Week 12 Weight Loss Update: Bulletproof Upgrades

October 30, 2012

See weight loss charts & numbers here.
See how I eat & supplements I take: The Deepak Nair Diet.


For the week:
Weight Loss: +0.5 lb
Waist Loss: -0.44 in.

For the month:
-6.8 lbs (+70% over prior month)
-1.31 in. (+16% over prior month)

12 weeks straight of no bread, rice, potatoes, cakes, cookies, candies, soda, etc. Tremendous! No cravings. Not much hunger. One big meal a day. Eating like this feels easy, effortless & natural.

Mood & spirits are high. No ups and downs. Definitely no food comas. Highly optimistic. Devouring books at a super elite level. I’m buying 2+ books a day the past month & reading most of them at the same time.

Weight loss is in accordance with the pattern so far. Lose a bunch of weigh quickly, then stable for a week or two. Repeat. I’m happy that each month, the weight is coming off at a higher rate than prior month.

It would be super cool to have months where I’m dropping 10 lbs or more.

Inches have been consistently dropping every week – which is awesome. Pants feel looser. Boxers keep falling down! Shirts are less snug.


1. Been slightly bored with usual meals, so have been looking to expand selections. ie: 2x in past week, ordered a meat pizza + huge garden salad (threw out crust & combined). Cheese is not accepted on paleo but it was a compromise I made since I had been craving pizza. I’ve also eaten the least breaded/sugary wings from menu = spicy garlic.

2. Haven’t really been sticking to organic vegetables + organic/hormone-free/grass-fed etc. Because I mainly eat out & take what I can get from best options.

I also buy regular (nonorganic) bacon w/ nitrites etc to cook at home – mainly because it’s not widely available & going to whole foods is a hassle. I do buy cage free hormone free eggs though because almost all grocery stores have them now.

This is not the end of the world but it does mean toxins in my food = inflammation and whatever else that happens in my body = unhealthiness.

3. All else are kicking full gear. Supplements + water intake great.

4. Experimented last week with starting a new method to train my mind to like exercise & meditation. To recap, the goal was to do as small of an activity as possible just to get a habit pattern going. Once the fire builds, I can expand later. Meditate for 1min & 5 bodyweight squats + wall pushups.

This has been a tremendous success!

Nine straight days of 1min meditation – the longest string in a while.

Exercise wise, I had to debate with myself if exercising every day was smart. Body needs time to rebuild. The counterpoint was that I’m doing such little exercise that it’s probably not doing much that requires rest.

My legs & chest/shoulders were sore after the first 3 days, so decided to do the activity every other day for now as I think more about optimum frequency. Thus, I’ve done the activity 6 out of 9 days and body feels good. This is a super awesome streak.

5. Lastly, I’ve been thinking of fish oil for a long time.

Been taking it for about a year. I bought Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil because Aubrey Marcus (Onnit founder + partner of Joe Rogan) highly recommended it.

The standard dose is 3 caps = 1000 mg. Out of this, only 621mg is epa + dha (the important stuff).

Gabriel Method recommends 5-10g of omega3 supplements. I wasn’t sure if he meant total grams or epa+dha. So as a compromise, I had been taking 3g of cod liver oil = 9 caps a day.

Joe Rogan mentions he takes 10caps a day, not sure which brand.

Anyways, the last few weeks – I’ve read quite a bit about high doses of fish oil being beneficial. I was reluctant to take any more caps because it’s just inconvenient. 9 caps is as much as I can tolerate swallowing.

Robb Wolf (paleo guy) in his book recommends 1g of epa+dha per 10lbs of bodyweight if you’re sick, obese, non-athlete etc. That would mean 28g for me = 84 pills a day!

More recently, Robb said most people should be ok taking 2g (if you’re small) or 4g (if you’re big) of epa+dha.

Then I realized they make liquid versions of fish oil that are much more concentrated than capsules.

So this is my long way of saying that I switched to a new brand: Super Omega3 Oil. With a 2tsp serving, I’ll be getting around 5.2g of epa+dha! This oil is made from sardines + anchovies, not cod liver.

This brand was recommended by: whole9.

In that post, they made a strong case that cod liver oil isn’t that beneficial at high level doses: due to high levels of vitamin a and low levels of vitamin d.

Dave Asprey (bulletproof exec – mentioned below) actually recommends a much lower dose of 1000mg in the form of Krill Oil (for people who are already eating healthy). He argues Krill is much better than regular fish oil.

All of this is pretty confusing, right?

Anyways, bottom line is that it seems like high doses of epa+dha is beneficial for people who are really out of shape (ie: me). Once you’re eating grass-fed beef & following a clean diet, lower doses are fine.

I haven’t gotten my new fish oil yet – not sure if I’ll take 5.2g (close to what Robb Wolf recommends) or double it to 10.4g (to be in accordance with Gabriel Method).

Bulletproof Upgrades:

This term is referencing bulletproof exec’s (aka dave asprey) appearance on the joe rogan podcast.

In that show, Dave revealed a lot of mental & body hacks – especially for weight loss. If you haven’t seen that episode, it’s a must watch.

Some of the items I’ve adopted as a result:

a. 1tsp of sea salt + 16oz water in morning.

He said sea salt has a lot of minerals & it’s good to drink that in the morning to help the adrenal glands + electrolytes or something.

I’m not sure of the science but I’ve read other people talking about the same thing – so have been doing that for two days. The first time I did it, I felt tremendously great asap – not sure if it was a placebo effect or not but I’ll keep doing it.

b. Sleep hacking: darker + quieter

I noticed there’s a lot of noise pollution where I live.

My heating unit sounds like a jet engine. My humidifier makes noise. The businesses behind my apt have deliveries at all hours of the night + morning sounds like garbage bins pounding against each other. And the area behind the businesses are well-lit 24hrs a day & thus my apt is never fully dark.

Everyone (Robb Wolf, Dave Asprey, Tim Ferriss, Mark Sisson etc) says how important sleep is for weight loss & optimum performance. So I reintroduced my eye mask & ear plugs last two nights.

While the ear plugs are somewhat annoying, I’ve gotten some of the deepest sleep in a long time.

c. Other upgrades I’ve done as a direct result of Dave’s appearance on the podcast:

– bought earthing mat:

I’ve read for a long time that walking barefoot on dirt/grass is very beneficial. Dave backed it up with some studies that show immediate improvement. Earthing mat is something we can plug into the ground part of outlet to get same effects. Reduces stress, better sleep, helps discharge built up static electricity in our body, etc.

greenwave dirty electricity filters:

All the electronics & routers etc create emf. These filters plug into the outlets to reduce that.

I remember for the longest time, I had my bed headboard full of electric chords for all the gadgets & laptop that were around me. Then I read somewhere that all this electricity has an adverse effect on our body & disturbs sleep.

So I immediately moved headboard to the side of the bed and removed as many gadgets away from bed – especially the laptop. I felt a tremendous relief.

These filters, thus, will take it to the next level by reducing dirty electricity all around my apt.

heartmath emwave software:

Dave was speaking highly of this software which tracks & helps reduce stress & increase a serene mind.

bulletproof coffee:

His own creation of high quality, nontoxic coffee which he drinks blended with grass-fed unsalted butter + mct oil. As weird as it sounds, he made a good case for it & reviews online of others trying same thing have been tremendous.

I guess his method reduces all the negative headaches & crashes that normally come with coffee. He argues almost all other coffee sold has mold in it.

zeo personal sleep manager:

First read about this in the four hour body and noticed a lot of bodyhacking bloggers talking about it as well (ie: Robb Wolf). When Dave mentioned it, I finally decided to buy this also. I got the mobile version.

It has a headband you wear during sleep & tracks how deep the sleep is, if we’re reaching rem state, etc.


All of this costs money of course & it’s that much more noticeable now that I don’t have any cash coming in (quit my job).

But I was sold on the benefits & this plays an important part in my self-improvement + happiness goal.

I really expect all of these items (especially higher dose of fish oil) to play a significant part in reducing weight + stress & increasing happiness.

Dave Asprey October 30, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Wow, amazing progress Deepak! Note…I didn’t quite say all other coffee was moldy, just that the process of fermenting coffee introduces biogenic amines and some mold toxins. There are clean coffees out there, but they are very hard to find, and it’s hit and miss, as they weren’t designed to be “clean” – they just ended up that way. I engineered a process to make the beans the lowest in toxins we know how to make…and it shows. Eager to hear your feedback, and congrats on your weight loss and life upgrades. You’re not the first to mention better sleep from the filters + earthing! :)

Deepak Nair October 30, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Thanks Dave for the nice words & clarification. I’m grateful to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants like you! Really excited to get my hands on all the gadgets.