when they are attracted to a mate. To compete, other women started simulating with rosy cheek makeup.

3. Fake boobs

Women with naturally bigger boobs appeared to be more fertile & attracted more mates. To compete, small-boobed women started using bra stuffing techniques. Then the wonderbra. But bigger boobed can also use wonderbras to look even bigger. Last resort for small-boobed women is to get plastic surgery.

4. High heels

Despite being super uncomfortable to wear & walk around, women wear absurdly high heels. Possible reasons: to appear taller & make legs/ass look beter. Mating strategy.

5. Clothing & shoe obsession

Peacocking strategy. Women have to compete with other women to stand out. Men are visual oriented, thus the better color coordination & appearance = more male attention = women get to choose best suitor to mate with. That’s why women are obsessed with clothes while most guys could care less about their own appearance.

6. What women are attracted to

In general, women biologically are attracted to high status, wealth, security etc. Not saying women don’t date guys for looks but it makes sense that if a woman is to have children – the best mate will be the one that provides the best case scenario for the child to succeed in life.

Highly attractive women usually marry older rich guys. Not always older but being rich seems to be a requirement. If looks really mattered, no hot woman should marry an old/ugly rich guy. In reality, they rarely marry a super hot poor guy.

Not all women can attract the hot rich young guy – they often settle for the best they can get. Guys, vice versa, do the same with their mates – settle for best they can get.

Examples: Salma Hayek, Sophia Vergara, Anne Hathaway, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, many others.

7. Sunglasses

Noticed that a lot of hot celebrity type women wear oversized sunglasses all the time, even indoors. The easy conclusion is that it’s a fashion accessory or protects eyes from sun. But then why wear it indoors?

The deeper idea is to look at what sunglasses actually do – cover the eyes. And eyes are the windows to the soul.

No matter how cool we try to look, our eyes can betray us & tell everyone if we’re: lying, nervous, hungover, aroused, etc. Thus, it’s a strategy to hide our true emotions by wearing oversized sunglasses.

A hot chick can be a nervous wreck on the inside but appear calm, cool & collected while wearing sunglasses.

8. Showing cleavage & skin

Isn’t it weird that women & men wear different types of clothes?

We take it for granted but when we go to a formal event: guys wear tuxedos or suits (covering up every inch of their body except head & hands) while women wear the least amount of clothing possible: showing off their arms, back, legs & cleavage.

Isn’t it weird that men’s shirts cover the full torso while women’s clothes always plunge at the neckline?

And why do you think young girls wear pants that have JUICY written on their ass? Or jeans that showcase the ass? Or pants that have different shading on certain parts (ie: thighs, butt). All to showcase their best body parts to potential mates.

Just take a look at pics from the oscars or emmys.

Women’s dresses look as if they’re beautiful birds. Some women even have high slits that reveal most of their thigh leading up to their genitals.

My uneducated guess is that awards shows are a chance for female actresses to show that they are still attractive & fertile. Not consciously of course – all of this must be subconscious.

The more fertile a woman seems, the more men will look. The more men look at a certain actress = commercial viability in ads, tv shows & movies = more job opportunities for them.

9. Necklaces & jewelry

There is really no reason to wear shiny jingly things on your ears and neck unless it was to catch attention.

It is also peculiar that females are the one wearing these shiny materials while men generally don’t.

Shiny things in ears get mates to pay attention to their face.

Bangles are noisy & colorful. Draws attention when a female moves her arms. Many women (especially in India) also wear shiny loud metal jewelry around their ankles, so every time they walk it makes noise.

Necklaces often plunge down to the cleavage – leading a potential mate’s attention down to show off fertility & availability.

10. Long shiny hair

Younger women typically have longer hair. Women who are photographed often (models, actresses, celebs) often color their hair & wear extensions.

Long shiny healthy hair signals fertility = more attractive mate.

In India, a lot of parents strictly forbid their girls to cut hair. I know relatives who flip out when their daughters cut even one inch off their super long hair. It must be instinctive as most Indian parents are looking to marry off their daughters to the best possible mate as soon as possible & shorter hair must be counterproductive.

Women who are on the prowl often change their hair color frequently. I’ve noticed this in friends & colleagues. Sometimes they’re brunettes, other times redheads, often blondes. Each type of hair color must attract certain types of potential mates.

When women have gone thru a tough breakup or want to start anew, they often will chop off their hair. It’s liberating for them. This has happened to some women I know + Britney Spears, Emma Watson, etc.

Lastly, once women get older & more settled – they have really short hair = less fertility & availability? Most moms have super short hair styles. They’ll rationalize that it’s just easier to manage shorter hair.

But if that were the only reason, they’d never have longer hairstyles or wear uncomfortable high heels when younger.

Next time, you’re out in public, check out the different hairstyles of women varying by age!

If a woman is “happily” married for a long time, yet still colors her hair & wears hair extensions = watch out! She’s instinctively putting out signals of availability + fertility.

11. Slim figure

While young & looking to attract a mate – women barely eat & go to the gym to stay in shape. Once married & settled, they often gain weight & become slovenly.

Men do the same thing but to a lesser extend. Fat guys can still attract hot women but rarely vice versa.

12. Women have inner desire to show off body

Controversial nonscientific theory of mine.

I find it interesting that women, given the right situation, will show off their body. Examples: mardi gras, spring break, wet tshirt concerts, girls gone wild, strip clubs, even dancing suggestively at clubs.

There are even restaurants based on this premise: Hooters, Tilted Kilt etc. As demeaning as this may seem to smart women, these restaurants are never short on good looking women wanting to work there.

I was once at a bar and they randomly had a wet tshirt contest. I was standing next to a girl who said that she’s an attorney and their team had just won a big case that day and getting on stage for wet tshirt contest would be the perfect way to celebrate. WHAT?! Then she went on stage and took off her shirt.

I also had another friend who texted me to let me know that she just showed her boobs at mardi gras & that it felt great.

I know women who would love to appear in Playboy. There are tons of magazines which display women in skimpy outfits (Maxim). Of course, with the advent of mobile phones, sexting has become super popular.

Under the right situation, ie: mardi gras where worthless plastic beads are traded, women will happily show off their fertile body parts. It must be some type of competition among females to have the most beads as a sign of being super attractive.

Men are always happy to look at cleavage pictures while women could care less for dick pics.

If we were observing primates or lions or something – we’d conclude all of these activities are mating related.

Why should we think us humans are stronger than our primal instincts?

Final Thoughts:

The theme here is that most actions by women (and men) are mating related.

We all naturally & subconsciously compete with each other to make sure we can attract the best mate possible so that our offspring can win the genetic lottery & live a long happy secure life.

My only real complaint is when women spend all this time preening & making themselves sexually attractive to men – then complain when they get male attention!

When a woman wears lipstick, blush, shiny noisy jewelry & showcases cleavage – it is sending the signal of arousal, availability & fertility. Men are hardwired to be attracted to that. It’s an instinct. It’s primal. Has nothing to do with being a “pig.”

We of course live in a society where it’s looked down upon to stare, so us males do our best to adhere to the social norms and pretend we didn’t notice anything.

But it’s still unfair! It’s like putting a juicy steak on the floor and punching your dog when it salivates and runs over in excitement.