Some Weight Loss Analogies: Donkey Diarrhea

October 26, 2012

Since I like to beat a dead horse & these thoughts came to me after I wrote my long verbose article on refuting the “eat less calories” weight loss model – here are some analogies/metaphors I thought of which might be helpful.

Plus this topic is really important to me since I’ve been trying to lose weight forever.

Conventional thought: To lose weight, eat less calories than you body burns.

The real answer is more complex: To lose weight, we must figure out WHY our body overeats + craves excess food & cure those problems. Thus, we must eat the RIGHT calories, help body break down & absorb nutrients, and supplement any nutrients we don’t get from our food. Then the body will naturally regulate the amount of calories we consume & use existing fat cells to supplement additional nutritional needs.

Some analogies:

1. I give you a treasure map to vast riches. The map is blank except it just says “red.” Will you find the treasure?


Just because the treasure is in a red box buried in Egypt & I tell you the clue is red doesn’t really help you at all.

Telling people to eat less & exercise is making a complex problem into unrealistic simple terms. It’s incomplete. If it were this simple, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in our country.

2. You have a donkey diarrhea problem. Every day you go into your stables to find that your donkey has had an unusually large amount of stinky diarrhea all over the floor.

Your problem: stinky messy diarrhea all over the floor.
Your thought process: somehow stop the diarrhea.
Solution: tape the donkey’s ass shut.
Result: no more diarrhea problem (for now).

By taping the donkey’s ass shut, the donkey will not be able to diarrhea all over the place. Problem solved, right?

Well, it is obvious that that is not the solution.

Most sane people will try to figure out WHY the donkey has diarrhea & find a solution.

So let’s bring it back to us being fat:

Problem: We are fat. We crave candy, cakes, cookies, fast food & can’t stop eating. We dream of food. We can’t stop the cravings. We overeat. We are consuming way more calories than our body needs.

Thought process: we overeat & excess calories get stored into our fat cells.

Bad solution: tape our mouth shut. Or just don’t eat as much & add exercise to burn off excess fat.

Result: we end up binging at some point & cannot stick to this solution. Sure some people lose weight this way but most people cannot.

Why: This is similar to taping the donkey’s ass shut to prevent diarrhea. Our brain will override our willpower and make us eat more. Our subconscious is more powerful than conscious.

Alternative thought process: figure out why we overeat & cure that problem.

New theory: we overeat because a) our body is not getting proper nutrition + b) our brain keeps sending hunger signals even when we’re full

New solution: give the body nutrition. Help it break down this nutrition. Stop eating addictive food that messes with our brain chemistry, setting off cravings.


Science has proven that our body processes carbs differently than fat & protein. So limit carbs.

Stop eating all processed food that are chemically altered to mess with our brain chemistry. Food companies hijack our taste buds & brain to make us crave their food so that we keep buying & eating them = profits for them. This also means no calorie drinks like diet soda.

What’s left to eat?

Meat: organic, grass fed, hormone & antibiotic free
Veg: organic (avoid starch to lose weight = potatoes, etc)
Nuts: raw
Fruits: organic (limit to reduce high sugar)

And add some supplements:

Digestive enzymes = help body break down food.
Probiotics (good gut bacteria) = help body break down & absorb nutrition.
Fish oil = omega 3s vital in brain health & tons of benefits.
Multivitamin = adds nutrients we naturally don’t get from our diets.

Once the body gets back into equilibrium, the brain should not send craving signals anymore. Once it’s getting all the nutrients body needs, we should be fine.

Then during fasting periods (like sleep), our body will use energy stored in our fat cells as fuel = fat loss.

The end result? We eat less. Calories in are less than calories out. We lose weight.

Just like we can cure donkey diarrhea problem with medicine, we can cure our high calorie intake problem thru this complete solution.

This isn’t my theory. It’s backed by science & nutrition studies.

If you don’t believe me, it really doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping to reach people who have lost all hope & show them there is a way to lose weight easily & effortlessly.